Coocheer Chainsaw Review: Best 3 Coocheer Chainsaws

Almost all of us know what a chainsaw is and what it is used for. A chainsaw is a mechanical device used to cut or slice trees or branches and even woods. Chainsaws can be of various types and models of chainsaws in the market. So choosing the right one for you can be very confusing.

Among different brands, Coocheer is one of the most famous ones for its design and performance. They are both high-powered and durable. So we picked the three best Coocheer chainsaws in our Coocheer Chainsaw Review article. We are with a full review and total guideline on these products.

Coocheer Chainsaws

Coocheer is one of the most known and dependable chainsaw brands. Their quality and brand value differ them from other chainsaw manufacturing companies. They have been in the market for many years. The best thing that separates them from other companies is that they provide value-for-money products.

If you are searching for a chainsaw, then you should definitely go for the Coocheer chainsaws. There are different models and types of Coocheer chainsaws in the market. Their chainsaws are very safe to use and efficient at the same time. So a Coocheer chainsaw should be in your garage no matter what your need is!

From cutting trees, branches to wooden items, Coocheer chainsaws are capable of serving your purpose. If you need to cut down trees or branches regularly or you are a carpenter, you should have a Coocheer Chainsaw.

Coocheer Chainsaw Review

There are hundreds of models and brands of chainsaws in the market today. And choosing the best chainsaw for you can be difficult. As we already said, you have to have a Coocheer chainsaw in your backyard. But even you can get confused from the coocheer chainsaws as well. So to help you with that, we are with Choocher Chainsaw Review. And we picked 3 best Choocheer chainsaws for you.

1. Coocheer 58CC 20 Inch Gas Chainsaws

Coocheer58 CC 20 inch Gas Chainsaw is the first product on your list.  This chainsaw comes with a 58CC engine. The two-stroke engine is very powerful enough to provide adequate power to your chainsaw. Also, it can endure much stress compared to other chainsaws in the market.

Besides, the 3.5 HP motor helps to get an 8500 RPM. The chainsaw can take a massive workload and meet the user’s demand accordingly. Another bright side of this product is it’s lightweight. Unlike other chainsaws in the market, this particular chainsaw is lightweight and weighs just 15.6 pounds. So all types of users can use this chainsaw for a decent amount of time.

Now, coming to the handling, the chainsaw grips come with soft cushioned foam. So they are comfortable and slip-resistant at the same time. Besides, the grips can absorb more vibration, and you won’t feel it in your hands!

The chainsaw has a 20-inch bar. So it minimizes the temperature and vibration, and also, you can use it in any conditions.

The most surprising thing about this chainsaw is, it comes with an in-built air filter system. You cannot expect an air filter system at this price range. The filter protects the engine from dirt and dust. Alongside, the chain is rust-free. The oiler does a good job of running the chain smoothly.

And lastly, the assembling of the chainsaw is easy and simple. For any help or guideline, you can contact their service center. They’ll be there to assist you. And you’ll get a coocheer chainsaw manual as well to properly assemble the chainsaw.

Highlighted Features

  • 3.5 HP motor generates more RPM.
  • Only 15.6lb in weight.
  • The 20-inch bar reduces the temperature.
  • Air-filter protects the engine from dust.
  • The cushioned grips give a comfortable feel.


  • Can withstand more stress.
  • In-built air filter.
  • Almost rust-free.
  • Easy installation.


  • The brake of the chain is not up to the mark.

2. Yiilove 20 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

If you are searching for an all-in-one chainsaw, then we highly recommend this chainsaw to you. The first thing that impressed us the most was the build quality. The high-quality alloy was used to make the body. And we all know that high-quality alloys are both light and long-lasting. One thing is sure that everyone will love the simple, minimalistic, and ergonomic design. So there is no question about the build quality of this chainsaw.

This chainsaw is equipped with a 58 CC engine. The 58 CC, 2 stroke engine, can perform mid-level to heavy work. And another good news is, this engine is fuel-efficient. It consumes 20% less fuel than any other engine. So it can be really helpful to save some bucks!

This Yillove chainsaw comes with a long 20-inch bar just like the previous one. With the powerful engine and a long bar, you can put more woods at a time. Meaning it will save you time. Also, the chainsaw comes with a comfortable grip. So you can hold the chainsaw comfortably while performing any task. The grip is comfortable and foam-padded. So you won’t hurt your palm while running the chainsaw.

Besides, this chainsaw also comes with an air filter. An air filter helps to keep away dirt and debris from the engine. So it increases the engine life and keeps the chainsaw running for a longer period.

