Where Are Chainsaws Made – Major Manufacturer Information Of Each Brand

You might be interested in where are chainsaw made, and which country is producing various kinds of the chainsaw. It is a common curiosity that anyone wants to know before using any product to make one’s thirst fulfill.

You probably know a chainsaw can be bearable gasoline, electric, or battery-powered base saw used in felling, bucking, limbing, or pruning any trees.

Though it was 1st invented in 1780 by two doctors for assisting in childbirth, many developers lately manufactured the chainsaw for larger purposes.

And most of them are from the USA. So without any further delay, let’s find out where those chainsaws are manufactured!

Where Are Chainsaws Made – Major Manufacturer Information Of Each Brand

There are different branded and various types of chainsaw like Stihl, Dewalt, Echo, Powersmart, Makita, etc., all of them are not manufacturing in one country.

 The USA, China, France, Germany, Sweden are the top manufacturer country in this aspect. To know more, let us go through the full details.

1. Stihl Chainsaw

Stihl chainsaw is a top-rated and high-quality product manufactured in the USA and China. It tends to weigh less for its smaller fuel tank and also easy to handle.

The headquarter of Stihl company is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Qingdao, China. The German Power Tool Company before owned Stihl.

2. Dewalt Chainsaw

Dewalt chainsaw was founded in America’s united States, and now it is a famous global manufacturer.

It is a cordless chainsaw that can tackle the most challenging work with its most powerful battery.

Dewalt chainsaw uses its manufactured parts from Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Te united kingdom, the united state, the Czech Republic, and China.

3. Husqvarna Chainsaw

In 1690, Sweden introduced a power tool named Husqvarna chainsaw. Husqvarna chainsaw is one of the best gas chainsaws, with a large fuel tank that gives you more extended service.

 Husqvarna is the largest company in the world, with many facilities across many countries. Though Husqvarna chainsaw is mainly manufactured in the USA and Sweden, they have industrial facilities in France, Germany, China, and Brazil.

4. Echo Chainsaw

The Echo chainsaw manufacturer is in the united state. But their facility is not bounded only in one place.

Their different parts are also produced in Yokosuka and Morioka, Japan, Shenzen, China, and Illinois, USA.

 However, the owner of the Echo brand is Yamabiko Corporation of Japan. Echo chainsaw is very heavy duty which runs smoothly and the best gas chainsaw for the money.

5. PowerSmart Chainsaw

It is a light-duty battery chainsaw you can use to cut small trees or limbs and make a loud sound. This PowerSmart chainsaw is a product of Amerisun Inc brand headquartered in Ithaca and Illinois, USA.

It doesn’t manufacture any parts outside of the USA. That means the only distributor of the smart power chain saw is the united state.

6. Poulan Chainsaw

Poulan chainsaw is a mid-level product, and its manufacturing is under the big group Husqvarna. It is a battery-based chainsaw, and as it is under Husqvarna, the manufacturer is assumed to same as Husqvarna chainsaw.

We can put the question of where chainsaws are made aside at this point. Because Poulan chainsaw is not independent, you can say poulan are made in the USA, Sweden, France, Germany, China, and Brazil.

7. Oregon Electric Chainsaw

Oregon chainsaw brand is a part of Blount Inc Company. Blount Inc Corporation is a company that manufactures saw chains, and it is founded in Portland, Oregon.

Oregon electric chainsaw is a highly rated product of Blount Inc that has a self-sharpening ability.

8. Jonsered Chainsaw

Just like poulan, the Jonsered chainsaw is also underproduction of the Husqvarna chainsaw. But it is also a good product, gasoline supported and budget-friendly.

We could not find any individual manufacturer country that makes Jonsered chainsaw. Like China, Brazil, Sweden, France, United States produce Husqvarna chainsaw, so they give facilities to jonsered as well.

9. Remington Chainsaw

MTD product is headquartered in Valley City, Ohio, United States, and this is the owner of the Remington chainsaw. Remington is one of the best gas chainsaws with a lightweight and anti vibrant system.

 Its facilities are distributed across many countries in the world. China, Mexico, the united state of America, Europe are the manufacturer of the Remington chainsaw.

10. Makita Chainsaw

Makita chainsaw is one of the best battery-powered chainsaw headquartered in Anjo, Japan. In 1991 they had taken over Dolmar and spread their facilities in Brazil, China, Mexico, Romania, the United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai, Rwanda, and the United States.

Makita is a high-rated chainsaw with a trusted reputation all over the world and hard to beat.

11. GreenWorks Chainsaw

GreenWorks chainsaw is a cordless chainsaw, hard to beat and lightweight in design. GreenWorks Tools Company is located in Changzhou, China.

North America and Europe-based company globe tools were sold to GreenWorks. And their headquarter is in Mooresville, North Carolina, north of Charlotte.

