10 Best Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener Reviews with Latest Buying Guide

Are you having dust wood while cutting with your chainsaw? The cutting is not smooth or taking time? Then, it is high time you sharped your chainsaw.

To sharpen the teeth of the chainsaw, we need the best tool that can sharp our device and won’t harm the saw teeth.

But there are many chainsaw sharpener available out in the markets. And it becomes a big dilemma to decide which one will provide better output.

So, researching all these things and all the brands, our team has come up with this article. Here, you will know about the top chainsaw teeth sharpener reviews with the expert’s buying guides. And you can choose your one among them easily.

Best Pick

reviews for chainsaw teeth sharpener

Our recommendation for the best choice is the VINCREY chainsaw teeth sharpener. It is perfect for both home and outside use. It is lightweight and affordable to all.

The lock system and compatibility to all brands make it more preferable.  It takes less time to sharpen and does not harm the teeth of the blade at all.

Budget Pick

Chainsaw Sharpener KIT

Well, for the one who does not think of the budget and want good quality then, the sharpener from Butler and Co will be the best one for them.

It is a versatile and multi-purpose product. It is safely portable on external use. Though it is not compatible with 16 inches, ECHO blades, but it provides high-quality output. The best part of it is you get some extra drill machine’s bit sharpener.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener Reviews

Well, we have brought 10 chainsaw teeth sharpener here. So, let’s know about their detailed features with benefits also.

1. SDMS Sharpener: Designable & Compatible Chainsaw Sharpener

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with two fixed pin.
  • Entirely removable rivet system.
  • Safely portable.
  • High-grade ABS plastic.
  • Can sharp any blade among 14” – 20”.

The sharpener from SDMS provides a swift method of sharpening. You can find your blunt sawteeth sharp and fast again within 3 to 5 seconds.

The tool is with plastic of a premium level of ABS. It is compatible with any chainsaw of 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches. The tool is perfect for the chainsaw having two holes because this sharpener comes with two fixed pins.

One of the two holes fixed, and the other is flexibly movable forth and back. The rivet is removable, and so if the chainsaw has only one hole, then you can easily take out the rivet and sharpen the sawteeth.

It comes with the sharpening stone that you can detach from the kit and replace it if need. The sharpener tool is lightweight, and so you can carry it with full protection.


  • Easy to install & carry.
  • Very fast sharpening.
  • Safe grindstone.
  • Comes with a mechanism looking thick plastic case.


  • Need a little balancing while sharping.
  • Not coherence with 16’’ ECHO.

Why will you like this product?

The sharpener is perfect for those having chainsaw of any sizes expect the ECHO of 16 inches. It is the best one because it can sharpen very fast and provide a safe sharpening.

2. VINCREY Chainsaw Sharpener: A Tool with Security Lock

Highlighted Features

  • Very durable tool.
  • Compatible with all 14” to 20” blade.
  • Easily carryable anywhere.
  • High level of ABS plastic.

It is a bright orange color sharpening tool with whom you will get your chainsaw sharped in 3 to 5 seconds only. The tool is safe to carry outsides. The instrument is made of premium-level ABS plastic materials.

You can sharpen any chainsaw blade from 14 to 20-inch size. The additional feature of this sharpener is it comes with two rivets. One is adjustable, and the other one is fixed.  For the blades with dual holes, it does not need any setting, but for the edges with a single hole, you need to remove the rivet with a cross headed screwdriver carefully.

Another highlighted feature of it is there is a safety lock option that you can keep locked while sharpening. The company provides an extra stone with the tool.


  • Compatible to any chainsaw blade.
  • Security lock for extra protection.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Sharp well.


  • Need crosshead screw to remove the rivet.

Why will you like this product?

It is an excellent sharpener tool because it supports all sizes of chainsaw blades. It can sharpen so fast that you can’t imagine. And thinking about carrying, it is designed safely to take anywhere you need.

3. CUTSCO Sharpener: An Advanced Level Chainsaw Sharpener

Highlighted Features

  • Made in the USA.
  • More durable & long-lasting.
  • Can sharp so fast & precise.
  • Safety lock option.
  • Sharps  edges from 14” – 20.”

