Timber tuff chainsaw sharpener review

Are you someone who has to work with chainsaw regularly? Then you should know about the necessity of a chainsaw sharpener as well. We are here to talk about the Timber tuff CS-BWM bench/wall mount chainsaw sharpener.

Timber tuff is well known for its logging tools and accessories. One of their finest items is the chainsaw sharpener. A chainsaw sharpener is a life savior for people who have to use chainsaws regularly as it is not easy to go to a store every time you need to sharpen a chain.

A simple and money-saving solution to this problem is using a chainsaw sharpener. It is mostly a one-time investment and you can place it anywhere in your workstation to sharpen your chains anytime you want. So let’s take a look at the timber tuff chainsaw sharpener reviews – its features, pros, cons, and how it functions.

Timber tuff Chainsaw Sizing Chart

Speed3600 RPM
ManufacturerTimber tuff
Package  Dimensions14.8 x 11.3 x 10.2 inches
Weight17.1 pounds
Grinding Wheel size1/8”, 3/16”, and ¼”
Input power230 watts

Key features

Let’s check out the key features of the timber tuff chainsaw sharpener.

Available colors

The body of the timber tuff chainsaw sharpener comes in a bright yellowish-green color. The color gives the sharpener a sharp and clean look. The bars, handles, caps, and knobs are all in black while other metal parts are all in silver.

A good quality motor

The timber tuff chainsaw sharpener comes with a well-built motor that runs off 110V and has a speed of 3600 RPM. The motor shuts down automatically when it reaches a point of overheating. This helps the tool to stay fit for a long time. The motor comes with a black cap encircling the motor. You can take it off to clean the motor.

Grinding wheels

The timber tuff chainsaw sharpener comes with three grinding wheels of different sizes. Professional chainsaw users recommend switching the wheels in between while working with diamond cutting blades.


The grinder has an arbor attached to it. The arbor is a bit oversized which is a good thing especially for beginners as this creates a big space between your hand and the grinding wheel. But the arbor has too much play in it that can cause problems for some users. To avoid this, it is suggested to go for some dry cuts when the motor is off and then proceed.

Good visibility

The sharpener has built-in working lights which are of great help. Also, the safety shields are see-through that offer you good visibility.


The manufacturer offers you a warranty of one year. You should get this warranty if you buy directly from them. If you’re buying from a third party or going for a second-hand tool, you may not get warranties. But our suggestion would be to make sure to get one with a warranty to be on the safe side.


A smooth motor

Surprisingly the motor is a bit too smooth. You almost feel no vibration. This helps to create the perfect opportunity to do your taste smoothly.

Thermo overload protection

The motor of the timber tuff chainsaw sharpener shuts down automatically before reaching an overheating point. This is such a helpful and significant feature of the tool as you can concentrate fully on your work without worrying about overheating and damaging your tool.

Good light

Good quality built-in working lights make the process of sharpening and handling the sharpener easier and effortless.

Fast performance

The motor speed is quite good and the sharpener is fast to sharpen the chains. It is way quicker than a manual sharpener so that’s a given.

Mounts to most work surfaces

Tools that can be mounted easily are the best ones. The timber tuff chainsaw sharpener comes with both wall and bench mounting brackets so you can place the tool as per your requirement. The wall mount timber tuff chainsaw sharpener is a great help when you don’t have a proper working space.


Not up to the marked packaging

As you purchase any tool whether online or offline, you expect it to be delivered to you with caretaking all the necessary measures to keep it safe and in place. The timber tuff chainsaw sharpener loses some points in this case. Can’t say if it’s true for everyone’s case, but there have been complaints regarding the packaging saying that the parts were not covered in foams or bubble wraps. They were just placed inside the box just the way they are. This can actually cause damage to the product especially if it has to travel a long way to reach the delivery location.

The safety shield is hard to install

Safety is important. But in this case, it gets a bit tough as the safety shield is hard to install. As soon as the wheel is in place, it becomes very tough to position the safety shield to the arbor. This can be very frustrating when you have a work in progress.

Too much play in the arbor

For some users, the arbor can have too much play in it. An easy way to avoid it is by doing some dry cuts before cutting on the blades.

How do you use a timber Tuff chainsaw sharpener?

Just like any other chainsaw sharpeners, the timber tuff chainsaw sharpener also comes with a manual to guide you to the right way. Check for all the parts and start the process by mounting the tool on your workstation first. You can mount it either on a bench or on a wall. Make sure to secure the base properly using nuts and screws but don’t make the screws too tight.

So how do you sharpen a chainsaw with a Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener?

Once you’ve mounted the sharpener successfully, it is time to adjust the guides according to the sharpening angle of the blade that you’re sharpening. Once the guide fits snugly with the chain, lock the guides in place with the help of the clamping lever. Match the plate angle and vise angle with the guide’s angle.

Now you can rotate the grinding disc to touch the first tooth of the chain. Then you can turn on the motor and carefully push down the grinding disc on the tooth. Once it reaches the grinding depth, raise it again and sharpen all the teeth one by one this way. Flip the chain’s direction in the guide to sharpening the opposite part as well.


If you own a chainsaw you should already know that the chains require sharpening quite often and for some people, it becomes a big hassle to take the chains to the hardware stores for sharpening every single time. That being said hardware stores are also quite expensive and your chains will always need sharpening so you’ll have to keep on spending your money on this.

Therefore, there’s nothing better than getting yourself a chainsaw sharpener. The timber tuff chainsaw sharpener is a great tool for its fast and smooth motor, low vibration, good working lights, and many more amazing features. While there are definitely some negative points about the tool, if you spend some time learning how to master it properly, you can sharpen your chains like new every time.

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