So, depending on design, power, and performance, the Yillove 20 inch 58CC gas-powered chainsaw comes at the 2nd position on our best 3 Coocheer Chainsaw Reviews.

Highlighted Features

  • The Gas-powered chainsaw can take heavy loads.
  • 58CC 2 Stroke Engine can produce enough power.
  • Made of high-quality alloys.
  • Consumes 20% less fuel than most chainsaws.
  • 8500 RPM helps to cut down objects quickly.


  • Cheap compared to other ones.
  • Fuel-Efficient.
  • Inbuilt air-filter.
  • Good build quality.


  • Inappropriate power button position.

3. Coocheer 20 Inch 62CC Gas Powered Chainsaw

The 3rd and final chainsaw on our Coocheer Chainsaw Review is this powerful, heavy-duty, and long-lasting Coocheer20 inch  62CC gas-powered chainsaw.

This strong and powerful chainsaw comes with two chains, a tool kit, and a bag. The 62 CC Coocheer chainsaw is very powerful to cut down any tree and slice any piece of wood. Along with the 3.5 HP motor, the two-stroke engine can generate heavy power and withstand more stress than any other chainsaw.

The other chainsaws in the market are extremely fuel-consuming. Whereas the good news is, this Coocheer chainsaw is very fuel-efficient. It consumes 20% less fuel.

The two chains that come with this Coocheer 2 Stroke Chainsaw are of exceptional quality. They are more than five times stronger and durable compared to the available ones. And another good thing about this Coocheer Gasoline-Powered Chainsaw is, it’s only 15.4 pounds in weight. That means you can take it anywhere you want. Besides, the 20-inch guide bar is efficient to cut long objects.

Now let’s come to usability. First things first, let’s talk about the handle. The handle is anti-slip. So when you’re using it, it won’t slip out from your hand. The handles are rubber padded. So you’ll get a comfortable grip.

Let’s talk about the engine now. The engine speed is around 8500 Revolutions per minute. This superfast engine capacity is beyond the level to cut trees or wooden objects. And for your information, the fuel capacity of this chainsaw is 550 mL. So you don’t have to refuel it from time to time.

And, lastly, let’s come to the Coocheer chainsaw partsWhile purchasing this chainsaw, you’ll also get a carrying bag, toolkit, a guide bar, and a bottle for mixing the fuel.

Highlighted Features

  • Runs on Gas.
  • 62CC 2 Stroke Engine generate adequate power.
  • The 20 inch Bar helps to cut long objects.
  • 8500 RPM helps the blade to cut quickly.
  • Only 15.4 lb in weight.


  • High Powered Engine.
  • 5x stronger chains.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Good rubber-padded grip.


  • Cheap build quality.

Coocheer Chainsaws: THE BUYING GUIDE.

It doesn’t matter which type of product you buy; you should list down a few things before purchasing it. And the same goes for buying a Coocheere Chainsaw. Till now, you read the Coocheer Chainsaw Review. And in this part, we’ll be talking about some important stuff.

We don’t want you to regret buying a product. So that’s why, as we promised, we’ll try to provide a complete guideline. So in this part, we’ll be talking about some things you need to consider before buying a new Coocheere Chainsaw.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Coocheer Chainsaw

Here’s a list of the things that you need to consider before buying a Coocheer Chainsaw-


A chainsaw is mainly used to cut down trees or wooden blocks. So to penetrate the woods, it needs to be powerful enough. So you need to choose based on power type.

There are mainly three types of Coocheer chainsaws depending on power types. They are-

  • Gas Powered
  • Electric Powered
  • Battery-powered

The gasoline or gas-powered ones will be the best for heavy tasks. They have a more powerful engine and can produce more power to cut down heavy trees. We understand your necessity. So in our Coocheer Chainsaw Review, we focused on gas-powered chainsaws. The gas-powered ones can run on both oil and petrol. And there are even some chainsaws that are fuel-efficient. So for your heavy tasks, there is no alternative to gas-powered chainsaws.


The engine and the motor provide power to any chainsaw. So, it is necessary to check the engine and motor type before you buy a Coocheer Chainsaw.

For doing heavy tasks, the engine needs to produce more power. The more the power is, the more the motor will run. And as a result, the blades will rotate at more RPM. And you’ll get the solid cut.

Among the three Coocheer Chainsaws that we reviewed, the Coocheer20 inch  62CC gas-powered chainsaw is the most powerful one for its 62CC engine. Besides, it has a 3.5HP motor as well. So if you are eyeing a powerful chainsaw, you can definitely buy it.