This sharpener is available in three different color-red, green and yellow. It is the only sharpener made in the USA with high-level plastic materials.

The tool is more durable than others. You can sharpen your chainsaw with its two times acute whetstone in just 3 to 5 seconds.  This sharpener is compatible with the two-holes blade of any sizes from 14 to 20 inches.

The tool has a lock option for extra security while sharpening.  With this sharpening tool, you will get two extra edgestones and a pair of hand gloves that are cut-restrained and very high quality.

You just need to attach your chainsaw blade inside it, slide the lock and squeeze to let it sharp in a moment.


  • Easy & safe to carry anywhere.
  • A universal product with additional things.
  • Very fast & compact sharpening.
  • Straightforward sharpening system.


  • Not compatible with single-hole blades.

Why will you like this product?

It is a hyped sharpener that you should try.  The only sharpener from the USA and has a safety lock system also.

4. Anddicek Chainsaw Sharpener: A Sharpener with 6 Extra Edgestones

Highlighted Features

  • Fast sharpening system.
  • Comes with extra six whetstones.
  • Perfect for 14” to 20” blades.
  • Sharpens in five seconds.

Anddicek introduces a chainsaw teeth sharpener kit that provides you a simple tool but a fast sharpening method. You will find your blunt and dull blades sharp and bright again within 3 to 5 seconds only.

The kit is compatible with any blades from 14 to 20 inches size. So, you can sharpen your different sized blades with this one tool.

The sharpener kit is much lightweight and easily manageable to carry anywhere.  The material of this kit is of chromium corundum. And with this sharpening tool, you can safely sharpen your blade of the chainsaw.

The extra benefit of this product is it comes with six extra whetstones, so you don’t need to worry about buying additional stones for further replacement.


  • Fast & safe sharpening.
  • Easily portable.
  • Comes with six edgestones.


  • No safety lock option

Why will you like this Product?

This sharpener tool lets you sharpen the chainsaw so fast. The best part of it is you won’t need to buy additional edgestones for years as it adds six extra stones with it.

5. JHFY Sharpener: Durable ChainsawTeeth Sharpener

Highlighted Features

  • two holes blade compatibility.
  • lock option for safety.
  • two pins on the rivet.
  • sharps within 5 seconds.
  • suitable for 14” to 20” blades with two holes.

It is a high-quality level sharpener that is very convenient to use and sharpens the chainsaw blade. The rapid method of sharpening makes it preferable to everyone.

The blades with two holes are compatible with this kit. Any chainsaw blades of 14 to 20-inch sizes quickly fix with it. And the time of sharpening- it takes only 3 to 5 seconds making sharp enough to have fast and smooth cutting.

It comes with two pins on the rivet, and one of them is adjustable.  The sharpener has a security lock option on the outside. You can lock it and sharpen it with full security.


  • Easily installing & replacing.
  • Fast sharpening system.
  • Durable & safely portable.
  • Simple but effective


  • Compatible with only two holes blade.

Why will you like this product?

Though it is not suitable to ECHO 16 inches blade, it can sharpen so fast and highly liked by everyone. Two pins rivet make it more convenient to use.

6. LIUMY SawTeeth Sharpener: A Safe & Universal Sharpener

Highlighted Features

  • Sharpens in just 5 seconds.
  • Easily portable to outside.
  • Safe & ever-lasting tool.
  • Safety lock option on the outside.
  • Suitable to 14” to 20” blades.

It is one of the best manual chainsaw sharpeners. LIUMY brings a sharpener kit that provides a high-quality sharpening. The device is super durable and very convenient to carry outside.

The sharpener kit is compatible with 14 inches to 20 inches sizes of a blade with two holes in it. The perfect and safe distance between the edgestone and the fixed nail pin does not damage the teeth of the blade.

The kit is very easily installable and super easy to use as it takes only 3 to 5 seconds that is just a moment of a blink. And while sharpening, you can secure your safety sides by ensuring the lock.

