Best Aftermarket Replacement Table Saw Fences Upgrade Review

Many of us use power tools like a table saw in our workplaces. Whether you are a professional or a homeworker, you may need an aftermarket table saw fence anytime. Have you ever worked with a table saw rip fence? If yes then you know how helpful they are to make safe and precise cuts. There can be various reasons behind your table saw fence upgrade, therefore, you will find many products in the market that may or may not serve your requirements. We have researched tons of best replacement table saw fences to come up with a few selected ones.

Before going through the reviews, you should know what is a table saw fence? Well, Table saw fences are also known as rip fences, they are used to make accurate straight cuts. On top of that, they protect hands from the saw blade as well. Maybe you just found out the necessity of a table saw fence and discovered that your table saw has no fence, or maybe you just wanted a table saw fence replacement. Some table saws do not come with a fence and some of them do come with a fence yet, they may break easily or may not perform up to your expectations.

If you are facing such issues than you need an aftermarket rip fence for table saw. There are variations in sizes and quality in aftermarket rip fences for table saws. We tried our best to present the most popular, reasonable and universal table saw fence system on our list. Other than the universal table saw fence, there are also others with unique features, you may go through our list and find out the best replacement table saw fence for your specific machine.

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Best Pick

best replacement table saw fences

This one gets our attention due to its stunning features at a standard price range. It is an all-in-one package, it offers several unique features, ensures clear cuts and comes with a sturdy body. In the end, you will get more than what you pay for. In this price range, nothing can beat Vega U26 table saw fence system.

Budget Pick

what is a table saw fence

Shop Fox never fails to present quality products within a reasonable price range. The W1410 comes with so many great features and it is quite easy to move due to its unique ball-bearing guides feature. Besides, it is a fence that is easy to install and adjust, therefore many users love to use it for their table saws.

1. Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for most of the table saws.
  • Offers micro-adjustment and auxiliary support.
  • It is a 36-inch fence bar with 26-inch rip capacity to the right plus 8-inch to the left.
  • Has a sturdy steel construction.
  • Provides an accurate measuring scale.

This Vega table saw fence system is quite a good one that comes under $350. You may use it for multiple saws as it fits various types of saws. This is a 36-inch table saw fence that ensures the most accurate cuts.

To the right of the blade, it cuts 26-inch and to the left 8-inch. This is the sole reason, you can pick this one if you want to rip both of the sides of a workpiece and don’t want to face the hassle of changing sides.

It is one of the lightest fence systems, that is why we recommend the Vega U26 for everyone. This fence system is easy to use and manage as you can easily move it anywhere. To ensure precise cuts, the experts use compact fence systems. Therefore, Vega U26 with its small body and less weight seems the perfect choice for professionals.


  • Helps to make precise cuts.
  • Portable.
  • Made out of steel.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Compatible with multiple saws types.


  • Do not support the extensions.

Why will you like this product?

Vega U26 fence is ensuring the most accurate cuts and comes with a compact easy-to-manage body. We will strongly recommend this fence system for all who want a piece of convenient equipment with great quality.

2. Delta 36-T30T3 Fence System Review

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with one-piece square tubular rail.
  • Compatible with all Delta table saws.
  • Offers great accuracy with three-point locking system and twin hairline pointers.
  • Ensures quick and precise ripping and square cuts.
  • The structure has scope for fence attachments.

The Delta 36-T30T3 Fence System is an ideal product for Delta table saw users. It offers many awesome features within a standard price range. The design includes a three-point locking system and twin hairline pointers. Therefore, the fence remains parallel to the blade, moreover, it ensures accuracy up to 1/64th of an inch.

You may easily get square cuts, precision ripping with this quick fence system thanks to its easy-gliding steel tube fence body. Besides, it lets you cut quickly. The Delta 36-T30T3 Fence System lets you clamp the fence to the front tube and hook it over the rea rail. Thus you can attach the fence to the table saw and secure a precise fit.

The good news is, this fence system fits all the table saws manufactured by Delta. It is compatible with all the models like The Contractor Saw, Hybrid Saw, Unisaw, etc. However, that doesn’t mean, you cannot use this for other saw types that aren’t of Delta brand. This tool shows great compatibility and fits many other saw types too. But it is best for those who are already using Delta saws.

Delta is known for its explicit build and quality. The Delta 36-T30T3 Fence System offers long-lasting structure and it can ensure years of wear and tear without reducing its efficiency. It is a powerful tool that is made by one of the most trusted and popular brand Delta. For regular use, the users will find it awesome and accurate.


