How to Untangle Chainsaw Chain: The Easiest Way to Do It!

Sharp chainsaws chains can sometimes not perform up to the limit. As they’re long and sharp, they often get tangled. And it becomes difficult to operate the chainsaws.

There can be a few reasons behind the tangling of a chainsaw chain. The chains can overlap, the teeth can get misplaced. Using too-long chains can also be a reason behind tangling.

But don’t worry. Untangling them is not that hard. You’ve to take some precautions and follow some simple steps. Read on how to untangle chainsaw chain.

Untangling Chain of Chainsaw: Safety Factors and Tools

As we already mentioned, chainsaw chains are sharp and deadly. So before we hop into the guideline, first, let’s talk about the safety factors.

1.    Safety Factors

  • The sharp edges of the chain can be very dangerous if not handled properly. For these reasons, always use a pair of safety gloves while dealing with them. You don’t particularly need to use chainsaw gloves. Any heavy-duty gloves will do the work.
  • Eye goggles are another vital tool for ensuring safety. While you work with a chainsaw, the dirt or rust particles can enter your eye anytime. So to prevent them, using eye goggles is a must.

As we’re clear about the safety factors, now let’s move to know what are tools that we’ll be needing.

2.    Necessary Equipment

If the chainsaw chain gets tangled or you’re facing a chainsaw chain-link stuck, you’ll need the following things to operate it.

  • Flat-Strong Table

You’ll need this table to place your chainsaw. As a result, it’ll be easy to operate and untangle the chain quickly. Any strong wooden flat table will be enough to do the job.

If you’re willing to use the ground as a base, be careful as it might break the tiles or damage the carpets.

  • Lubricating Oil

Lubricating oils are a must when you’re working with automobile parts like a chain. As chains can get rusted or stuck, using a lubricating oil will be the best solution to get them free.

You can also use engine oils. Engine oils will also give you a smooth, perfectly running chain.

3.    Other Tools

Besides a flat table and lubricating oil, you’ll also need Allen wrenches and screwdrivers to operate the chains.

The Allen wrench and screwdriver can come in handy in taking out the chain from the teeth.

We’re done with the tools and safety parts. Now let’s know how to untangle the chainsaw chain.

Untangling Chain of Chainsaw: How To Do It.

Well, now is the untangling part you’re waiting for, maybe! If you find a chainsaw chain in a knot, follow the following steps correctly to solve it!

Let’s start-

Step 1: Chain Preparation

Chain preparation is an essential factor for untangling the chain. The chainsaw chain remains on the bar, and the teeth are used for cutting down heavy objects. As a result, the condition of the chain doesn’t always remain good.

  • For New Chain: If the chainsaw chain is new, wear gloves to prevent the cutting from sharp edges. The new chains are easy to take out. So it’ll be easy with the gloves on.
  • For Old Chains: Old Chains are usually rusted and have dirt between the teeth. Take the lubricating oil and use it between the jaws and teeth. If the condition is too poor, submerge the chains in the oil for about half an hour.
  • For Jammed Chain: Well, jammed chains need to be operated carefully. If the lubricating oil doesn’t work, take the Allen wrench or the screwdriver and take off the chain from the chainsaw blade.

Now, let’s move on to how to unbind a chainsaw.


Step 2: Finding Chain’s Opposite Loops

After you’re done with taking off the chain, now it’s your turn to find the loops.

Seeing the long chain, you might get confused. But don’t worry. It’s not that tough!

Find out the two opposite loops that are complementary to each other. After you find the loops, use both of your hands to hang the loops. Once you hang the loops, you’ve partially solved the untangling problem.

Step 3: Merge Two Loops into One

Once you hand the two loops, merge the two loops into a single one. Grab the bigger side of the loop and start making a bigger loop.

Hold the opposite ends with both of your hands and use chain slack to make a larger loop.

Step- 4: Untangling

Once you finish making a single chain loop, now it’s time to untangle it. For this, you need to find the shorter or the bottom part of the chainsaw chain.

After you find it, lay down the lower part of the chain in a flat, even table in a vertical position.

As you keep the lower part of the chain vertically, it’ll become easy to lift the portion. As a result, you can untangle the chain for gravitational force.

The gravitational force automatically opens the twisted chain parts. To open the other twisted or tangled parts, keep making these loops two or three times by following these steps. Finally, you’ll see the full chain is untangled!

Step-5: Spread the Twisted Parts

If the chain is still tangled, you need to untangle the chain parts separately. First, keep them in a vertical position away from each other. Now untangle them manually until you get a tangle, twist-free, plain chain!

So that’s it on how to untangle chainsaw chain. Hope it worked out well!



Untangling a chainsaw chain is easy by knowing and following the proper steps. We tried our best to break down things into parts to help you understand the process deeply. Now, it’s your time to untangle your chainsaw chain!

Still have questions on how to untangle chainsaw chain? Comment below. Good luck!

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