How To Use A Chainsaw & Maintenance Step By Step Guidelines with Safety Tips

​​How To Use A Chainsaw : Chainsaw is a lightweight  Automatic saw Its Mainly used for cutting wood. It has 4 used felling, lambing , Trimming, Bucking, sometimes its used for different occasion cutting ice It's effortless to used need some practice and knowledge although its use for cutting so must handle it carefully.

4 used chainsaw
  • ​Chainsaw:  First you need to buy it. If you had not buy yet, Please Read This Best Chainsaw article here is our Details buying guide for you  here we show what chainsaw will best for you
  •  Chainsaw Sharpening Tool: You Need a Chainsaw Sharpening Tool yet you have not any Sharpening kit Read our Best Chainsaw Sharpener Article.
  • Screwdrivers: Just a screwdriver, if you don't know what will best for you check best screwdriver set
  • Chain oil Need
  • Gas
  •  Engine oil like Gasoline

How To Use A Chainsaw

Before Starting any of your Machine, you need Read owner manual carefully to know Every Feature. Before starting your saw, Ensure that Everything is working correctly with a first analysis Of the grips, bar, and string, sharpness and tension controls.

How to Start a Chainsaw

​Needs to wear your safety Gear Earlier starting your chainsaw if you have not  Buy safety gear and use it.

Hard hat specially  felling — putting an upright tree on the ground is give you more protection

  • Ear protection will protect your Ear
  • Eye protection wear a full face cover helmet it will
  • Long pants particular chaps will stop a moving chain and save your thigh
  • Work gloves will save your Finger
  • Wear Good boots for your legs
  • long-sleeved shirt to protect against the inevitable scrapes

Everything you will find any chainsaw dealers

Starting a cold chainsaw Engine

Before you start cutting Make a secure atmosphere, review this environmental security of the particular place. Especially with felling, look you are around. Just make your sense there is an exit path for you to take if the tree drops?? There is an open way for the drop Tree? Is there any doghouse gets it, or the electricity line? Does disease weaken the tree? If you feel free with the Job at hand, then you may go for it.

Before start Fill the gas tank. Supply the correct fuel To the gas tank/engine oil mixture it is typically 1 gallon of Patrol with Four to six ounces of 2 cycle engine oil.  if correctly fuel is not used it  will burn up with a short time

First Step: Mainly staring chain are two way to start on this spot and in your legs carefully. Beginning to ensure that the string brake is set that the choke is Off on and that the start Button is on.  I have seen that some saw has a little button that needs to press a few times, cools not all the saw require.

Second Step: keep it on the clean flat ground,  remember that Always grab the handlebar by your left Arm, and hold your Right legs hard in the handle where the accelerator switch is, Drag the opening manage by your right arm till the Chainsaw start.

 How to start a Hot Engine ??

​When your chainsaw is hot, it's not a big deal to start. It’ll start without the choke. Just follow the above instruction without the choke point.

Using your Chainsaw

Standing position and Managing the saw: Apply your common sense how you will comfortably handle chainsaw when you are cutting a block of wood?? Keep good footing keep a right balance  remind that we are Maintain a saw not driving a surgery blade  lol

It's the best use to strike at middle level — never Up arm height.

Bypass chopping too near to the soil the blade jump back to your body.

Decide to strike from the top of the saw — never while linger over the work area. A kickback in this situation could be

Chainsaw Maintenance  Tips

  1. When you have completed your cutting trees, let the saw to cool down before storing.
  2. Every time use it must check the chain tightness and set if need.
  3. Sharpen chainsaw Regularly.
  4. It will be good if you drain out the fuel before storing your saw.
  5. After work, finish clean  your chainsaw.
  6. Completing your  felling, lambing, Trimming, Bucking keep rest your saw for Cool  before the store.
  7. When your job is ending Covered your  chainsaw chain and keep it a clean place .
  8. Always ready for a binding position do not need too many things just an axe.
  9. Try to keep your chainsaw chain sharpen it will give you better result to cut tree and its safe to work, and its reduce your cutting time .
  10. Its good practice to work with people it could be dangerous if work alone if an accident occurred.

Chainsaw Maintenance Tool

  • Wrenches
  •  Gauge
  •  Cloths for cleaning

 Chainsaw Safety Tips

  1. Were your safety equipment first .
  2. Tell your nearest person where you’ll be working.
  3. Park your car so that you can make a quick exit.
  4. Always carry your cell phone.
  5. Ensure that no one is within 4 meters when you’re working.
  6. Maximum chainsaw accident occurred when moving one place to another place with chainsaw be careful I repeat careful when you Move one place to another place with a chainsaw must  never be rotating your saw.
  7. Never afraid of the saw. Grab it close to your body confidently to achieve balance and accuracy never hesitate to grab it hard.
  8. No one experiences before start tries, again and again, better to take a course from professional before you start.
  9. Check your equipment safety feature regular basis .
  10. When you are on a ladder, never use a chainsaw

Frequently some question and answer for you.

  • Will cutting roots harm the Chainsaw?
  • Answer chainsaw is always very sustainable; they used for primarily wood cutting. If the roots are deep, it could harm your saw you should be used it carefully
  • What can I do if chain pops off continuously?
  • Answer  If its excess should replace the chain
  • For cutting wood chainsaw need to use oil?
  • Answer: Mainly 2 type of chainsaw electrical and other need gasoline check what your chainsaw and if your saw needed engine oil fill it
  • How I cut a block of wood that is bigger than of my bar?
  • Answer: you can cut off one holding point and then change over to the other side.basically with an 18" bar can cut trees up to 36."
  • What oil do I need to use in my chainsaw oil tank?
  • Mainly its need Gasoline.
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