5 Best Remington Chainsaw Review | To Make Your Wood Cutting Job Easier

You are looking for a chainsaw means you should know about Remington and its products. Remington is a brand that you will find on the top list if you search on Google. It is personalized by MTD products that keep the full capacity to meet your needs.

However, it is often tougher to decide the right one because of the vast collection of Remington chainsaws. If you are looking for some authentic info about the Remington chainsaws, then let us help you.

Here in this Remington chainsaw review, we will introduce 5 best Remington chainsaws to you. And, you can easily choose the best one considering their features, specifications, pros, and cons, etc. Let’s see what they are!

remington chainsaw review

The Remington gasoline-powered chainsaw is made considering the user’s reliability and comfort-ability. It is ready to deal with your small cutting as well as the light clearing projects like- after-storm mess.

It is especially recommended for beginners. But, professionals also can use it while traveling. It is an excellent combination of easy maintenance and an automatic oiler.

Its adjustable automatic oiler keeps the chainsaw in good quality condition. Also, its duty-case lets you travel with this chainsaw easily.

Even you do not have to apply that effort to start the chainsaw. Its quick-start technology made it much comfortable for the user as it started with no strong effort. So, it will be your right choice if you are a beginner.

Key Features

  • Large Sized Branches.
  • Cushion Wrap Handle.
  • Easier Transportation
  • Quicker start system


  • Brand- Remington
  • Pitch Size-0.375
  • Weight- 22 Pounds
  • Power Source- Gas Powered
  • Dimension-19.19x12.44x12.5 inch


  • Well-Affordable.
  • Easy to Carry and Use.
  • High-Ergonomic.
  • Automatic Oiler.
  • Light Weighted.


  • Suitable only for Beginners.

Why Will You Like This Chainsaw?

You will surely like this chainsaw considering its wonderful ergonomic design, anti-vibration system, and cushion-wrapped handle. These three attractive attributes will bring you an overjoyed cutting feel. So, we hope this chainsaw will bring you unlimited joy as a beginner.

2. Remington RM1645 Electric Chainsaw

remington chainsaw review

The Remington RM1645 12 is designed to meet the small cutting projects. Either you are a homeowner, job holder, or camper, you are the main user of this chainsaw. The Remington RM1645 is used to deal with small applications like- pruning, cutting fire-woods, or cleaning wood-bushes, etc.

You can easily carry this Remington 16 inch electric chainsaw from one place to another for the purpose of your cutting plan. However, it's easy operating system will let you enjoy your cutting time. Also, a safety hand-guard has been used in this chainsaw that will help you to be protected from sudden hammering from the tool.

In a word, the Remington 12 chainsaw is the best-suited cutting tool for trimming and small jobs. So, don’t miss it!

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent Trimming.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Easier View.
  • Quick Adjustability.


  • Brand- Remington
  • Model- RM1645
  • Weight- 9.2 Pound
  • Bar- 16 Inch
  • Dimension- 32.8 x 9.8 x 8.8 Inches


  • Adjustable Oiling.
  • Well-Cutting.
  • Comfortable Handling.
  • Requires Minimal Efforts.
  • High-Safety Measure.


  • Giant tree cutting is not suitable.


You can make your action trouble-free while dealing with the twig of a tree because of its light weightiness. So, if you are afraid of the weightiness of your cutting tool you will surely like it.

3. Remington RM4214 Rebel Chainsaw Automatic

remington chainsaw reviews

The Remington RM4214 Rebel is designed to start and use easily. It is pretty suitable for all level users. Its 2-cycle gas engine will ensure the high power with less vibration. You will find this chainsaw well available while stuck to cut small or tougher branches of a tree.

This is because of the design of its pro-grade components. The low kickback attribute made it easy to use for the users. The chain quality is far higher due to the automatic oiler.

