Husqvarna 135 Mark II Chainsaw Review

Husqvarna is a well-known and leading brand of high-quality chainsaw and gardening equipment. Their Husqvarna 135 mark ii chainsaw is one of the best casual saw, a great working partner of a homeowner or hobbyist. This model is ideal for maintaining lighter cutting tasks like felling trees or sawing logs for firewood.

Besides, It works surprisingly fast for a clean-cut, which leads to continuous service and steady chains with the fastest engine. Its safety-features have a recognizable image among all of the causal, frequent, and professional users.

Here we have done a detailed competitive Husqvarna 135 Mark II Review. Let’s take a look at that incredible solution and know more about it!

Husqvarna 135 Mark II Gas Chainsaw Sizing Chart: 

Engine2.1 HP gas-powered X-torque
Oil Pump TypeAutomatic
Tank Volume0.26 Liter
Weight4.7 pounds (without oil)
Sprocket TypeSPUR 6
Spark PlugNGK BPMR7A

Key Features

Husqvarna 135 Mark II Chainsaw Review

Available Colors: 

What is the best gas chainsaw on the market? If that’s your question then, Husqvarna 135 chainsaw will be the one with its good working-capability and fantastic color combination. It is available in one color. Mostly it’s covered by an orange-colored hard plastic. Its tension handler is colored metallic black. Moreover, it has a great color combination of orange, black, and metallic grey. Except for the engine, it has a white-colored still packed system. Although, it comes with an orange-colored chain holder cover with it. Thus, it’s beautiful and safe to grab.

Husqvarna 135 Mark II Chainsaw Engine:

Everyone wants a less-noise creator and stable power. Husqvarna chainsaw contains a gas-powered X-Torque engine, which can be tuned up to produce 2.1 HP. Moreover, it’s a combination of all; Husqvarna tech engine, Air injection centrifugal air filtration, and low vibration. With this engine power, it’s an easy deal to cut slightly thicker logs. It can pack all the energy that you require from 16″. You can use it to make trees fall, but anything taller than 30 feet is not recommended.

Husqvarna 135 Mark II Chainsaw Fuel Consumption:

It has a smart and small tank to store oil. It has 0.26-liter tank volume, with a full tank providing approximately 20 minutes of continuous service. Its fuel consumption rate is 725g/kWh, which is very low from several chainsaws in the market. No further interruption would occur in the meantime using it. The fuel consumption strategy of Husqvarna 135 mark ii chainsaw is admirable.

Husqvarna Mark II Chainsaw Speed and Service:

Its power output is capable of producing 1.6 kW. This electricity value can maximize its power speed up to 9000 rpm while maintaining 3000 rpm idling speed. All of this work converts as a torque, which is 1.84Nm at maximum. Most of the products of such price range cannot produce torque in this range. With maximum engine power speed, the chain can be at 16.8m/s speed. You can saw the medium range’s log instantly and safely.

How Does Husqvarna 135 Mark II Chainsaw Works?

How Does Husqvarna 135 Mark II Chainsaw Works

Working progress starts by pressing the primer button for 5-6 times. After that, pull the starting lever to run the chainsaw. The gas-powered engine lets the spinning chain of saw blades which is also called teeth because the blades are repeatedly shaped high and low. For that, a chainsaw can cut through wood and logs in a fast and smooth motion. It is also equipped with crankshaft, gear wheels, chain brake which work from their place to control that engine and chain.

Like a standard starting mechanism, the engine receives power from a button of a chord’s pull. Then, the engine gives power to the crankshaft, and it causes rotating the gear wheels.

When gear wheels start spinning, the chain rotates around the guide bar to create enough friction and cut through wood. The chain brake will stop the saw if a kickback occurs. 

Husqvarna 135 Mark II Chainsaw Price- Are They Good Quality? 

Husqvarna keeps their customer’s needs in mind. They produce a satisfactory product, mantling its price value. Husqvarna mark ii chainsaw will cost you $249.95. It’s a standard price to buy a casual chainsaw. Moreover, they are manufacturing a well-servable chainsaw at that price.

