Best way to sharpen a chainsaw 2020 Update

When your saw blades get worn, dull and the performance critically sick. what you should do? It’s a great loss in your productivity and harmful to its operator also. Overall, harm much. However, you can’t go away from it. Even none could avoid this situation but if you want then can rid of it quickly. Wondered, “how!” While you’re tired after using hundreds of manner and sharpen chainsaw more and more time, spending valuable time and energy, but didn’t get any remarkable result then this reading will be fruitful to you. There isn’t any rocket science to sharpen chainsaw chain quick but efficient manner that goes perfectly with you. But what anyone can do? Just explain you about the most used and practical ways so that you can choose the best method for you.

Most of the chainsaw users need to sharpen their saw chain often at home or the forest even in time of logging or cutting. In winter, we usually stuck at the field in quest of a quick and easy way to sharpen our saw chain or cutters; there is no shortcut way of sharpening a chainsaw but have some fastest method. However, there have various ways to sharpen your chainsaw chain at home or in the field without facing difficulty. You can’t avoid any of them, but you should choose the best way to sharpen a chainsaw that fits you most. Here you find a masterpiece route to get the best method of sharpening your chainsaw chain.

Here in this writing I also do the same, describe well about most traditional ways to help you. Even I also follow this rule and searching more and more tricks for the best way but an end of the day have to follow a perfect policy according to the situation.

From ancient time to now massive changes come in logging tools and accessories. This era everything has revolutionary changes and now we get updated tools means to accomplish our task more quickly than ever. What you have today just unthinkable last decade, right? So why follow this old policy? That never brings you any changes like today. This modern era where power tools have new look and shape to provide you something simple but effective.

Chainsaw chain sharpening basics:

Before headed to know the best way that suits you most you should go through about the basics of sharpening a chainsaw. Here in shortly the basics are given, have a look:

٭ Know about the chainsaw sharpening safety terms well.٭

٭ Arrange everything you need and must wear the safety gloves.٭

٭ Read your chainsaw chain manufacturer attentively to know the teeth diameter if didn’t get any hard copy then go to the manufacturer website.٭

٭ Assemble the tools you need to sharpen your chainsaw chain.٭

٭ Follow every small measure also like sharpening angle.٭

٭ Sharpen carefully to turn your string into Ninja cutter٭ .

Let’s go through the ways you have to sharpen your chainsaw and find out best one

Now have a look at all of them methods to choose the considerable best and right way among those. During this reading just see where your comfort zone and you can do quickly.

Sharpening a chainsaw with Electric sharpeners: In today, you don’t like it to work hard physically and to spend a long time for sharpening your chainsaw chain. Now electric sharpeners make it easier than ever. Using an electric sharpener, you can resharpen your chainsaw less than 10 minutes to ensuring the performance like the new one without replacing it. In the market, you get various type of electric sharpener with different feature and specialty to do your job.

Here a brief guide to sharpening using an electric sharpener

Step 1: plug in your sharpener to a power source and if you’re likely to do in outdoor then choose one with battery power provider. If your sharpener is mounted one, then attach to the bench top or wall in your working room.

Step 2: clean your chain and add some oil in your saw chain. Oil isn’t mandatory, but it helps your sharpener to sharpen the chain quickly and contributes to removing dusts also.

Step 3: Then set the chain in the bar and tighten the cutters so that it can’t move when grinder runs. It’s too risky if you can’t attach the chain properly then you must suffer in sharpening, so carefully set up the chain and active the cutter break.

Step 4: Mark the tooth from where you start sharpening the chain. You may lose it and Takes some time to find out the starting tooth if you don’t mark it in the beginning.

Step 5: Deactivate the chain cutter and moves some cutters forward after completing sharpening teeth you fix earlier.


Fill out the sharpening and then release the chain to get the performance like a new one.


Sharpening the chainsaw with File guide: Sharpening chainsaw with a file guide manual type where you sharpen the chain by hand. Here you need to apply good enough stroke to every cutting tooth to sharpen them. File guide takes more time than another type sharpening, but if you’re an expert, then it’s the most efficient way. But how? Because when you get only a few teeth, need to sharpen to increase the performance then sharpen them with a quick while.


Here we give you few step what you should follow to sharpen a chainsaw with file guide:

Step 1: wipe your saw chain with a damp cloth to clean the cutter and remove rinse. Then fix your saw chain in a bar with having enough space to move.

Step 2: take your file and set it in exact angle to cover inner portion of the teeth as you need to sharpen the teeth accurately. Before fixing the file on the cutter measure the perfect degree of angle followed by your desire.

Step 3: applying some strength and stroke forward the file guide in the cutter and do that until cutter comes shiny. Stroke only in a side and count the strokes to ensure every tooth sharpen get the same stroke. You also compare the teeth and stroke more to heal a worn tooth.

Step 4: end of the sharpening wipe the chain again with a cloth and have the performance like a new one.


Sharpening chainsaw with sharpening jig:

Power grinder is the quickest way to sharpen your chainsaw. To make your cutters shiny and get excellent performance just plug the power grinder into a source of energy, proper setting sharpen the chain within just 7-10 minute.

Most people make a mistake in setting up the chain for grinding to the grinder as it sharpens fast than anything else. You need to adjust the chain in exact angle after that the rest job done by the grinder.

Using electric drill: It is also another excellent way that consumes your time in a significant manner. You may know about an electric drill, but in confusion how can use it for sharpening your saw chain, right? It’s a common way most expert use it to do the job quickly without any difficulty.

Set up your chain in a vise and then configure the drill in your desired angle and switch it to sharpen the cutter. Always careful about some common fact like cleaning the chain, remove the rinse and heal the affected tooth rather sharpen it.



These are the most used method to sharpen a chainsaw from ancient time to now.

All of them are effective though result depends on your experience. If you follow a form correctly and go after knowing its pros and cons, then you must feel comfortable. Among those terms, I like to sharpen my chainsaw with a file guide as it gives me enough chance to finish in my sweet will.

Hope you also fix the best way to sharpen a chainsaw among them. Waiting to hear your opinion and don’t forget to mention any effective way you know that I missed above.

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