Chainsaw Sharpening Tips

When stimulated following some rules become the curse. To avoid such mistakes need to apply some new or updated steps because the main motto is same always. In doing anything when desperately looking for some tips and tricks which accurately, accomplish our task. Almost every work we apply some rules and tips. What we get from neighbors or blogs, most of them are comes blessing and reduces our harness. If you’re going to sharpen a chainsaw chain at home according to the knowledge you have then this chainsaw sharpening tips will be the worth reading for you. Here we try to cover every simply to most useful tricks what used by the experts, and they use them yet now.

11 Chainsaw sharpening Tips to sharpen the Chain effectively

1. Clean the sharpener and saw chain: Chainsaw chain being rugged and worn actually, when it needs to sharpening means comes dull with rust. To make it sharpen the chain need to clean or wipe with fabric that remove the rust and wagging. Cleaning the chain reduces flying when it was sharpening. So clean the saw chain and the sharpener for having good experience properly

2. Add some oil: Someone may convince you to add some amount of oil and some other suggest avoiding the oiling in your chain sharpener makes you overwhelmed. However, don’t be tensioned go with your sense what it supports. When we collect tips and want to know the tactics of someone expert, they asked, “when the carbide shaft and spinning wheel run well?” Yes, ask the same question to you also. What you’ll get? Oil needed here, but the amount of applying oil brings the result. Nevertheless, you can’t go without a drop of it but using vast amount makes it loose. So use few drops or a single drop of oil in the carbide shaft helps your spinning to run fast and sharpen the chain quickly.

3. Carbide binding: Carbides made of neither tungsten nor metal, that’s why this Carbide not softer or harder. Just whatever you need to gives enough strength in time of sharpening. Be careful never force it or creating pressure by binding to spin when stuck. Wrapping it when the teeth were worn and may break down also. In below here you get more ways to prevent the teeth from stuck. Your worn teeth can cause many significant harms anytime, so go following the right tactics given here and ingredients of the product.

4. Seating the chain: Your chain is rigid or damaged that is why tough to set up correctly in the carbide/bar. This worn chain may grab or bind your carbide when sharpening; it’s the prevalent cause who grinds for the first time. To avoid such mistakes, you can loosen the side hook and hold the body then set it up. Worn teeth bind this carbide eventually, but when it happens, there have good possibility to break the carbide. However, your chain has rough edges that need your concentration.

5. Check the teeth length: In a quick overview, it’s difficult to measure the teeth length. However, you should check the duration of all teeth to know about the performance confidentiality. Useful tips to test the range is using a wrench and set it in teeth then compare it to know about all teeth at once. The difference in the length hamper in performance, so keep attention here also.

6. Follow a shape of cutters: Cutting teeth are going to have a bite in cutting the wood, and we get separation. When a tooth is longer than other or a side tooth that means they take a bit more depth than the other side or row. For having a solution of it first sharpen, the longer teeth then go for shortening that will be effective for cutting fast. When you work on the longer teeth mean, it’s come same as the short one to keep a proper balance in cutting.

7. Sharpen one side by one: For sharpening the chain teeth first start from a side and end with another side. This simple tricks also come in vain considering the bar thickness. Depending on the sidebar thickness complete sharpening one side then adjust the rear screw and go forward for another side. To fulfill this process ensure all the row teeth are same in height for a finish cutting.

8. Strokes more in weaken teeth: You always count the number of strokes applied for every single tooth. In this sequence try to use the same amount stroke for all the teeth, but don’t forget to apply some more stroke in weakening one to heal it. Even lessen the stroke number for sharpening teeth, which are stable enough with two-strokes.

9. The chain is not cutting: When the chain teeth sharpened but it never feels like cutting or even never brings any change in cutting then need to lower the depth gauge or cracker. The primary task of the gauge to has driven how deep the teeth are cutting. Just loosen the screw and lower in down to increase the depth limit of cutting edges. Too much reducing the depth gauge inspire the saw to jump so why need to keep in a balance limit.

10. Level the sharpener: Most of the people makes a great mistake here that they forget to level the sharpener on the base. Leveling is needed to confirm the perfect cutting continuously. To set up the chain properly have a look again in above tips and then adjust the side bar correctly in the base. For ensuring the balanced insert loosen the side screw and level the bar to having enough spinning thoroughly. Otherwise, the bar can’t go thoroughly and hamper in sharpening.For reducing hassle, it is important to level the sharpen and its bar.

11. Uses of the center knob: Center knob is very helpful to prevent the bar from being worn. This knob tightening helps your sharpener to go without flopping from side to side. Using this button, you can confirm if the sharpener well enough inserted or not? Thus this knob will be beneficial also.


Chainsaw sharpener experts didn’t reach here overnight they just being here for a lot of experiences. What mistakes you made for the first time never allow it for twice, that’s true.  Before going to sharpen your chain saw chain for the first time, these chainsaw sharpening tips will be hugely beneficial. End of the reading you might notify about advantages of this reading.

We also want to hear from you if we missed any important matter, just write down your suggestions in the comment.

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