Husqvarna 135 Mark II Gas Chainsaw Review- 



It weighs around 10.36 lbs without the cutting equipment. Even if you fill-up the fuel tank full, you can easily handle it with any risk. It doesn’t have any hidden weight after start sawing. It has a lightweight structure. Suppose you are a gardening lover or has chopping jobs. In that case, Husqvarna 135 mark ii chainsaw stands to help cut medium firewood and logs.

Quality Material

From Husqvarna 135 mark ii chainsaw sizing chart, you can measure its high-quality materials for being an ideal example of a chainsaw.

Its raw carbon-fiber made frame gives a stable and hard structure to handle the whole body and mechanisms while chopping wood.

Chains are one of the essential parts of a chainsaw. Husqvarna provides a long-lasting chain with top-quality blades and brake. From fuel tank to engine oiling pipe it gives a long time service. Oil passes smoothly, without any leakages.

Well Maintained Chains

If chainsaw chains are conveniently tightened and loosen through a slide or knob, it can be certainly out of place. Husqvarna 135 mark ii chainsaw requires  a chain-tensioning tool to make a permanent adjustment and change its nature by merely reaching the tension.

Corresponsive Protection

Husqvarna 135 mark ii chainsaw delivers user’s safety-manufacture. While sawing wood, you will face back-strength. There is a tensioning system with it to reduce this kick back and keep the chain on the mark. Also, it contains a side-mounted tensioning system for quick-adjustment during your work.

It also comes with an orange-colored cover for chainsaw bar. For this, it will be safe while you are out of work.

Long Term Durability

Suppose you have bought a chainsaw with a medium range of price. It will be worth enough to you. Someday you might find it is having some unchangeable issue. How would you feel? Well, you don’t have to think about such things. Husqvarna 135 mark ii chainsaw assures you a long-durability service. Its X-torque mechanized engine deals with a strong performance at sawing. Further, for any issue, you will get customer service from manufacturers. 


After purchasing, you will get a service warranty if any issue occurred, unfortunately, this warranty will count till 24 months from purchase. Within that period, if you need any servicing on a chainsaw, it needs to be carried by an authorized dealer for validation. Husqvarna Manufacture Company is trusted and customer-friendly. Therefore, you can be sure about its servicing quality. They will deliver it as soon as possible after fixing a particular issue. 

A Comfort Solution

This correctly assembled chainsaw has 20 minutes of non-stop working capability. If you start working with a fully loaded fuel tank, you can cut plenty of wood without any mechanical interruption. For handling kickback, there is a side mount handle that is hardly available on other products. Moreover, you won’t face any defective problem on your hand while controlling the tension-system. You can operate it efficiently by hand. No further support will be needed.

Husqvarna chainsaw is the safest and durable option in its price range. You can easily set your mind to grab it.


It takes time to settle in

Suppose you purchase Husqvarna 135 mark ii chainsaw, and you are a newbie to operate a chainsaw. In that case, you will slightly face an operating instability. There is a minor upgrade on staring function and kickback-handler; you will meet that instability because of this. But if you work confidently, in a several days, you will achieve your comfortability. However, it’s easy to balance and control the speed. You don’t need to worry about safety.  

You have to clean the oil-supply tube and chains

One significant thing you have to deal with several times is to clean the oil-supply tube and chains. Despite being a time consuming and dirty job, cleaning is the essential thing to keep a chainsaw long-lasting. However, the oil-supply tube cannot be dealt with regular cleaning. It doesn’t hold the grease inside well. But the chain and chain holder require constant cleaning to perform better and steady.

Where to buy?

You can purchase a 135 mark ii chainsaw from any Husqvarna authorized dealer. For example, Amazon, in other words, A to Z market. You might able to get a servicing warranty through this platform, if applicable.

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Final Thoughts

The Husqvarna 135 mark ii Chainsaw is an elegant and well-served saw. It supplies the actual speed and consistency to tackle large-sized chopping jobs. It performs well with its safety features. It’s ideally suited to hobbyists and lighter gardener and can quickly chop maximum logs and firewoods.  

Buying a product from a trusted manufacturer is a wise decision. Husqvarna is well-known for manufacturing qualitative chainsaws. You will get a steady-served chainsaw solution at a satisfactory price.

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