Chainsaw stump cutting techniques

Using chainsaw for the first time? Whether you’re just a beginner or looking for proper techniques to using a chainsaw for cutting stumps, trees, and logs, we’ve got your back.

There’s more to chainsaw cutting techniques than you think. While achieving the cutting goals, you also need to ensure your safety. You’ll find here a complete guide to using a chainsaw properly.

Proper chainsaw cutting techniques

Let’s break down the proper ways to cut with a chainsaw.

chainsaw stump cutting techniques

1. Chainsaw stump cutting technique

A stump is the residue of a trunk. Cutting stump is a very easy way of using a chainsaw. When you’re cutting a stump, your prime goal is to remove as much as possible from the ground. You need to keep the following things in mind to achieve your desired cut.

  • First, make sure that the area surrounding the stump is clear of clutter. Get rid of any debris or dirt. You would want a clear space so that the chainsaw can perform smoothly. Getting rid of the dirt ensures safety to the chain.
  • You can consider using an old chain if available. Since cutting the stump is a tough and heavy job, it takes a great toll on the chain.
  • While cutting a stump, you need to keep the tool steady and perform slowly. Slow and steady wins the race – this proverb fits this situation so well.
  • Make sure that you make a horizontal cut. Also, the cut needs to be very close to the base.
  • The chainsaw might get pinched in between the whole process. If that happens, create a division between the wood layers with a wedge to avoid it.

2. Overbucking chainsaw cutting technique

Overbucking is also known as overcutting. It is named overbucking as in this process you have to cut through a log from the top that is placed horizontally.

3. Underbucking chainsaw cutting technique

Underbucking is also known as undercutting. This process is the same as overbucking except for one thing – here you have cut through the log that is placed horizontally from the bottom side of it.

 4. Cutting logs on the ground with a chainsaw

To cut a log on the ground using a chainsaw, you can simply follow the overbucking method. Some things you need to keep in mind while doing so –

Make the cuts using small pressure from the top side of the log.

Make sure that the chain or the guide bar doesn’t come in contact with the base or any other things as this can wear the chain out or cause a rebound.

Make sure that the teeth can haul the guide bar into the log.A stuck guide bar

If the goods bar accidentally gets stuck in the wood, here’s what you can do about it –

  • Stop the whole process by turning off the chainsaw.
  • Create a wedge between the cut and the bar.
  • Pull the bar out as soon as the wood lets go of it.
  • Once the guide bar is free, you can turn on the chainsaw again and complete the task like before.

4. Cross-cutting chainsaw technique

The cross-cutting technique is applied to a log that is being supportive from both ends. Instead of using any one of the overbucking or underbucking methods, you’ll combine both methods to cut the log.

  • First, you’ll start cutting the log from the top using the overcutting method. But you’ll cut only one-third of the log.
  • Next, you’ll opt for cutting it from below using the undercutting method. As you slowly reach the point made from the first method, the log will split automatically from the weight and fall.

This is a very reliable process. But keep in mind that the log will fall on the ground automatically as it splits into two. So you need to keep your feet and belongings swat from the space to avoid getting hurt.

6. Cutting a log supported on the end with a chainsaw

Cutting a log supported on one end with a chainsaw is the same as cutting a log supported on both ends. The only difference is that you should do the undercutting method first and then the overcutting method.

You would make your way through one-third of the log starting from the bottom. And then when you start again from the top, the log will split into two automatically at one point.

Similar to the previous method, keep your feet away from the place the split logs will fall.

7. Limbing chainsaw cutting technique

Limbing is the method to get rid of the limbs of a tree. This process applies to the trees that are horizontal to the ground. Here are the steps to follow –

  • Start from the top part of the tree. Get rid of the branches or limbs that are free from weight.
  • Next, you need to get rid of the limbs surrounding the lower part of the tree that is free from weight.
  • As you’re done removing these limbs from the top and lower part of the tree, you can then check out the area to find out how the logs will initiate. Then you can start cutting the limbs or branches bracing the tree.

It is suggested that you go for the underbucking method while performing this task as it is the safest option for this job. Make sure to clear the way out as soon as the tree gets unsecured.

8. Pruning chainsaw cutting technique

Similar to limbing pruning is also a processs of removing limbs from a tree. The only difference is that this process applies to the upstanding trees. Here are the steps to follow –

  • First, determine the area where the branches will fall. Clear the area to avoid difficulties.
  • Then start with underbucking the branch from the bottom till one-third of the log.
  • Next, start overbucking from the top to make the branch loose and oscillate toward the trunk.
  • Then repeat with overbucking one last time and get rid of the branch remnant.

For pruning, you need to make sure to cut branches close to the trunk so that the bark can regrow. This way you can ensure that the tree remains fit and strong.

9. Cutting log on a hill with a chainsaw

Cutting a log on a hill with a chainsaw doesn’t require any different technique. You can use any of the log cutting methods depending on the position.

Just make sure one thing that you’re standing uphill. This will save you from unwanted incidents and injuries.

Final thoughts

Safety comes first. While it is quite easy to use a chainsaw to cut trees, stumps, or logs, a little inattentiveness can cause serious harm.

Therefore, it is essential to know the proper and safe ways to use a chainsaw. Hope the techniques mentioned above helped you complete your tasks.

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