Also, its 5-point anti-vibration system is able to reduce your fatigue while using this chainsaw. Besides, the anti-vibration system makes it safer as well as efficient for you. Accordingly, the comfort-ability of this chainsaw makes it well-accepted to the users.

Highlighted Features

  • Quick-Start Technology.
  • Durable Chassis.
  • Pro-Grade Components.
  • Compactable.


  • Brand- Remington
  • Model-RM4214
  • Power-Source- Gas Powered
  • Bar- 14 Inch
  • Dimension-18.25x10.78x11.63 inches


  • Light-Weighted.
  • Well-Compact Ability.
  • Easy to Apply.
  • Affordable.
  • Adaptable Oil Dispenser.


  • Not fit for giant brunches.

Why Will You Like This Chainsaw?

The most popular feature of this Remington 4214 chainsaw review is its sprocket bar. The length of that sprocket-tipped bar is 14 Inches. You will get fantastic comfort while using this chainsaw. And it is a great reason for you to like this chainsaw.

4. Remington 42cc Gas Powered Chainsaw

remington Gasoline-Powered Chainsaw

The Remington RM4218 Chainsaw is a suitable fit for your long-term project. Its 42cc powered engine maximizes its lifetime and makes it suitable for the high throttle. Its 18 inches blade-edge will bring you the facility to cut tough and destructive trunks of a tree.

The high quality-engine and safety matter (like- anti-vibration system and low kickback) is included in its whole metal body. Besides, its ergonomic handles can make your cutting time more comfortable, easy, and stress-less even.

It is well-suitable for beginners as well. As a result, we don’t think you have any option to ignore this amazing chainsaw with all its outstanding features.

Key Features

  • Well-Designed Sprocket Bar.
  • Quicker Pull Start.
  • High Anti-Vibration.
  • Maneuverable Operation.


  • Brand- Remington.
  • Model-RM4218.
  • Weight- 22 Pound.
  • Bar- 18 Inch.
  • Dimension-19.19x12.44 x12.5 Inches


  • Pretty Convenient.
  • Adjustable Automatic.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Low-cost.
  • Auto- Oiler.


  • Overheating shortcoming.

Why Will You Like This Chainsaw?

What is more about this chainsaw is its bar case. You will be given a portable bar case that is well significant for most of the users. And definitely, like other users, you are also going to love this amazing bar case, for sure.

5. Remington RM4618 Outlaw Chainsaw

remington chainsaw review

The outlay of the Remington RM4618 chainsaw is made with outstanding performance quality. The extremely durable and comfortable Remington RM4618 Chainsaw will let you complete your cutting task tension-free.

It is an excellent cutting tool for dealing with all heavy projects. Moreover, it is designed in such a way, where you can work using this chainsaw faster.

And, you will get these rapid action attributes because of its 46cc powerful engine body. The 46cc power engine is capable of handling your long-time cutting task rapidly and easily.

You can start working on your project anytime using this chainsaw. Its pro-grade equipment made this chainsaw durable and easily available for any kind of task at any time. We believe it is quite a big deal for you to decide on this fantastic cutting tool.

Key Features

  • Prolonged Cutting Style.
  • Lubricant.
  • Comfortable Usages.
  • Automatic Oiler.


  • Brand- Remington
  • Model-RM4618
  • Weight- 16.4 Pounds
  • Bar-18 Inch
  • Dimension- 34x12x12 Inch


  • Easy to Carry.
  • Well-Designed.
  • Versatile.
  • Well-Optimized Chaining.
  • Cutting Efficiency.


  • Quite Heavy.

Why Will You Like This Chainsaw?

The main reason why you will like this chainsaw is its supreme performance. If you want a high-performance chainsaw, the Remington 4618 is going to be an excellent choice for your project.

Buying Guideline to Decide Your Perfect Tool

Suppose you have bought a chainsaw that is designed to cut the thick-wood. But, you need your chainsaw for small cutting work. That situation will surely damage the chainsaw because of your wrong application.

