3 the Best Poulan Chainsaw Reviews and Guidelines To Pick Up Your Right One

Poulan chainsaw is considered the best chainsaw in the whole world. If you are a woodworker or often need to do your woodwork, you must look for a quality chainsaw. A quality chainsaw can guarantee your perfect day-to-day activity.

Searching for a high-quality brand for buying a chainsaw? Then here we are!

To choose your chainsaw, the Poulan brand is the top brand that can offer you the most quality chainsaws. You will get chainsaws from Poulan that are so powerful to cut your firebreaks, harvesting wood, lumbering, etc., and other important activities. Furthermore, you can depend on Poulan Chainsaws with no worry.

Poulan brand can offer you the chainsaw for both lighter work and heavy work. So, to know more, keep reading our article and get the best Poulan chainsaw reviews.

About Polan Chainsaw

The worldwide renowned chainsaw manufacturer company Husqvarna is the original owner of the Poulan brand.

Polan chainsaws mean the best value for your wood-cutting activity. Their first concern is to make sure your cutting satisfaction through durability, quality, reliability, etc.

Most importantly, you can rely on a poulan chainsaw for any kind of your project, no matter whether it is a small or big project.

The Poulan brand designed its chainsaws based on the customer’s demand. The size or quality you need is always available with the Poulan brand, including an affordable means.

Husqvarna chainsaw brand, on the other hand, is owned by Electrolux Company. Actually, Electrolux Company owned both the Husqvarna and Poulan brands. And Poulan is the sub-brand of Husqvarna.

Now let’s get the detail of 3 top chainsaws from Poulan brand below-

1. Poulan Pro PR 4016 16 In 40cc Gas Chainsaw

poulan chainsaw reviews

The Poulan Pro PR4016 is a great option for beginners and mid-level woodworkers to start their pruning tasks. It is produced focusing on the non-commercial and household-type small pruning job.

Its automatic chain oiler and 16-inch chain bar made it outstanding for the pruning task.

Besides, the Oxi-Powered attributes will help you minimize the fuel cost and fuel consumption. What is more, it increases the fuel efficiency of your chainsaw.

Likewise, you will get the facility of a super clean air filter system that will reduce fuel consumption too. The Poulan Pro PR 4016 will be your great option.


  • 2-stroke engine.
  • Standard Handled Type.
  • Effortless Pruning.


  • Brand- Poulan Pro
  • Model- PR4016
  • Weight- 13 Pounds
  • Bar- 16 Inches
  • Dimension- 22x10x11inches


  • Efficient Fuel Consumption.
  • Auto Chain-Oiler.
  • Carrying-Case Included.
  • Long-lasting engine.
  • Super anti-vibration system.


  • Not Suitable for Giant Trees.

Why Will You Like This Chainsaw?

As it is made for beginners, you might guess how easy it would be to operate. Using this chainsaw, you can clean the after-storm bushes, pruning firewood, branches of dry trees, etc., with no force. You can enjoy your cutting work using this chainsaw. So, let’s not miss this startling chainsaw!

2. Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in.42cc chainsaw

poulan 2 Stroke Chainsaw

The Poulan Pro PR 4218 is a mid-duty 2 stroke gas-powered chainsaw. All its wonderful features made it a customer’s hit. The Poulan Pro4218 is designed to clean the medium storm, cutting woods and felling trees.

Also, it is found popular for its two-purpose attributes. Means, you can use it either for personal small-wood-cutting purposes or even can use for your professional needs.

You will get the benefit of having an automatic chainsaw oiler that will make your oiling much easier.

Most importantly, it will offer you the EPS (Effortless Pull Starting) system. EPS is quite a big deal for the users to like this chainsaw rather than others. You will surely like this high-performed chainsaw, we guess.

Key Features

  • 42cc,2-stroke Engine.
  • 2-Stroke-oil.
  • Well Built-in.


  • Brand- Poulan Pro
  • Model- PR4016
  • Weight- 13.25 Pounds
  • Bar- 18 Inches
  • Dimension- 24x10x11inches


  • Durable.
  • Super-Clean-Air Filter.
  • Easier Tool Access.
  • Advanced Anti-Vibration.
  • Incredible- Power Ability.


  • Not Suitable for Professional.

Why Will You Like This Chainsaw?

Needless to say, this Poulan 2-stroke chainsaw will help you to make a convenient and successful pruning activity. Now the question is how?

Let us explain! Its ergonomic design and advanced anti-vibration attributes will decrease your pruning fatigue that will lead you to make an expedient pruning procedure.

Besides, this chainsaw will offer you a fantastic carrying case. So, you have no way to skip this outstanding chainsaw.

3. Poulan Pro 20 in.50cc PR 5020 gas chainsaw

poulan pro 50cc chainsaw review

The Poulan Pro PR5020 is a fantastic chainsaw. Like the Poulan Pro4218, it also can be used for both commercial and non-commercial pruning activity. It is a low-weight and robust model that has 2 years warranty.

Also, it has an easy and quick chock/ stop controlling power of the chain engine. Its double post-chain-brake increases the safety level automatically.

What is more, its oxy-power engine works for less fuel burning up. Anyone can afford this chainsaw. It will provide you an easy handling and convenient side adjustment.

The pull starting system of the Poulan Pro 5020cc chainsaw can reduce around 30% of the force to start the engine. And it makes you feel good while working using this chainsaw.

Key Features

  • On-Board Adjustment.
  • Powerful Durable Life Engine
  • Effortless Pull Starting System


  • Brand- Poulan Pro
  • Model- PR5020
  • Weight- Pounds
  • Bar- 20 Inches


  • Allegiant carrying Case.
  • Auto Chain Oiler.
  • Affordable.
  • High-Performed.
  • Light-Weight.