Working with a chainsaw for a long time can be tiring. And if your chainsaw has a heavyweight, your hands will start to shake. And as a result, you cannot work properly. So that’s why you need to consider the weight factor of a chainsaw before buying it.

Working with a lightweight chainsaw is very comfortable. Not only you’ll be able to work for a long time, but also you can carry it wherever you want. 15-18 lb chainsaws are considered good enough for working.

So if you want a lightweight chainsaw, check out the Coocheer58 CC 20 inch Gas Chainsaw. It is only 15.6 lb in weight.

Fuel Intake

Gasoline chainsaws are most commonly used by people. As the gas-powered ones run on fuel or oil, you need to consider this factor before buying a chainsaw. There are many fuel-efficient chainsaws in the market. They intake 20% less fuel than an average chainsaw. So if you are really worried about fuel intake, you should definitely go for them.


For many people, the grip on a chainsaw is not an important factor. If you are also like them, we regret to let you know that you are wrong. Keep in mind that the more comfortable a tool is, the more efficiently you can work with this.

Many cheap chainsaws in the market come with a plastic handle. They have no foam pad or rubber grip on the handle. And just to save some money, people go for them. But this is not an ideal thing to do. You should spend for ergonomic and comfortable design as well. So before buying a chainsaw, make sure to check for a good grip for proper handling.


Buying a chainsaw can be expensive. So while selecting the best Coocheer chainsaw, don’t forget to buy a long-lasting and durable one.

A durable chainsaw can assist you in heavy tasks as well as give a long time service. So before you buy one, check the build quality, building materials, chain type, etc. We suggest the Yiilove 20 Inch 58CC Gas Powered Chainsaw for you if you are looking for a durable and long-lasting chainsaw. They are aluminum alloy built. So they are lightweight and compact at the same time.


No matter what we tell you in our buying guide, the budget is one of the most crucial things. Not all of us have a high budget for a chainsaw. But one thing we want to recommend is that buying a chainsaw is a long-term investment. So don’t go for cheap ones just to save some money. You should check the quality. A quality product lasts long and gives you good service.


Safety should never be compromised. But many of us don’t even consider this as important. Heavy equipment like a chainsaw can be risky sometimes and can lead to fatal injuries. There are kickbacks in a chainsaw. And every year, many people get injured due to this. So before buying any chainsaw, you should check the manual guide. If you aren’t a professional, we suggest not to go for a heavy powered chainsaw.

What Chainsaw Safety Tips Should Follow?

Operating a chainsaw is risky. You need to take precautions before using a chainsaw. There are sharp blades in a chainsaw alongside the kickback. So due to any ignorance or lack of experience, you can heavily hurt yourself. So for this reason, to be safe and keep others safe, you should follow the following safety tips-

  • While using a chainsaw, always put on your pair of gloves, goggles, and long boots. They need to be worn to save you from injuries.
  • We suggest not to use a chainsaw if you don’t have hands-on experience with it. If you want to learn it, you can buy a low-powered one.
  • While you are cutting any trees or wooden items, check the surroundings.
  • Always be careful of the kickback. If you face any difficulties while running the chainsaw, turn it off and check the chains and buttons.
  • Chainsaws can be extremely dangerous. So don’t go off-limit while using it.


  • Are Coocheer chainsaws any good?
  • Ans: Coocheer chainsaws are very famous for their build quality, performance, and costings. They are one of the best in the market. We highly recommend a Coocheer chainsaw.
  • Is it necessary to maintain a chainsaw?
  • Ans: Obviously! Your chainsaw needs to be maintained regularly to keep it functioning properly. Without proper maintenance, the chains can get damaged. The teeth can lose sharpness, and the machine can get damped. So use oils in the chain and bar, and clean the guide bar regularly.
  • What is the right way of operating a chainsaw?
  • Ans: A chainsaw can be hard to operate. And if you are a newbie, we recommend not to go for a heavy powered one. Check this link to know how to operate a chainsaw properly.
  • How long does a chainsaw last?
  • Ans: The more you maintain your chainsaw, the more it will last. On average, a chainsaw lasts more than 10 years. Still, it depends on usage and maintenance.

Final Verdict

In this Coocheer Chainsaw Review article, we tried to give a detailed idea about the products and a proper buying guide. Each of the three chainsaws has some unique qualities. While one is a heavy-duty chainsaw, another one is lightweight. While one has a solid grip and another one has a good build material. So it depends wholly on you to select the one for you. Good luck with choosing the best one. And don’t forget to let us know about the one that you bought!

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