Craving For What Did the First Chainsaw Look Like? Here’s How!

When you listen to a word like “chainsaw,” a question must arise in your mind: what did the first chainsaw look like? Right? Well, the chainsaw was not invented for cutting trees or something like the fictional Texas-Massacre. 

The main reason to invent the chainsaw was to assist the doctors for childbirth. So, the look of the first chainsaw was different if you compare it with the present commercial chainsaws.

However, we will share the origin of chainsaws and the reasons for the invention of different category’s chainsaws at different eras. In our content today, you will get a clear idea about the original use of chainsaw and why the chainsaw was used as a tool of childbirth. So, let’s begin!

When Was The 1st Chainsaw Invented?

If you want to learn about the history of the chainsaws, you’ve to go back to the 18th century.  At that time childbirth was the name of a tremendous terrible situation. It was because every birth mattered either death or severe injury to the women.  

In the 1780s, the two doctors who were Scottish, named John Aitken and James Jeffrey started inventing such a tool that could help for safe childbirth. 

 Image- the historical medical Osteotome (The First Chainsaw)

The first chainsaw looked too tiny and also looked like a modern kitchen knife. The name of the first chainsaw was “Osteotome”. The Osteotome was also used for other surgeries of the broken pelvis. 

Now, most of the medical instruments are seemingly usable for constructional purposes as well. Consequently, that chainsaw wasn’t invented to destroy or cause harm. Instead, 100 years after creating the 1780 chainsaw, people realized that they could use such a tool for wood cutting purposes. So, here’s why today’s chainsaws are around.

Why Were Chainsaws Invented For Childbirth?

If you notice in medical science, you’ll see the doctors have been using saws as medical instruments. But, as a patient, you might never notice that way like it is a saw. But, it is the truth that all the modern days’ surgeries are happening with all such instruments. 

In the early 18th century, the maternal and child mortality ratio was extremely high. So doctors felt any assistance tool that could help them to safely give birth a child and decrease the maternal and child mortality ratio. 

By considering this problem and to solve it, the chainsaws were invented for safe childbirth. 

When Was The Gas-Powered Chainsaw Invented? 

Although the design and origin of a chainsaw came with doctors for the necessity of saving lives, the invention of gas powered chainsaw didn’t come from the same hands. After using chainsaws for many years, people became familiar with a chainsaw and started using them for many purposes.

In the same way, Andreas Stihl, a German Engineer, built his manufactured company where he felt the necessity of a gas-powered chainsaw. In 1926, he patented a chainsaw that was the testing of creating a  gas-powered chainsaw.

In 1929, he invented another chainsaw, the original and first gas-powered chainsaw as the tree-felling tool. It was the first tool that the Mechanical Engineer Andreas Stihl designed for wood cutting purposes. He was the first inventor who invented the motorized chainsaw so successfully. 

In 1929, Andreas Stihl, the German mechanical engineer, invented the first gas-powered chainsaw that we have been using in this modern era with full confidence. 

The model that Andreas Stihl designed and developed was heavy and bulky. The weight of that saw was around 116 pounds.

However, chainsaws took place already in the 19th century. At that time, people in England became very fond of using chainsaws to meet their woodcutting jobs. But the first invented chainsaw was bulky and heavy. 

That’s why in the 20th century many researchers started to look for ways to make it lighter and more portable. Finally, they made different models of chainsaws using various materials like aluminum. Therefore, all the modern gas-powered chainsaws are portable and lightweight.

Evolution of Chainsaws

Once the chainsaw became familiar among the woodcutters, it was constantly modified. If you want to hear about the rapid evolution of the chainsaw, you had to go back to 1959.  The entire scenario began to change right after the chainsaw reached the European continent.

People started to be dependent on the everyday uses of chainsaws. In that regard, the Husqvarna in 1959 brought its first chainsaw Husqvarna 90. 

However, the Husqvarna 90 was a wonderfully designed tool with cutting-edge mufflers. That tool was able to decrease the 100% noise level. That evolution was not the end.

Stihl, once again, in 1964, discovered the first modern chainsaw that was an utterly anti-vibration tool. It was well capable of reducing the vibration from the engine and blade. But, that model of Andreas Stihl didn’t get that popularity.

The ultimate success came while the Husqvarna brand brought its new anti-vibration model Husqvarna 180. The Husqvarna 180 was a tremendous success for this brand. Later, it converted into massive export in the North America Continent.

Next Husqvarna focused on safety issues to help the users avoid unwanted injuries. It built its next model with the automatic chain break considering the safety issues. Here this brand also got lots of success. This success encouraged Husqvarna to develop its chainsaws in different models considering the users’ needs.

This way, in 1980, it launched the latest model, Husqvarna 40, considering the best lightweight features. Many brands started developing and converting their wood chopping instrument into modern chainsaws by following this Husqvarna brand.

Those instruments came with many valuable features focusing on the user’s demands. In addition to this present competitive market, the evolution of chainsaws has been continuing from brand to brand still today.  


You’re probably surprised right after knowing that the chainsaw came into our society in the primitive era based on medical science. However, you no longer have any quest on “what did the first chainsaw look like?” we believe.

However, using the chainsaw in the primitive time stage was like a knife. At that time, there wasn’t anything like anesthesia. It was a painful and terrible situation for the women to give birth. We are so lucky indeed to be a part of this modern age.

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