Husqvarna 120 Mark II Gas Chainsaw Review

Choosing a chainsaw to make your household cutting work done could be difficult. The demand is that the tool must be able to complete the job and easy to carry and handle. The brand-new Husqvarna 120 Mark II Gas Chainsaw exactly meets up the demands.

Husqvarna 120 mark ii is a gas chainsaw that is very user friendly and a perfectionist at its job. For any low-duty work or low-weighed cutting works, it is an ideal choice.

Works like cutting the branches or pole with correct measurements, sizing up the wood piles into pieces, cutting wood for your firehouse can be done professionally with this low-cost gas chainsaw. Now we will describe the key features of this tool in our Husqvarna 120 Mark ii Gas Chainsaw Review.

Husqvarna 120 Mark II Review

Key Features of Husqvarna 120 mark ii :

Air Purge:

Air Purge helps the cold engine to start fast with less effort.

Combined Stop Control:

The Combined Stop Control of Husqvarna 120 mark ii chainsaw mitigates engine flooding risks and prepares it to start quickly.

Low Vibration® :

It has anti-vibration dampeners, which save the user's hands and arms from receiving excessive vibration. Moreover, it helps the tool to work more steadily.   

X-Torq® :

The X-Torq engine provides the main benefit. It maintains rigid environmental rules and delivers fuel consumption at a lower rate. Besides, it decreases the exhaust emission level.

Air injection:

It is necessary keeping a tool clean from inside if you want to make it run correctly. The Husqvarna 120 mark ii has a built-in eccentric air cleaning system that keeps the filter clean and provides longer conducting time.

Available Colors: Orange and gray

Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw File Size & Specifications:

1. Weight

- 4.85 kg(excl.cutting equipment)

2. Engine

- Fuel Consumption- 428g/kwh

- Power Output- 1.4KW

- Cylinder Displacement- 38.2 cm^3

- Electrode Gap- 0.5mm

- Spark Plug- Champion RCJ7Y

- Oil Pump Type- Automatic

- Ignition Module Air Gap- 0.25mm

3. Lubricant

- Oil Tank Volume- 0.15l

- Lubricant Type- Husqvarna 2 stroke or equivalent at 50:1

4. Chain type

- H37

5. Bar(Inch)

- 14"

6. Bar Mount

- Small

7. Min-Max Bar Length

- 14"-18" inch

8. Sprocket Type

- Spur 6

9. Noise and Sound

- Sound Pressure Level at operator's ear-100.7dB(A)

- Sound Power Level, Guaranteed- 113dB(A)

- Sound Power Level, measured- 100.7dB(A)


- Equivalent Vibration Level(ahv.eq) front handle 2.1 m/s^2

- Equivalent Vibration Level(ahv.eq) rear handle 2.7 m/s^2

Are they good quality?

In today’s Husqvarna 120 Mark Ii 16 In Review we will share more secrets. Compared with other chainsaws, we can say that this chainsaw is quite better in quality. It provides the user with the right level of work. It cuts smoothly and doesn't make the cut look rough. This is something so expected during cutting. And the Husqvarna 120 mark ii shows efficiency in this regard.

Warranty/ Guarantee: It comes with 2 years warranty. If you want to increase the warranty, buy 96 fluid oz pre-mixed fuel. It will rise up the warranty from the stage of 2-years up to 5-years.

How does the Husqvarna 120 mark ii work? Know from our Husqvarna 120 Mark ii Review

Well, Husqvarna 120 mark ii has two in its name. You might be wondering why they have launched the 2nd when not launching the 1st.

This chainsaw is actually is the next-generation model of Husqvarna. Husqvarna 120 mark ii has come up with an X-Torq engine of 38.2cc, similar to Husqvarna 240. The upgraded fact of this version is that it generates less power of 1.88hp. Where the Husqvarna 240 produces a power of 2hp. Thus, Husqvarna 120 mark ii is a more improved version of the engine with enhanced fuel efficiency and longer conduction lifespan.

However, the cutting performance of his tool is better and has increased to 2.8% from the previous Husqvarna 240. It cuts smoothly and assures that the cut doesn't look rough.

As I previously said at the start of this article, Husqvarna 120 mark ii chainsaw is more suitable for homeowners. It can provide splendid performance if you want to cut up to 10" inch thick chock of any tree, it can be a pine tree or maple tree.