  • Shows accuracy up to 1/64th of an inch.
  • Offers quick precise ripping.
  • Compatible with all the Delta saw models.
  • flexible and durable construction.


  • Do not fit most of the saw types of except Delta saws.

Why will you like this product?

This fence system of Delta comes with a lot of great features and ensures accuracy for all of the Delta saw models which is why we will recommend this tool for the Delta lover professionals.

3. Wixey WR700 Saw Fence Digital Readout Review

Highlighted Features

  • Can measure up to 60-inches of the total length.
  • Comes with simple mounting brackets.
  • Shows readings with fractions on a large display.
  • Can be mounted on both left or right side of the fence.
  • Offers magnetic attachments that improved calibration settings.

This one is an ideal choice for round rail or rectangular rail fences such as Delta, Vega, Generak, Ryobi, Powermatic, Jet, etc. Wixey WR700 Saw Fence Digital Readout kit has a very simple installation process and comes with all necessary mounting accessories. Like all other digital readout tools of Wixey, it also shows accurate reading like inches with fractions or millimeter scales. If you are looking for both features like absolute and incremental measuring modes, you should check this product out.

Moreover, even in the turned-off condition, Wixey WR700 can retain the calibrated settings. It allows you to calibrate on any one side of the blade at a time. Besides, it preserve the battery thanks to its auto shut off feature. Besides, this kit is equipped with a magnet system that lets you attach digital readout with no hassle and easily calibrate any time.

There is no doubt that Wixey WR700 provides awesome performance and reliability. When it comes to their consistency they are the winner. This kit features a quick clamp that makes sure heavy-duty performance without any error. You will also receive an installation manual and porter cable replacement part along with this kit.


  • Offers good features at a reasonable price.
  • Compatible with many saw types.
  • Offers consistency and reliability.


  • Size is large for some of the saws.

Why will you like this product?

We recommend Wixey WR700 Saw Fence Digital Readout kit for its easy to read display and calibration features. You won't have to ensure a lot of hassles while using this kit and it can become a necessary upgrade for your fence.

4. Shop Fox W1410 Fence Review

Highlighted Features

  • Both end lock system makes it secure.
  • Pre built-in product, a little effort is require for installation.
  • Attachment of fine positioning knob for both left and right hand users.
  • Compatible with a unique ball-bearing guides system.
  • The package includes an angle bracket that helps in attaching the blade guard.

Get introduced with a fascinating fence from shop Fox. The fence is very easy to adjust for most of the table saws. It has some advantageous features that have made the fence more popular among users. Moreover, the fence rolls nicely and according to many users, it protected them while cutting and trimming wood.

Another good thing is the installation system. You won't feel it as a tough task. On top of that, it will lock both ends after installation. So there is no chance of falling back. The design of the fence is fantastic and the fence can ride a rail mountain with both front and rear. But it won't get attached to a table that is larger than 28".

You can use the fence using your both of your hands. This is possible only because of the fine positioning knobs. You may be wondering whether it will fit to your table saw or not. Let me inform you that it is designed to fit almost every kind of saw with 27-inch tables.

The most exciting feature of Shop fox W1410 fence is its unique ball-bearing guides. It allows you to move the fence only using a single finger. The dimension of the product is 49.5" x 15.2" x 8.3" and It has a weight of 37.6 pounds. The final thing about this fence is that it’s made of high-quality material. So undoubtedly it will meet most of your needs.


  • Offer a good trip even you have the opportunity to use it using a single finger.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Easy-rolling system.
  • compatible with most of the common table saws.


  • Do not fits the tables over 27 inches.

Why will you like this Product?

The product has some cool features to make it the only choice. Among them, the positioning knob is the most advantageous one. It will allow you to work with both hands which will decrease the time of your work.

5. Shop Fox W2005 Classic Fence Review

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a wide right-angle design.
  • Equipped with HDPE plastic fence surface.
  • Standard rails allow you to cut a maximum of 25 inch right.
  • Offers a simple lift-off design.
  • Fits many saw types.

This is another selection from Shop Fox which is quite pricey yet, comes with loads of surprising features and ensures superior quality. This design has a simple lift-off pattern and is equipped with standard rails. Therefore, you will get a smooth operation with the Shop Fox W2005 Classic Fence. This fence system is suitable for various saw designs, it has a 42-inch fence and fits almost all the tables less than 43 inches.

