How To Sharpen A Chainsaw

As your primary task is to cut wood than for sure, you can’t think a while without a chainsaw. It’s comparatively your best weapon or asset however you consider it. A chainsaw is the actual blessing until it turns dull and works fine to meets your desire. In the meantime, it causes irrecoverable injury to life and your property like wood. That’s why you should read about How to sharpen a chainsaw. When the chainsaw can’t work in favor of you then you would mark it as the curse, but is it a curse? No, you just think it for the temporary hassle that you face now. You can control your trouble by taking proper step to sharpen it or replace with new one, but can’t go a step further without the chainsaw.

For costly matter, you don’t like it to replace soon, here you are looking for alternative something like How to sharpen a chainsaw chain quickly, and you get the sharpening your chainsaw chain is the best way to make it usable again. That’s why our specialist writes here to gives you a guide how to Sharpen your chainsaw chain to make it ninja.

Is it hard to sharpen a chainsaw?

How To Sharpen A Chainsaw

how to sharpen a chainsaw

Someone may try to convince you to sharpen it from the professional one. It’s the best way to having the best performance. Anyway grind at home with the help of some standard tools are not so bad at all, We found it proven that people were having the same benefit when they did. It’s much more helpful because that takes a short time secure the proper service quickly just within 15-20 minutes. Modern tools are so much useful that you feel much protective and feel comfortable in working with them.

While you think about the risk and harassment to do it at home, that time we get it easier than cutting woods with the chainsaw.

Here I’ll guide you to sharpening your chainsaw quick and easy despite the common hassles. In addition, ensure you to remove your all hesitation and fear about it.

How do you feel the necessity to sharpen your chainsaw blades?

How To Sharpen a chainsaw

How To Sharpen a chainsaw

Experienced one find out the errors quickly, and they notice the need of sharpening the chainsaw chain without having any trouble.

Anyway, here I describe some common seen to help you mark out when you need to sharpen it.

Some of them outlined below:

Follow the working method of your chainsaw: As a regular user of a chainsaw none could know it well more than you, if you work with it since buying then after a couple of weeks you may get it the performance of your chainsaw decreased like it takes more time than earlier. The teeth of the chainsaw (the blades actually) seem dirty, and the chain moves slowly.

It needs more strength and pressure: simply a tool goes with its power get from fuel, the power produced through fuel isn’t decreased, but the capacity of cutting woods comes down. Does it take more pressure from your body and guide bar in cutting the woods, for what? Cause The chain blades become dull and need to sharpen them.

Chainsaw produced dust rather chips: It’s pervasive syndrome to notify you about the modules performance. The chainsaw provided a vast amount of dust that is mainly chips of woods, but when it turns barren in really, it produces the vast amount of dust like rubbish rather the chips of wood. When you get a lot of dust instead of wood chips, and then go for sharpening.

Chainsaw rattles or bounces in cutting: In cutting woods chainsaw goes smoothly on wood for having the excellent size and shape of woods. But it couldn’t happen when you chainsaw comes dull, in this time the chainsaw rattles and bounces as it’s sweet will and terrible for its user having cherished positions and waste your woods.

Chainsaw goes beyond your direction: it’s simply that you chainsaw works on your wishes and the performance mostly depends on its user. So why for having proper cutting you should drive it in right position into the wood. If you get your chainsaw goes beyond your direction, and it cut crooked means it getting dull and need to sharpen.

When you face any difficulty, and your chainsaw reflect any of these characters then go for sharpening it or replace. As replacing, after 2/3 week is costly then sharpening it will be the best option for you.

In below I describe you a quick process to sharpen your chainsaw like a pro

Let’s break down the remarkable theory

If you want to rule over your chainsaw to sharpen it then file gauge provide you that opportunity. While you wish to sharpen in your hand and check the improvement in every minute, then go with a file gauge and sharpen your saw’s chain in your hand. It’s much hardship to do it by hand though some people yet have the comfort zone here. A sharpener can do it 5-10 minutes, but filled gauge takes least 15 minutes to have it done. But it longer much than other methods.

Steps To Follow ….

” There are Some Easy steps to Sharpen your chainsaw Like Pro”

Pick a Best chainsaw sharpener or file gauge: In today’s era of technology hardly found anyone to works hard when technology makes it easier. There have various options before you when set ready to sharpen it. Electric chainsaw sharpeners are the excellent service provider for today and accomplish your chainsaw sharpening as your sweet will but effectively. For using moderate sharpeners just determine the exact depth or height of the teeth of your saw for using that chainsaw what goes perfectly. So first step is to ascertain the gauge of the teeth and then use a sharpener of that same size. This process brings you desired solution within few minute though you haven’t any particular control over it.

Clean the saw’s chain completely: when the barren portion of the teeth catches your eye, then it comes quickly to detect them and sharpen. But when it happens actually? Just after having, complete the chain sharpening thoroughly and see every tooth very clear.

Start from a unique link: only mean there have teeth in your chain what is not similar to other teeth in depth and frame. So start from that point or link and keep it sharpening until come to the same teeth where you began. This policy helps you never to miss any teeth to sharpen or neglect any of these teeth. You will stop only after sharpening every tooth of the chain.

File at a particular angle:  never drive your file in very depth to make a hole rather very also. In the ingredients of your chainsaw, you find the exact angle what you should abide by to complete this sharpening. Sometimes you have to keep the file flat or at a 30-45 degree angle. Do it carefully as it’s the primary and mandatory part of your sharpening process.

Apply even pressure: When you drive the file kit through your chain never forget to turn it with some pressure what needs must, otherwise your saw how it sharpen? There is No need to emphasize heavy pressure in a chain but here need to apply little bit pressure to get back it sharp.

Sharpen it regularly: you should follow a routine depending on how much you use this saw. If you use it for a long time, then sharpen it once or twice a week but if not then sharpen it once in a month. Regular sharpening always keeps it alive and sharp mean ready to use.

At this moment, you might get the method how it works and is it effective for you or not. Here I give you final summery to makes you clear about this reading.


Some people get scared to sharpening their saw chain at home, but I’m sure to end of this reading and following these steps you never stuck or afraid to sharpen a chainsaw. So it’s considerably the best solution in the result of how to sharpen a chainsaw at home. But be careful in all about your activity and safety.

Never forget to mention new methods or anything that I missed here.

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