How To Sharpen A Chainsaw Chain

A chainsaw is handy and essential in our everyday life as you work in wood. It seems very simple but provides us amazing services when we want it most. However, in the recent century, a person faces millions of difficulties in cutting their firewood to leading a happy life. Though there have thousands of chainsaw user, hardly seen a user who follow the proper guideline and so why it’s the ultimate guide about how to sharpen a chainsaw chain.

In a chainsaw, you have to consider the chain of it most, as the saw is in the chain rest part used as the assistance of the chain to go through users’ opinion. Among the whole body of a chainsaw chain is the most valued part without it none could mention it as a saw even cutter also. For such valuable reason, you should care it properly to meet the expectation of good cutting experience.

What to consider most In Your chainsaw?

While you think about the maintenance and attention of a chainsaw, the chain comes first and looks after it carefully. Here it includes every knocks and crane of the chain as its the best needy portion of your chainsaw. To ensure the same service from a chainsaw for an extended time nothing more important than sharpen it after use a week or twice a month, otherwise the blades in the chain gets dull, and the performance goes down badly.

For such reasons, I sit today to write for you as I always follow an active rule and get the excellent benefits since last five years. Just go on, and at the end, you guess how good this reading is for the sake of how to sharpen a chainsaw chain.

Why should You follow this systematic guide to Sharpening your Chainsaw?


sharpening your chainsaw chain in a proper manner takes little time to provide perfect performance

Before doing anything, we spend a certain period to have a proper mindset. Whenever able to set up the process in mind, then go for the relax. Like that before reading this, you may think is this time efficient or this reading ruin your valuable minutes.

In regarding appreciate you to reading this I write few words as shadow or summary whatever you count, for you.

Here I write straightforward manner what I have been doing since using the chainsaw regularly. I included every secret formula in this article and mostly about every pros and con of this sharpening process.End of the reading your all concern will be removed for sure and damn sure, without any help you can do that within just 15-20 minutes.

What will you need to complete Sharpening?

  • check
    A room with enough s​pace.
  • check
    Table with chainsaw stand or chainsaw bar stand( where you set the chain bar)
  • check
    Enough light to looks into the teeth or blades
  • check
    Hand gloves.
  • check
    Eye Protective glass.
  • check
    Working clothes (as your dress get dirty)
  • check
    Sharpening kit with round file
  • check
    File kit and depth gauge
  • check
    A file guide
  • check
    A color marker

Steps to Completely Sharpen a chainsaw Chain

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain

Assemble the tools: what you need to use, without those tools you stuck and never complete sharpening the chainsaw chain. So first ensure the proper assembly of instruments and needs to finish the task without any trouble.

Clean the chain: Your chainsaw chain may wear or damage, it needs proper care to ensure further use. Clean the chain with a dry fabric and wipe well until the rust removes or another scratch though sharpening makes it shiny.

Attach the chain: After complete the cleaning connects chain with the side bar or carbide where it tightened in the sharpener. Attaching the chain is important to sharpen it quickly. In setup ensure there has enough space for user and rotation.

Tighten the chain: setting up the chain in bar or carbide is the vital issue when you sharpen the chain for the first time. Most of the people make a mistake here. You have to tighten the chain for sharpening using a file guide as well. If the string loosened, then it can move anonymously and hamper you much even risky for the user. How much sturdy consider how long it takes to sharpen as sturdy one adopts a short time.

Mark the teeth where you begin to sharpen First: Most hardship is to find the tooth from where sharpening starts, and it wastes our time. To avoid such mistake and save your time use a marker to mark the tooth you begin this sharpening. Most of the user think that the shiny portion helps them, but what happens? Everyone seems same, and they missed some teeth.

Start with most damaged cutter: The tooth worn or rugged much need attention at the time of sharpening. That’s why it needs extra attraction, most experts started their sharpening with the most worn and damaged one as it needs much recovery time.

Activate the chain brake: the great benefit of a chain break without it your chain goes forward, and you can’t sharpen it anyhow. After setting up the chain, you should set the teeth also which need to sharpen and follow a sequence. Just after setting the needy teeth to activate the chain brake so that it can’t move until complete sharpening this entire tooth.

Adjust the file gauge: File gauge select how much depth or length of teeth need to accomplish your cutting. If you failed to set the file indicator at the desired destination, then your chain is sharpened, but it never cut at all. You have to set the file gauge in a target for having a great cut.

File forward with long and smooth strokes: Move forward your file in a smooth stroke with an extended hand to sharpen the teeth. How long your cases go in a single move, it grinds such a depth and makes your cutter shiny in sequence.

Count the strokes: If you don’t know how many strokes a cutter need or want to impose the same stroke in all teeth, then you should count it. This counting makes you sure how much sharpen average a tooth have. Serve the same number stroke in every teeth for having them sharpen in an average range.

Step forward more few teeth: when you are done sharpening few teeth or all have in the bar then deactivate the chain break and move forward the chain to grind other teeth as well. In few step, forwarding completes the sharpening and get all the teeth grind.

File all cutters on one side: You can’t sharpen a tooth in inner and outer part at once, you have to complete this process step by step that why you need to go in a side first and then another part of the chain and its cutters.

Turn around the chainsaw: the ending of the one hand cutters turn around the chain to sharpen the other side. When both sides of teeth are sharpened, then it’ll perform excellently on an average basis.

Set Depth gauge depends on the wood you want to cut: How depth your chain needs to cut is the main issue to sharpen it. To have your desired depth sharpen in every teeth set a depth gauge and measure it after sharpening side inner and outer edge of the teeth. Adjust the depth gauge carefully to having desired depth and stop filling after reaching the enough depth.

Measure both front and rear teeth: When teeth are ultimately sharpened both inside and outside, then you need to check how much depth it has. Does it enough to cut same deep you need? If enough that means your chain teeth sharpen accurately. Measure front and rear teeth and make a sequence of their height so that it can perform well.

Use the flat file to make equal: Usual sharpening can’t provide you desired performance because you fail to make the front and rear teeth equal height and sharpen as well. As helping tool to make the teeth equal you can use a flat file, which measures it correctly and ensure the equality. When the teeth are similar, then they work in a balance and cut accurately.

Wipe with a damp cloth: Now all the systematic method ends here. But your chain yet not prepared to works fine, so wipe the entire chain with a damp cloth to remove rinse and dusts then attach with the chainsaw to getting a perfect cut.

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 Here is our Best Chainsaw sharpener Buying Guide Sharpening a chainsaw means making it like new and getting same performance as well. However, it only happens when you follow an efficient method. Here in above, we unleash the best practical way as we ever seen. In the question of how to sharpen a chainsaw chain, it will be the best discussion as we get.

Hope it will be effective reading for you. If we miss anything in this article, then notify us in the comment so that we update it and know something more important.

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