Among beginners or non-professionals, the Shop Fox W2005 is a popular name as it offers ideal functions for them. This is pricey but does not lack in quality or class. If you are looking for the best replacement table saw fence that offers convenience and accuracy, you should no longer wait and grab this one. This saw fence with standard rails improves your productivity plus the performance of the table saw.

This fence system is built to last years of use. Since it has a solid steel construction it is quite durable and can perform tough jobs without breaking. On top of that, aircraft-grade aluminum is used in the fence bar that’s why it has improved cutting ability. You may use it to cut the thick woods within less time and with less effort.

The most surprising feature is its rip capacity which is 57.3 inch total, that is why you can cut more woods and timbers, increase your productivity significantly with this awesome tool. The Shop Fox W2005 comes with standard rails which have an anodized finish. Therefore, you will have less friction and will require less amount of gliding to the fence. Thus making quick adjustments will become very easy by moving the fence, you can do that easily with your fingers only.

The installation process is never difficult for the Shop Fox W2005. You will discover different mounting holes which will let you install this for various types of saws such as contractor saws, Delta Unisaws and many more. You need no drilling or face any kind of installation hassles. So, when it comes to installation, we can say the Shop Fox W2005 is best of all.


  • Ensures smooth operation.
  • Accurate cuts.
  • Easy to secure lock with a single hand.
  • Fits most table saws.
  • Offers great control on cutting.
  • Lets you do adjustments easily.


  • Expensive.

Why will you like this product?

This one is for beginners, homeworkers who are looking for a convenient way to cut timbers. It has exclusive features that makes it fast as well as accurate. Besides, you can easily adjust and install it.

6. Delta Power Equipment Corporation BC50T2 Review

Highlighted Features

  • 9 ply birch plywood sides ensure durability.
  • 14 gauge welded steel construction.
  • Extra table legs and rail added.
  • Secure lock system.
  • Pre-installed fence.

Here comes the amazing fence and rail system powered by Delta. This one is a T-square fence. It is compatible with any Delta unisaw. The fence is designed with awesome features. The overall dimension of the product is 85-inch x 5-inch x 48-inch. The great thing is, the fence has a secure lock system. Most of the fence is difficult to lock appropriately. however, you can lock this one by clamping onto the bar and the front angle. Besides, it doesn't require any rear angle iron to lock it.

Delta Brand assures you great durability of this product. As it is constructed with 14 gauge welded steel it is indeed a sturdy one. There are also laminated nine (9) ply birch plywood sides. Thus, it has made it non-marring and more durable. Not only the frame but also every part of the fence is connected strongly. So, you should not have any worries about the separation of any part.

The guide tube of the fence is rectangular and made of steel. Moreover, the tube is attached to on 1/4" selection iron rail. Another great thing about the fence is it is easy to install. You don't need any external tools to install it. Besides, the installation of this fence is not a time-consuming work. With the fence, you will also get additional table legs and rail. The weight of the combined product is 65.2 pounds.


  • Study frame and construction.
  • Appropriate design.
  • Easy to install.
  • No external tools require locking or fitting.
  • It offers a strong grip.


  • The fence won't fix some common brand table saws.

Why will you Like the Product?

Well, I have already mentioned it is constructed with 14 gauge welded high-quality steel. The construction makes it better than other fences. This is the most appreciating feature to select this product.

7. Peachtree Woodworking 43" Table SAW Fence Review

Highlighted Features

  • Made of sturdy aluminum.
  • Handy T slot for mounting.
  • The lock system is awesome.
  • Appropriate for everyone.
  • Appears with a Plastic face

Get introduced with an excellent fence from Peachtree Workingwood. The fence comes with a classy design that is fixable for the Delta Unifence Table saws. The impressive fact is this fence comes with strong construction and a durable body.

The first thing you should consider about any fence is the material. The durability of a product depends on the quality of the material. This fence is made out of heavy-duty aluminum. So no question should be raised against its durability.

This fence has a dimension of 45-inch x 6-inch x 6-inch. It is a pre-installed fence. Besides, you will find no holes to drill in the fence. As it is pre-installed you can fix it easily to any Delta unisaw table saw. The fence has also a safe and secure locking system. You can easily lock it just by making little effort. Some of the fences may require additional pressure to lock it. Therefore, the aged people may not lock such fences with ease.

However, Peachtree woodworking fence is different from others and anyone can easily lock it. Another good thing about this fence is it comes with a plastic face. You can replace it and it will help in sliding materials. I have already said that it is very easy to fix. All you have to do is just slide it off and tighten it securely.

