How To Use A Tile Saw: Cut Tiles On Your Own!

Ceramic tile has successfully taken the place of mosaics. People are now using tiles for both their floors and walls (in some cases): the reason being their unique design, fascinating look, costing, and overall satisfaction.

However, almost all the tiles come in a square or rectangular shape. As a result, they need to be resized and shaped in corners and other non-linear places. A tile cutter isn’t efficient enough to do this task. And that’s when a tile saw comes in handy.

A tile saw is almost like a regular saw, but they come with diamond-coated teeth and a water cooling system. They are efficient enough to make the tiling. These tile saws are used by both individuals and professional companies as well. Whoever the user is, they should know how to use a tile saw!

How to Use a Tile Saw to Cut Tile

How To Use A Tile Saw

So far, you’ve already known why the saws are better than tile cutters. Now moving on to the tile cutting part.

For better understanding, we’ve divided this tile cutting guide into two different parts-

  1. Setting Up Tile Saw
  2. Using Tile Saw to Cut Tiles

Part 1: How to Set up a Tile Saw

Setting up and using a tile saw with proper methods and guidelines. Here are the ways to set up a tile saw- Here ( we reviewed few tile saw you can pick.

Step 1: Positioning the Tile Saw

First thing first, you need to position your tile saw on a level and sturdy surface. You can either set your tile saw on a table (wooden or steel), or you can place it on flat, level ground. You should never operate a tile saw on an uneven or wobbly surface. Or else it can cause severe cuts and injuries.

Step 2: Filling The Water Reservoir

Almost all the tile saws come with a built-in water reservoir. The water source can be fixed or detachable depending on model to model. But whatever the case is, it’s used to store clean water or coolant.

After posting the cutting tile properly, you need to fill up the water tray with fresh water. If the water tray/tank is detachable, you can fill it up and then place it underneath the cutter. If it’s fixed, you need to fill it up with a jug/pitcher.

You need to ensure that the tile saw’s pump remains submerged in the water source for both cases.

Step 3: Positioning Saw on Cutting Table

This is a very important step to set up a tile saw. As you’ve already positioned the tile saw and filled the tank with water, next, you need to position the cutter/blade properly.

For this, you’ll need a long steel/wooden bar, also called a fence. The fence is used to make the blade and the tiles parallel to get a smooth cut.

First, you need to position the tile saw and the fence in parallel conditions. Next, you need to push one end of the tile and connect it with the fence. While doing so, you should keep your hands at a safe distance from the cutting blade of the tile saw.

So that’s it when it comes to knowing how to set up a tile saw. The next part will be about cutting the tiles properly.

How to Use a Tile Saw to Cut Tile

As you already know how to set up a tile saw, let’s move on to the cutting part. The cutting part is easy compared to the setting and position mechanism. But there are a few things to consider before we head on to the main part…

The teeth of tile saws consist of diamond blade. As a result, they are extremely sharp. The teeth and blades rotate at a very high speed, and if you’re even careless for a second, a big accident can occur. So that’s why you need to follow safety precautions before using a tile saw.

Safety Tips

  1. While using a tile saw to cut tiles, you should always wear hand gloves to have a good grip on the saw. Alongside the gloves, wearing safety glasses is a must too!
  1. Tile saws create tile dust and debris while cutting the tiles. So to avoid inhaling those, you should wear face masks.
  1. After using it for a while, the tile saw teeth can get blunt and provide inappropriate cuts and edges. So check out the blades before using
  1. Be patient while using a tile saw. Always avoid overloading to have an efficient and smooth cutting experience.

Here’s how to cut a tile with a tile saw-

Step 1: Position the Tile saw on table

We covered the position part in the above setup part. In this part, we’ll show you How to Use a Tile Saw to Cut Tile.

If you want to cut straight lines, you need to use a miter guide. The miter guide should be placed in between the tile and the wooden bar/fence. This method will keep the tile at a 45-degree angle.

If you want to make parallel cuts or L-shaped cuts, you need to push the tile from the other side and position the fence accordingly.

Step 2: Turn on the Tile Saw

After properly positioning the tile and the table, you need to turn on the tile saw to start cutting. Check if the pump is spraying the water or coolant on the blade or not after activating the power switch. If not, the teeth can break due to excessive heat or friction.

Step 3: Push the Tile into the Saw

Hold the saw handle and smoothly push the saw through the tiles. Use another hand to guide the tiles into the saw. This needs to be done simultaneously so that the saw moves forward and the tiles move inside the saw to get the desired cut.

Step 4: Turning Off the Saw

When you get the desired cut, you need to switch off your tile saw using the switch. Upon turning off the switch you’ll see the water supply will also be stopped by the pump.


You should never use a tile saw without a stream of water or coolant. Using a tile saw without a coolant will result in getting its teeth broken. Moreover, due to the absence of coolant, excessive heat will be produced due to friction. So that’s why it’s highly recommended to use coolants/water while using a tile saw. Another thing is that the broken part of the tiles has sharp edges and causes accidents if the safety factors aren’t followed properly. So use the how to use a tile saw guide from top to bottom, and we believe you can cut tiles on your own without any accidents!

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