The plastic and alloy material body makes it more long-lasting in use.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Safe & fast sharpening process.
  • Adjustable & replaceable stone.


  • Not suitable for 16’’ ECHO blades.

Why will you Like the Product?

The sharpener is choosable as it can sharpen so fast. It is very durable that you won’t think about replacing it frequently. You just change the stone and go on.

7. ADINC Sharpener: Chainsaw Sharpener of High-quality Materials

Highlighted Features

  • Sharpens the blade in 5 seconds only.
  • Coherent with all types of chainsaw among 14” - 20.”
  • Can sharp well the edges with two holes.
  • Very sturdy with high ABS plastic stuff.

The sharpening tool is very durable and made with premium level ABS plastic stuff. So, no worries about any breakable issues.

It can sharpen the blade within a maximum of 5 seconds. And you can find your sawteeth sharp and bright.

The kit is not very heavy and so easily portable for outside use. The sharpening stone is easily installable and replaceable. For the first time, it may seem loose.  No need to be worried about that you can reinstall and it will work so fast and sharpen the blade as you wanted.

This kit is suitable to sharp any chainsaw blade of 14 to 20 inches with two holes in the edge.

You will get an extra sharping stone with this kit.


  • Simple design with the fast sharpening process.
  • Lightweight &easily portable.
  • Much durable.
  • A time-saving tool.


  • Compatible to blades with two holes only.

Why will you like the Product?

This tool is highly recommended as it is made with high-level ABS plastics. It is a very long-lasting sharpener kit for every type of blade sharpening.

8. Butler and Co Sharpener: All in One Sharpener Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Auto manageable two pins in the rivet.
  • Comes with additional ten stones for drilling bits.
  • Can sharpen blades of 14” – 20.”
  • Multipurpose kit with fast sharpening formula.

Buying this chainsaw teeth sharpener will give an extra benefit, and that is, you get ten extra stone grinders with it. So it’s like killing two with one throw.  The different sizes of stones are very convenient for sharpening the bits of the electric drill machine.

The kit is very safe to carry and easily installable.  It is compatible with any sized blades of 14 to 20 inches that have two holes. And two pins are adjustable, not fixed. You don’t need any oil or grease to adjust the pins.

The sharpening process is very fast, simple. It is just inserting the blade, closing, and locking the kit. Then, just little push for a maximum of 5 seconds, and it will be super sharp.

The kit is perfect for some products like Texas, automatic tools, power tools, and many more.


  • Effortless and quick sharpening.
  • Lightweight & safely carry.
  • All sharpening tool in one kit.
  • Solid & versatile tool.


  • Not suitable to 16 inches ECHO blade.

Why will you like this product?

This product is highly recommendable as it provides ten added stones for drill bit grinding. So, who has the drill  & bits must buy this to enjoy the additional opportunities.

9. BabanSawteethSharpener: All Blade Brand Compatible Sharpener

Highlighted Features

  • Sharpens quickly any blade within 14” – 20.”
  • Compatible with all blades.
  • Two pins in rivet & one adjustable.
  • Wear-resistant edgestone.

Baban brings a chainsaw teeth sharpener that is very fast and effective indeed. The best part of this tool is it is compatible with all brand blades.

Some sharpener tool has some compatibility limitations, but this tool does not have any type of limits.so, it’s a highly recommended one. You can sharpen the blade from any size from 14 to 20 inches.

The blade sharpens in average 5 seconds.  It has two pins, and the second one of them is easily manageable according to the user.

The stone is of high wear-restraint. So, no need to replace it frequently. In this regard, it is a long-lasting product.

If you use oil on the chains, then it will make fewer frictions and result in more durability.


  • Compatible with blades from any brands.
  • Comes with an extra stone.
  • Does not need frequent replace.
  • Efficient & time saver.
  • Perfect for both single and dual holes blade.


  • Sometimes does not compatible to Husqvarna.

Why will you like this product?

The chainsaw sharpener is highly preferable as it can sharpen all types of blades. Again, the wear-free stone gives more longevity of use.

