How To Use A Chainsaw Sharpener Details Step by Step Tutorial

Using a chainsaw is a complicated task. It is more difficult when the chain is not sharpened correctly. Chainsaw sharpener is an excellent tool for sharpening the chainsaw blade.

Most of the people can’t understand the value of a chainsaw sharpener. The main reason behind this is, they don’t know the proper way to use it. You need to learn some steps to use a chainsaw sharpener properly.

We gladly inform you that today, we will discuss how to use a chainsaw sharpener and we will do it in 6 steps. So keep reading!

How To Use A Chainsaw Sharpener?

elcetrical chainsaw Sharpener

Step 1: Check the measurements

You need to know all the measurements of the chainsaw first. To understand the components like pitch and gauge, you can follow the user manual given with the chainsaw.

Knowing the measurements of the chainsaw blade is an essential factor. If you are not provided with a user manual, you can search for it on the internet.

Step 2: Position the sharpener appropriately

After knowing all the accurate measurements, you have to keep the sharpener in the right position. You can place it on the ground to prevent any kind of movement. Or you can also choose the workbench option. For the 2nd option, you have to attach the sharpener’s end to a sturdy and heavy workbench.

Appropriate positioning is vital. It makes the installation of the chainsaw blade on the sharpener easy. Thus, you can experience a smooth and more effortless sharpening procedure.

Step 3: Set the sharpening stone

Once your sharpener is in the right position, you have to input a wheel or stone. Since now you know the measurements, you can choose the specific sharpening stone.

You have to remove the grinding wheel cover and unscrew the locking cap. Then you can set the sharpening stone at the gap properly. After setting it, you have to tighten up the lock and cover it again.

Step 4: Prepare the chain.

You have to remove the chain from the saw first. Then clean it by using a cleaning mixture. Let it dry and then lift it. Now input it into the sliding tracks.

Lower the chain stop to lock the chain in the right place which is on the tooth of the chainsaw. Sharpening usually begins from this spot.

Step 5: Swivel angle

Choosing the right angle for sharpening is another crucial thing. The angle will be according to the size of the chain. So recheck the manual and determine it. Mostly, a 0 to 60-degree angle is typical in this case.

To set an angle, you have to loosen up the sharpening stone. Then it can rotate correctly. Once you set the proper angle, you have to tighten the locking wheel or stone again. To prevent overheating, damages, and cutting deep, you must tighten the lock stop.

Step 6: Ready to sharp

After setting all the things appropriately, you are ready to start sharpening! To begin, turn on the switch first (if it is not electrical, then do it manually).

You have to lower the sharpening stone slowly on the first tooth of the chainsaw blade. After it makes contact, there will be some sparks flying. It will take a short time to sharpen a tooth.

Then you have to proceed to the other tooth on the same side. Once you are done with sharpening all the teeth on one side, you have to adjust the sharpening stone again.

You will set the same angle, but to the opposite side. In this way, you can sharpen the set of teeth of the chainsaw blade.

What Is The Best Chainsaw Sharpener?

Good chainsaw sharpeners consist of some unique features. Let’s see some of them.

  • Made of high-quality material; they are solid and reliable.
  • Comparatively lighter.
  • Work quickly and effectively.
  • One can easily transport them
  • Generally come with built-in light and dressing brick.
  • Get adjusted to any standard chain pitch sizes.

How To Sharpen A Chainsaw?

You can never use a chainsaw properly if it is not sharp. So, I am adding a part, how to sharpen a chainsaw. There are different ways to sharpen a chainsaw. I have already discussed about chainsaw sharpener. Here I will discuss the way to sharpen using both file and chainsaw sharpener.

Pre-Sharpening Steps

Step 1: Clamp the Bar of your Chainsaw

At first, you need to place it on your work surface. A tabletop clamp is better to use. You can also use a vise.

Step 2: Tighten the Chain

In case of tightening, you need to find out the tension adjusting screws. The screws reside in different places on different chainsaws. Take a screwdriver and tighten the screw. Tightening the screw means tightening the chain.

Step 3: Mark the First Tooth

Where do you want to start? Now you will need a marker to mark the first tooth to start. You will not lose track if there is a mark.

Step 4: Take the Measurements and Get the File or chainsaw sharpener

You can check the manual to get the size of the teeth. If you lost it, then you can get it online by searching the accurate model. Now get a file of the same size. (Or chainsaw sharpener)

Step 5: Set the File or Chainsaw Sharpener

You have set the tip of the file inside the notch. Make sure 20% of the file’s diameter will remain on the top of the tooth.

Or set the sharpener properly.

Step 6: Get a File Holder

A file holder will help in sharpening more accurately. Check the manual for the correct angle and position of the file and file holder.

Sharpening Steps

Step 1: Push the File or Run the Sharpener

Get a good hold on the file and start pushing it. Push it through the cutter remaining on a level. You don’t have to push it harshly. Make sure it doesn’t cause any harm to the file or cutter. Lift out the cutter and replace it again in the same place. Push it in the same way until you get it sharp and shiny. (You need to do it 3-10 time; according to its dullness level)

In the case of a chainsaw sharpener, if it is an electric sharpener, then turn on the switch. If not, then do it manually.

Step 2: Rotate the Chainsaw 180 Degrees and Sharpen Every Second Tooth

Now rotate the chain and bring the nearest tooth. Sharp it in the same angle and same motion. Keep sharpening every single tooth until you reach the first tooth.

Step 3: Inspect if you Miss Any Tooth.

Move around the chain and make sure you don’t miss any tooth. If you miss one, then sharpen it in the same way.

Step 4: Fill the Rakers (This step is when you use a file)

Use a deep gauge to fill the rakers. Set it over the chain and push forward. Make sure it presses against the rakers. Now run a flat mill bastard file to level the raker with the deep gauge.

Step 4: Release the Chain

Your chainsaw is completely sharpened. Now lose the tension adjustment screws and back it to the past position. Your chainsaw is ready to use.

Final Words

The article’s primary purpose is to describe how to use a chainsaw sharpener which we have explained broadly with six different steps. We have also added a point about the best quality chainsaw sharpener. Follow our steps and act like the Instructions. Hopefully, you will be able to use your chainsaw sharpener without taking any wrong steps!

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