12. Dolmar Chainsaw

we said before, Dolmar was taken over by Makita in 1991. But dolmar chainsaw has its facilities in Hamburg, Germany.

 As it is under the Makita brand, many of its manufacturing parts come from Brazil, China, Mexico, Romania, the United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai, Rwanda, and the United States.

13. Tanaka Chainsaw

Tanaka chainsaw is an Asian brand product manufactured in Japan. Tanaka chainsaw comes with a smaller size and gives low vibration.

It is a gas supporting product and now acquired by Hitachi power tool group, located in Hitachi, china.

14. Ego Power Chainsaws

Ego power chainsaw is a power battery included saw that gives a smooth cut with sufficient power.

The owner of this budget-friendly chainsaw is chevron. And again, ego chainsaw is manufactured by Oregon, Michigan, and Illinois, the USA, and china.

15. Black And Decker Chainsaws

The Black and Decker chainsaw brand is like a boss in the tool industry that has owned many other big companies like Husqvarna, Makita. And also, they joined with Stanley.

Now they have so many manufacturers all over the world, mostly in China. Besides China, their brand is sourced from Japan, the USA, UK, European country and many Asian countries. Also, black and decker electrical chainsaw is very high rated equipment.

16.McCulloch Chainsaws

McCulloch chainsaw is like a branch of the Husqvarna family. We do not have any individual information about McCulloch’s manufacturer, but it was once founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

And now it manufactures in Sweden, France, Germany, United States, China, and Brazil under the Husqvarna brand.

17. Craftsman Electric Chainsaws

Craftsman electric chainsaw is one of the best products with minimal vibration and an auto oiling system.

However, it is not an independent brand, and many people have been confused about its actual manufacturer between Poulan, Husqvarna, Makita.

Then where are chainsaws made? In the beginning, Husqvarna owned craftsman then again Stanley black and decker hold Husqvarna.

So we can assume where the Husqvarna tools get facilities, craftsman chainsaw also manufactured by those countries. Like: USA, France, Germany, China, and Brazil.

18. Parker Chainsaws

Parker chainsaw is a product of parker product limited company which is a family-run business brand.

Parker limited company is located in Lincolnshire, UK. This chainsaw is also the best product among the others, with strong cutting ability and durability.

19. Wen Chainsaws

Wen chainsaws are electrical chainsaws founded boy Oregon. The manufacturers are the United States and China. This chainsaw is very lightweight and battery-powered that can be used to cute small items.

20. Worx Chainsaws

Worx chainsaw is not a distinct brand. The owner of Wrox is Positec Tool Corporation. And later on, they sold it to black and Decker Company. The manufacturer headquarters of Wrox is Suzhou, China.

There is another facilities country named charlotte, north Carolina headquartered in North America. Though the Wrox chainsaws batteries dry fast, it is very powerful.

21. Holzfforma Chainsaws

Holzfforma chainsaw is not such a good quality product, and it works pretty rough. The fuel systemed holzfforma is originated in zheizhang, china.

22. Bushranger Chainsaws

Bushranger’s products are made of one of the best technology in the world. Bushranger chainsaw is fuel-based with lightweight and heavy power. It is manufactured and customized in Australia.

23. Homelite Chainsaws

Homelite chainsaw is an affordable gasoline-powered electrical chainsaw for a homeowner. It was first manufactured in New York, and now the owner of Homelite is Techtronic Industries, headquartered in hong kong.

24. Black Max Chainsaws

Black max chainsaw is a great feature with no vibrant system and lightweight operation. However, the manufacturer of the black max is still unclear to all.

While the blue max chainsaw is manufactured in china, and the owner is the North American tool industry.

25. Ryobi Chainsaws

Ryobi chainsaw is a product of Ryobi Seisakusho Co. LTD, which is founded in Japan. But the company is owned by the Techtronic industry headquartered in hong kong.

Ryobi chainsaw is a battery-based and homeowner-type chainsaw and also very powerful.

26. Sun Joe Chainsaws

Sun Joe chainsaw tool brand is under the snow joe company name. This chainsaw is a gas-free cordless chainsaw model produced by snow joe company.

Its distributor headquarters is at Carlstadt, United States. Sun joe chainsaw is an electrical and self-lubricating saw that can cut a thin tree easily.

27. Coocheer Chainsaws

Coocheer chainsaw is a very powerful gas chainsaw. Based on its quality, the price is much lower. The coocheer chainsaw is originated in Shenzhen, China.

Final Words

All of the chainsaws are not made from only one place. If one country has founded then other countries are giving facilities.

From the above details, it’s clear that the united state is the top listed in the manufacturing tool industries.

 Most of the types of equipment are founded or manufactures mainly in the united state. And the Stihl, Husqvarna, black, and decker are the top brand of chainsaw among all.

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