10. K KERNOWO Chainsaw Sharpener: Efficient Sharpener for Two-holed Blades

Highlighted Features

  • Quick sharpening process.
  • Safely sharpens without safety lock.
  • Comes with Extra two edgestones.
  • Easily & safely portable.
  • Sharpens any blade from 14”- 20”

It is a sharpener with fast sharpening quality. It is very light to carry and safe to take outside. You will have no issue of having injuries.

It is simple in design but very fast in sharpening.  The tool is ideal for the chainsaw blades with two holes. It is for any sizes of a chainsaw from 14’’ to 20’’.

There are two pins in the rivet, and one of them is adjustable. You will get two additional pieces of edgestones. And the edgestone is removable and so changing it is not that much hard.


  • Durable with a high level of plastic.
  • Surprisingly easy & fast sharpening.
  • Easy & safe chain removal.
  • Sharpens like new and masterpiece.


  • No security lock option.

Why will you like this product?

The sharpener is very lightweight to carry anywhere. It does not cause any issues without the lock slider. The fast and safe sharpening method makes it more preferable to all.

Buying Guidelines for a Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener


While buying a saw teeth sharpener, you must check for the compatibility with blade size. All sharpener does not provide coherence with all brands of chainsaw blades. So, it’s better to check your blade size and then decide to buy which one will be perfect.


 There are varieties of products with different pricing. To get the best within budget, look for something that will give an overall output, and also cover your budget.

You can’t find all the features according to the budget always. So, choose the one according to your desire and appropriations. You don’t need to look for the extra less important functionalities when you have a limit of budget. Many products provide better quality work at a minimal price.


When you think of buying a chainsaw sharpener, you must look for the functions of every sharpener properly. Then, you may make a comparison of listing which item has the maximum beneficial features and which one goes with your chainsaw blade.

In our article, we have made a good list of the teeth sharpeners. You can check for all the properties of each product and then choose the one appropriate to your blade.

Lock Option

As it is a sharpening tool and you will be sharpening your chain saw teeth. If you don’t take proper precautions, it may lead to severe injuries.

All the products are of good quality but people who think they may have some balancing issues while sharpening, they can look for the safety lock option in the sharpener.

It provides an extra Protective precaution for you.


As you can use the chainsaw for outdoor works, you need to carry the sharpener with you always. So, you must look for an easily portable that means a lightweight sharpener so that you can take it with you whenever needed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a chainsaw sharpener for teeth?

A chainsaw is an essential machine that works with the different sized curved shape teeth on-chain. With time and frequent use, the teeth of the chain may become blunt and dull. As e result, it cuts in a slower process. In that case, the chainsaw blade teeth need some maintenance and sharpening. As the teeth on the chain are very acute and have lots of notches, the sharpening method gets a little risky. So, a sharpener that will be fully covered and no need for using hand will meet high demands. To sharpen with this type of sharpener, you don’t need a lot of equipment or precautions. Make sure the edgestone is securely inserted and then insert the chainsaw and attach it with the rivet of the sharpener. Then close the cap of the sharpener kit and nothing else. Now start your chainsaw and give a push leaning the sharpener on any sturdy stone or substance. Hold on pushing only for 3 seconds and have your chainsaw teeth sharp and keen again.

How much does a chainsaw sharpener cost?

There are different types of chainsaw sharpener. Some are for manually using; some are electric, some are little handheld system, some need acute conscious use, etc. But all types of sharpener are not a cup of tea for all. Again, some electric sharpener may cost a little high. So, the best option for all walks of people is the handheld sharpeners that use a whetstone inside and sharpens within seconds. You can get these types of sharpening tools from 5 to 25 dollars available. This price range is the most convenient and budget-friendly for all. So, you can read our reviews for chainsaw teeth sharpener and choose your preferred one.

Does the chainsaw teeth sharpener really work?