Keep in mind that you cannot cut several thick chucks at random. It may cause the engine to get hot and stall. Because it is not a professional-grade model you can use it for light-duty works like paring and pruning woods.

The main job of a chainsaw is to cut. According to Husqvarna 120 mark ii chainsaw's maneuverability, it is perfect for getting the job done.

How to cut with Husqvarna 120 mark ii? 

It has two valves located on the right side and another on the left side. Put the chain oil in the chain oil valve and gas-oil mixture in the gas oil valve.

Then pull the choke and turn on the red switch to start it. Right after that, when you pull the chord, the chainsaw will start its work. Simply handle it towards around the wood like you want the cut.

Inside the engine, the air filter helps to maintain the rotational momentum between each sequent power stroke allowing the crankshaft to turn smoothly. To cool the cylinder and the crankcase, it has cooling limbs that absorb air in through the covers located aside.

Husqvarna 120 mark ii gas chainsaw's simple tensioning system allows quick adjustments at the time of work.

Low kickback is another satisfying matter of Husqvarna 120 mark ii chainsaw. It offers very low kickbacks in comparison with other regular chainsaws.

As it provides low kickbacks and low vibration, the sound or the noise automatically decreases at a level.

Why Husqvarna 120 mark ii is better than others?

Undoubtedly, the cooling performance of this equipment is far better and advanced. And it is known to all, the cooler engines perform better and work for an extended period.

In any regular chainsaw, there is a choke. When the starting switch is off, and you press the choke, it floods the cylinder with fuel. You must be seeking a solution to it, Right? In Huqsvarna 120 mark ii, if the choke is pressed, it automatically turns on an saves the cylinder from flooding. To stop the engine, you just have to turn off the red switch.

In case of safety, a throttle lockout switch and inertia activated chain brake is available in Huqsvarna 120 mark ii. It prevents the user from getting into an accident. A chain catcher is also there to grab the stray chain immediately, which could whip on your legs or arms.

After using it, clean it. It would be better if you have a blow dryer. Just blow-dry the blade and keep it in a safe place. Spraying or cleaning it with water wouldn't be a good idea. It will make your blade rusty eventually.


Assembled: It comes assembled.

Powerful engine: The engine performance is quite good and reliable.

Light Weight: It is around 10.7 pounds in weight without the bar and chain. Even with the bar and chain, it's weight is near about 17 pounds. Which is still very lightweight.

Easy to carry: Because of being light weighted it is effortless to move the Husqvarna 120 mark ii gas chainsaw.

Easy to use: This chainsaw is based on fuel and not wired. Moreover, there it comes with a curved handle. Thus, it is easier to use than an electric chainsaw.

Safe to use: It contains a chain Lock and inertia activated chain brake. So, it is safer to use.

Comprehensive Protection : 

Protection is a thing that you would definitely seek to use a tool. By securing the protection assurance Husqvarna 120 mark ii is designed to ensure the user's safety. There is a blade stop in Husqvarna 120 mark ii gas chainsaw, which assures added safety. If you push it forward, it stops the blade, and if you pull it back towards you, it lets the blade rotate.


Takes time to start: Consumers who have actually used it complained about that it takes a little time to start the Husqvarna 120 mark ii chainsaw. Pulling the chord, again and again, wouldn't work sometimes.

May stall sometimes: The tool may stall sometimes, and you need to restart it.

Not suitable for heavy work: Husqvarna 120 mark ii gas chainsaw is designed for light-duty work. If you use it for heavy cutting, it may not give you excellent performance.


Max Power Speed: 9000 rpm

Idling Speed: 3000 rpm

Husqvarna 120 Chainsaw Price: On Amazon, it's only 179$

Comfort: The Husqvarna 120 mark ii is very comfortable to use. The air purge and the X-Torq® engine makes the job easy. The curved handle on the tool helps you to cut from every angle, Vertical, Horizontal, or Sidewise. And as it is very lightweight, it is very comfortable to carry.

Final Thoughts 

From the overall information, it can be said that, even having some issues, Husqvarna 120 mark ii is quite useful for the homeowners. You may cut firewood or do the pruning work to clean your yard smoothly. This chainsaw is much safer that can deliver perfection. Besides, you can also keep it working on with deficient maintenance.


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