Thus, all you need is a proper and perfect buying guide. We already have organized a buying guide based on the most fundamental issues and problems. Problems that customers often face before buying the right chainsaw.

Chainsaw is such a tool that comes in a choice of size, durability, performance, and many more things. And, all those things are very important for you to consider before buying.

Deciding the right chainsaw depends on the type of work you are going to do. Here are our eight top-researchable questions to guide your choice. Ask these questions to yourself!

What to look for before buying a Remington chainsaw?

We recommend focusing on five critical things while deciding to buy a Remington chainsaw.

You should think about- guide bar length, chainsaw power-type whether it is gas-powered or electric-powered, chainsaw power engine considering its volt and cc, safety attributes, and the last one is your fitness.

Reflect on your fitness or strength level before going to buy a Remington chainsaw. Remington chainsaws are of different sizes and weight. You can choose anyone that matches your fitness level.

These are what you have to consider before buying a Remington chainsaw. We don’t ask you to think about your budget because Remington offers their chainsaws well affordably for every buyer.

What should you plan for cutting with your Remington chainsaw?

It is a very important thing to decide your cutting-type before buying a Remington chainsaw. Remington offers two types of chainsaws. Among them, one is gas-powered, and another is electric-powered.

If you are planning for a heavy and thick wood-cutting type activity, then a gas-powered chainsaw is the right choice for you. In fact, gas-powered chainsaws are generally required for the experts.

You need an electric power chainsaw if you need to deal with small cutting works. An electric chainsaw will bring you more advantages if you compare it to a gas chainsaw. Electric chainsaws are not that heavy as gas chainsaws.

Although, it doesn’t matter what benefits you will get from which chainsaw. What matters here is the suitability of using-purpose. So, considering the heaviness/lightness of your cutting work, you have to choose the right chainsaw.

How big a chainsaw can you handle comfortably?

There shouldn’t be any answer with a specific number-size of a chainsaw. It depends on the job type you are going to do. But, we will bestow an excellent idea about what the approximate size should be.

Usually, we recommend making sure the bar of your chainsaw is 2inch longer than the diameter of the piece of wood. This means you should choose a chainsaw of 14inch if you want to cut a 12inch tree. Now, it must be clear to you.

Besides, if your cutting activity is for a kind of heavy purpose, you can check the 18-inch long cutting bar. Homeowners who aren’t professionally using the chainsaw can try this length.

What is more, if you think your stamina is not enough to control a heavy chainsaw then you should choose a lighter one. Working with a light-weighted chainsaw will reduce your stress to work nicely.

How thick will be the wood you cut?

How thick or light the size of wood you are going to cut also an important indicator to choose a perfect chainsaw.

In question number-2, we have explained the thickness of the wood. This means you should use the gas-powered chainsaw if you are supposed to deal with any heavy cutting.

And, for your light or small projects, an electric chainsaw is found robust. It is strongly suggested not to forget the thickness, hardness, or heaviness of the wood that you need to cut. And, choose your chainsaw based on the type of wood-size.

How big a saw can you comfortably handle?

Here again, to get the answer, you have to focus on your fatigue, strength, and also the type of cutting job. Considering these three things, you can easily decide the size of your chainsaw. Selecting the right size of chainsaw will lead you to handle it with comfort.

How often can you take care of your chainsaw?

Before going to buy your chainsaw, you must think about whether you can deal with proper maintenance. It is because all types of chainsaws do not require the same maintenance.

While you think about an electric chainsaw, you are not under the pressure of huge maintenance. You need to plug them in to charge properly. Nothing else; you need to do more. But, you have to remember about the battery of your electric chainsaw. And the battery is quite expensive that costs $100 up.

Therefore, ensure you aren’t over-charging the battery of your chainsaw.

In the case of a gas-powered chainsaw, you have to replace the fuel filter every so often. Drain the gasoline before extending your chainsaw gasoline storage. But be careful while draining the gasoline from the tank.