The chainsaw teeth sharpener uses an edgestone to sharpen the teeth of the blade. And you don’t need to touch the sharp teeth or the chain. Simple, you have to insert the chainsaw inside the sharpener and set it correctly. And then a few seconds of pushing. Your teeth will be sharp and ken again to fast cutting. But most often people get some confusion if this type of sharpener works or not as it takes less time and very easy to use. Nowadays, for some betrayer companies, people are having doubts about the things that provide easy and effective services. So, to clear your doubts, we can recommend you to check this article once and know about the best sharpeners. These are so effective and work so fast. The edgestone does not seem to finish fast, and so no need for frequent replacement. The sharpener sharpens the teeth within 5 seconds only and makes it very acute and sharp.

What is the best chainsaw Teeth sharpener?

There are a lot of sharpener tools you will find, but all of them are not an effective and fast sharpener. There is some electric sharpener that is not easily portable. Some are teeth sharpening tools that need lots of concentration and consciousness. But the sharpener that sharpens using a whetstone only is lightweight and easily portable to anywhere. And it sharps the chainsaw teeth within just 5 seconds. So, they are the best chainsaw sharpener comparing to others.

What is the proper angle to sharpen a chainsaw?

While sharpening the chainsaw teeth, it is also needed to know about the aim of cutting with the chainsaw and make sharp at the correct angle. For the chainsaws for cutting hardwood like oak, you should hold the sharpener at a 30-degree angle. And for sharpening the blades of Stihl holding the edge at 90-degree angle will give an accurate sharping.

How Does a Chainsaw Sharpener Work?

How fast you can cut the branches or wood logs depends on the sharpness of the blade of your chainsaw. The sharper the module is, the faster your cutting will be. So, when you need sharpening the chainsaw teeth, you should know about the sharpener tool and its working function. The sharpener has the edgestone inside it with that the teeth get sharper within seconds. When you feel the necessity of sharpening, shut off your chainsaw and insert it inside the plastic cap of the sharpener and place it properly. You have to start your chainsaw then and give a push against a solid stone or substance. Hold for 5 seconds only, and your teeth will be sharp again. You can cut with the chainsaw fast and smoothly without any wood dust.

How Tight Should Be the Chain of Chainsaw?

Sometimes the chain of the blade gets loosened for a lot of cutting pressure. So, while sharpening makes sure the chain is not over loosened. If you find the chain loose, then you should tighten it; otherwise, it may fall from the saw panel. To tighten it, find out the screw that is for tension. You will find it on the rounded board of the chainsaw panel. You need to twist the nut of the tension in the clockwise direction. It will tighten the chain. Again if you think the chain has been too tight, then you can also twist the nut of the tension in an anti-clockwise direction. It will loosen the notched chain according to your size.

How To Use A Chainsaw Sharpener Details Step by Step Tutorial

Advantages of using a Sharpener

Using a chainsaw sharpener provides you a lot of benefits you can’t imagine ever!

  • It gives a fast sharpening process & time-saving tool
  • The tool is very convenient
  • It saves your time and money also
  • Not so expensive and sharpens enough for professional use
  • Provides the safest cutting
  • No trouble of using any oil or fuel to sharpen
  • Easily carryable to any places with the chainsaw
  • No stress for too much use of your hand

Take Precautions While Sharpening

When you need to sharpen the teeth of the chainsaw, there are some precautions that you must take. Don’t forget to have proper maintenance facts for more secured sharpening.

  • It would be best to wear gloves when sharpening the chainsaw. Though sharpening with the stone type sharpener, you don’t have to use the hand much. It will give extra protection from any injuries.
  • Push the sharpener against a solid, sturdy material. Don’t use over any soft or weak things. It may lead to accidents.
  • Make sure your chain teeth have been well sharped. So, you don’t have to sharpen frequently.
  • You can check the sharpness by using the method of felling trees or logs.
  • Make sure the blade is adequately fixed to the rivet of the sharpener.
  • Wear protective goggles if possible. It will protect your eyes from any kind of wood dust.

Final Verdict

In this article, you can find the best chainsaw teeth sharpener reviews and all the ins and outs of using a sharpener as well as maintenance of the chainsaw blade.

So, read it to know about these reviews for chainsaw teeth sharpener, and the professionals highly prefer to use most of them.

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