  • The gas cap isn’t suitable.

Why Will You Like This Chainsaw?

The most exclusive reason why you will like this chainsaw is its Onboard-Locking adjustment. It will let you adjust the chain with the board effortlessly. And another amazing feature that will attract you is the carrying case. The carrying case attribute will reduce your tension of carrying your chainsaw.

best Poulan chainsaw Buying Guide

Read out the given questions below to find out a great guideline before your chainsaw buying time.

Do you want your Poulan chainsaw for a big or small pruning project?

Decide first what you want to do with your chainsaw. So, buy the chainsaw based on what you plan to cut, whether it is a big tree, a small bush cleaning project, or something else.

In a simple word, we can tell you to judge yourself whether you are a professional logger, hobbyist, or a homeowner. Poulan chainsaws are designed based on the types of your cutting types.

What chainsaw safety tips should follow?

Here we have focused on some fundamental safety rules for your chainsaw safety that you should follow strictly.

Wearing: During your cutting time, wear a pair of glasses, hand gloves, steel boots, a helmet, and also a protective jacket and trousers.

Things to Do before Using a Chainsaw: You should check the chainsaw whether it is okay to start working before going to make your go. Also, you should understand the limitations of your fatigue and strength level.

Obey What You Should/Shouldn’t Do: Sharpen the blade on a regular basis, and it will maintain your chainsaw safety.

We recommend not using motor oil at your learning time. Using motor oil at your learning time is quite risky. Also, you are suggested to use the proper chainsaw tension for your cutting safety.

Note: You should not use your chainsaw with old type gas.

What should you reflect on buying a chainsaw?

There are many things that you should think before buying a chainsaw. Let’s have a look at the top two things that our Poulan pro chainsaw review is presenting-

Size of a Chainsaw: It is called the key factor to look for buying a chainsaw. A longer chain bar will help you get a bulkier saw. It is suggested to have 2 inches longer a chain bar than the diameter of your cutting log. So, buy your chainsaw depending on the size you need.

Features and Specification: You need to decide whether you are going to buy a gas or electric power chainsaw. If it is an electric power chainsaw, then gather much knowledge about its features and specifications.

Do the same while it is about the gas chainsaw.

Yet, you must consider the tensioning system, safety features, vibration reduction, and chainsaw brand before going to buy your chainsaw.

Poulan Pro Vs Husqvarna- are Poulan Pro and Husqvarna the same?

In 1689, Husqvarna started their journey as an artillery industrial unit. Today it is recognized as the world’s top brand and biggest producer for its different kinds of power products. And, the production of chainsaw is one of those products.

However, we already have stated above that Poulan is a sub-brand of Husqvarna.

Although the Poland brand is owned by Husvarna, there are some key differences between the quality and design.

Husqvarna and Poulan, both of these two brands are great in quality. But a little difference you will find in the pricing.


Is Poulan chainsaw good for the pruning task?

We found the Poulan chainsaws are wonderful, especially for the newbie. You will find the Poulan sharing different types of modern technology. And use of all modern technology makes the Poulan brand chainsaws an excellent value for your budget.

To the homeowner, Poulan chainsaws are considered a quality chainsaw to get their job done successfully.

Is warranty available with Poulan Chainsaw?

Yes, it is! Poulan pro offers a warranty on its certain handled products.

Why should you decide for a Poulan Pro chainsaw?

The Poulan pro chainsaw is a chainsaw that is not that expensive but a quality cutting tool. You can complete your lumbering project with less amount of money. Its modern technology leads your chainsaw to raise its storage and supremacy for tensioning tools.

Also, you will get the Poulan chainsaw available for both gas-powered and cordless models. Poulan chainsaws are made with the combination of high-quality power and features that you need to conquer your pruning project.

Is Poulan Pro made by Hasqvarna?

Yes! The Poulan Pro is a sub-brand of the Husqvarna Brand.

Are Poulan chainsaws made in China?

There is no certain information on whether the Poulan chainsaws are made in China, the USA, or some other countries. But as the Poulan brand is a part of Husqvarna Company, we guess the Poulan chainsaws are made in the same country as the Husqvarna’s chainsaws. Countries where Husqvarna Company determines its locations are- France, Sweden, Germany, the US, China, and Brazil.

Who makes the Poulan chainsaw?

The answer in a word is Husqvarna Chainsaw Brand.

What are the best chainsaws in the present market?

We studied the following three chainsaws that are getting the top priority in the present market as our Poulan chainsaw customer review.

Let’s see what they are-

  1. Husqvarna 460 Gas Chainsaw.
  2. Husqvarna 120 Mark Gas Chainsaws
  3. Polan PR-5020

What are the differences between Poulan and Craftsman chainsaws? Are they the same?

The difference between these two chainsaws is in the parts of the body. The different parts of craftsman chainsaws are also made by the Husqvarna as like the Poulan chainsaws.


It doesn’t matter what type of activities you are going to make with your chainsaw while buying a Poulan chainsaw. It will make sure of your accomplishment and quality. It is expected that you already have understood the depth of quality of the Poulan chainsaw from this Poulan chainsaw review.

Poulan brand makes sure the quality, safety feature, comfort-ability, and affordability of their customers. It is the only brand that can bring you the perfect model for your cutting activity with phenomenal performance. It makes sure the quality includes a chainsaw’s durability and workability.

So, you can now easily decide which sized Poulan chainsaw you should buy for your lumbering. And, also be able to choose the perfect cutting tool for your next project. All the best!

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