There’s an option for you to buy premixed gasoline if you don’t have time to do it yourself. But it’s quite expensive to do yourself.

What is the distance of your cutting-project place?

If you intend to do your cutting-work around heavily wooded surroundings, a gas-powered chainsaw makes more sense.

If you need to do your cutting job far from your residential area, you must choose the gas-powered chainsaw or electric-powered chainsaw. You cannot use a plug-in electric saw more than 100 ft. from where you have to plug the chainsaw in.

How often will you work using your chainsaw?

Simply, if you are a regular user of your chainsaw, then we recommend you choosing the battery-powered electric chainsaw.

A battery-powered electric chainsaw will give you around 40-minute runtime of charges. And, it is quite enough for such pruning activity.

But if you are not a regular user of your chainsaw, then our suggestion will go for a gas-powered chainsaw for you. A gas chainsaw can give you more than an hour of runtime. In such a case, you don’t have to wait for your battery to be charged.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Remington chainsaws good?

Remington chainsaws are made to make your cutting work easy and pleasing. These are not good. These are outstanding for both long-term and short-term projects.

Remington is the name of the brand where you can rely upon your cutting tool without confusion. You will find it better if you compare it with other companies or brands.

Even if you search on Google, Remington will be suggested in the top list. We don’t think that you should be confused with the quality and performance of the Remington chainsaw.

Do chainsaw Chains Stretch?

Yes! The chain of a chainsaw stretches and also gets loose sometimes. You will often get the chain of your chainsaw while working.

For this concern, we recommend you to use the Remington Gas-Powered Automatic Chainsaw. It will help you not to lose the chains over and over again. So, try it for once!

Does Chainsaw need oil?

Yes! You need to lubricate your chainsaw if you want it to work properly for you. And it is a must. Around a thousand gallons of chain/ bar-oil are used only for forest cutting purposes every year. Now imagine how definite it is to oil your chainsaw.

If you notice your chainsaw is working slowly means the time to fill the take with oil. But, ensure the oil you are using is a specific bar-oil and good-quality.

The oil that is used for the bar/chain of a chainsaw has a special high-tech additive. This bar-oil stops the chain slinging off the chainsaw while moving around.

The bar oil is made specifically for the chainsaw with its additive thing that you will not find in another kind of normal oil.

What is the most reliable chainsaw?

We already have discussed five top-listed Remington chainsaws above. You must not be confused anymore.

Still, we can recommend you to have a try with Remington RM4214 Rebel 42cc Chainsaw and Remington RM4218 Rebel 42cc 2-18-Inch Chainsaw. These two chainsaws are found best for full-time chainsaw users means professionals.

What is the best brand of chainsaw to buy?

It’s definitely Remington! Our research found the most positive feedback from the chainsaw users of Remington that was quite high, compared to the other brands.

Remington will offer you the best tool that exactly matches your needs. At this point, you have no option to look for another brand’s chainsaw to meet the quality.

What Chainsaw do professional loggers use?

Usually, you will find three top listed Remington chainsaws that professionals require. These are Remington RM4214 Rebel 42cc Chainsaw, Remington RM4218 Rebel 42cc 2- 18-Inch Chainsaw, and Remington RM4618 Outlaw 46cc 18-Inch Chainsaw.

Besides, you also can check out Remington RM1645 12 Amp Chainsaw if you need it for your professionalism.


Those who want to experience the best cutting tool with all remarkable features should try Remington chainsaws. Remington can fill all your demand based on the cutting task through- durability, comfort-ability, affordability, performance, and safety, etc.

You should choose which size you should buy considering your task type. Whether you are a regular user, beginner, or traveler, you can choose your required one from the product’s availability of Remington.

Even if you don’t have to be stressed whether your budget is low. Remington is for all categories of users. Now, you have great knowledge as you have read our Remington chainsaw review already. We hope you can now decide on the right chainsaw for your next cutting project.

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