How To Use A Chainsaw Sharpener Details Step by Step Tutorial


How To Use A Chainsaw Sharpener : A perfect chainsaw sharpener doesn’t only save your time, it protects your effort and gives you the safest experience. A dull chainsaw always makes you suffer as it can’t cut straight.

Using a chainsaw sharpener is easier whereas the chainsaw sharpener requires a lot of technical tactics. You have to sharpen a chainsaw manually utilising a chainsaw sharpener.

How To Use A Chainsaw Sharpener

Before you want to get the sharper chainsaw experience, you need to know the ways to sharpen a chainsaw. Now, we will discuss the best ways to sharpen a chainsaw using the best chainsaw sharpener.

Things That You Will Need

You will also need some Stuff to use a chainsaw sharpener like a pair of gloves, chainsaw file, and eye-protecting eyes. These things are practically handy and ensure safety.

Tools That You Must Have

Along with the chainsaw sharpening machine, you must have some necessary tools. The top plate filing angle, file down angle, side plate cutting angle, and depth gauge setting. These are just essential equipment depending on your chain types.

How Will You Set The Depth Gauge?

The perfect settings of the depth gauge settle how much deep the cutting tooth will cut. A low setting of depth gauge allows the plate to take a small amount of wood. It will cut smoothly and cause a rare vibration sound.

But, the depth gauge set into high will cut wood profoundly and aggressively. It will cause high-vibrated and robust performance in reducing the wood logs. So, it will increase the risk of kickback and may origins to chainsaw cause some unwanted strain.

You have to check the depth gauge after using 3 to 5 times what you sharpen the chain while using normal wear and sometimes while you use excessive wear.
You can use the depth gauge tool and flat file for checking. So, you can set the correct height for two sections “Soft and Hard.” It refers you to cut soft, frozen, or harder wood evenly.

here is a video where you will get better guidelines How To Use A Chainsaw Sharpener for your Better understand

How To Sharpen The Chain?

Only getting the Best Chainsaw Sharpener isn’t enough for the outstanding experience in wood cutting. You need to know how to sharpen the chainsaw.
The best way to restore the sharpener in the correct angles is to use a filling gauge. A gauge file ensures the useful result without any angles issue even the corners are different sizes. You can do your filing work using a minimum tool requirement.

All you need is to take a file gauge. How would you know when to sharpen a chainsaw machine? Well, in that case, you have to check out if there is any waste material in the saw’s blades. Dust or oil means dull performance in cutting. So, it is a better decision if you wish to sharpen your saw.

elcetrical chainsaw Sharpener

• First of all, find the shortest cutter as the shorter cutter is flexible with the different length and sizes of the saw.
• Now, you can place the filing gauge on the saw’s chain. Make sure the arrows of the filing gauge are pointing to the chain’s direction of rotation.
• When the string is adjusted with the measure, use the round file.
• You have to place the data at a 90 ° angle to the rollers. Now, file using your both hands.
• The data will rest on both rollers.
• Applying smooth strokes, you can file the cutting spine away from you.
• Now, you can start submitting each tooth of the saw. Cutting each side of a tooth for filing means it is sharp enough. Giving attention to equal length is essential. If the cutting teeth are equal in length, it will provide the best smooth filing performance.
• Loosen the vice after you are done with filing and cutting teeth on one side.
• Now, attach the gauge to the other side.
• Repeat the cutting teeth process with the sharpener in the same way from the opposite direction.

How Many Time You Should Sharpen A Chainsaw:

A saw chain’s sharpness fades away over time. It doesn’t fade away only for cutting objects which are liable to reduce the sharpness of saw’s sharpness. Sometimes, it loses its sharpness for leaving it idly for longer times. So, when you are about to use a sharpener after a more extended period, make it sharpen first and use.
The chain can also become blunt if the string against the stone. It becomes badly blunt and needs to be sharpened before you use.

You have to clean the chain after using it. A chainsaw’s chain may hold oil, dirt, and debris. You should wash it frequently. So, the sharpener will continue to work smoothly without any hassle.

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