The fence is a standard one in mounting any feather board. Mainly handy T slot and hard grips help it to mount easily. Without these the fence offers with some other features as well. As you will find the most necessary features on the fence, I think you shouldn't search for another product if it meets all your standards.


  • Strong body frame.
  • Long-lasting fence.
  • Easy to install.
  • Mounting is easy.
  • No need for any external tool.


  • Especially made only for the Delta Unifence table saw.

Why will you like the Product?

Well, the most advantageous thing about the product is its installation system. The manufacturer made it pre-installed. When you need to fix it to any table saw, just slide the fence off and tighten it.

8. Vega U50 Table Saw Fence System Review

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with loads of saw types.
  • offers micro-adjustments and auxiliary table support.
  • Lets you cut both sides of the blade.
  • Has a sturdy steel construction.
  • Fence bar is 36 inches.

This is another product from Vega on our best picks. Like the other products of Vega, the Vega U50 table saw fence system do not disappoint us. If you want accurate rip cuts with great consistency, this tool will fulfill all your requirements. Besides, you don’t have to take on a lot of hassle while this fence system offers a fast and simple installation process.

Moreover, it has a fence that properly aligns parallel to the saw blade and ensures precise and clean cuts. It offers micro-adjustments both horizontally and vertically, plus you will get auxiliary table support thanks to its slotted front brackets and superior design.

The steel material is used to compose this amazing product. The most promising thing is that the manufacturer has used aircraft quality aluminum in its construction. Therefore it is lightweight yet it is quite durable for heavy-duty works. It also offers less friction due to its black anodized finish.

You will get a convenient rip capacity from this well-efficient fence system, it offers 50 inch rip to the right and 8 inches rip to the left of the blade. However, this model comes with a pricey tag and the user manual is quite hard to understand. The good news is you will find many online video guidelines on their installation process. If you are a professional and looking for accurate cuts, this product will do the job with its multiple promising features and unbeatable quality.


  • Easy to install.
  • Made to fit almost all types of saws.
  • Offers fence glide features.
  • Has micro-adjustment & auxiliary support functions.


  • A bit pricey.
  • User-manual has poor instructions.

Why will you like this product?

This model will let you work with comfort and make precise clear cuts, it also fits various types of saw models which makes it a great selection even at a higher price. We recommend Vega U50 Table Saw Fence System for all of the serious workers out there.

9. Dewalt DW745 Table Saw Fence Assembly Review

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with 10-inch table saws.
  • Fits DW745 Type 1, DW745 Type 2, and DW745 Type 3.
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Offers reasonable price.

It is essential to get a replacement table saw when the previous one gets broke, otherwise, getting clean and straight cuts will become impossible. When you are looking for something at a reasonable price for your 10-inch table saws, we can suggest Dewalt DW745 Table Saw Replacement Fence Assembly. You can use this to align the wood so that it can stay in a parallel position to the blade. Therefore, you may make precise cuts every time you use this awesome replacement fence assembly.

There are many products with different sizes, but you need an ideal size so that it can fit your desired table saw properly. The Dewalt DW745 Table Saw Replacement Fence Assembly is specially made for the DW745 Type 1, DW745 Type 2, and DW745 Type 3 products. If you are using those and looking for replacements fences for them, you should take a look at this one.

Since it is composed of Aluminum which can ensure years of wear and tear, this table saw replacement fence assembly is ideal for heavy-duty operations and long-lasting usage. However, you have to take special care of the clamp ends as they seem a bit prone to breakage.


  • Easy assemble process.
  • Comes with all required items.
  • Lightweight design.
  • A great replacement for the specific products.


  • Fits a few selected models.

Why will you like this product?

There is no better alternative than Dewalt DW745 Table Saw Replacement Fence Assembly for the DW745 models. You will love its fit, they are easy to assemble and work just as fine as the original ones. 

Buying Guide

Wondering how to choose the best replacement table saw fence? After reading our reviews of the best table saw fences, you might be thinking about the features and quality. Do you know what should you prefer? While not all fences are meant to give you the right service, not all of them are evenly constructed. You should consider the fence size, installation, and more factors before purchasing any table saw fence. After buying a fence if that does not fit your setup then that will be a trouble. No worries, we have come up with a guide so that you can get the clear idea about table saw fences before making your purchase.

Measure The Size of the Table Saw

There are different sizes of fences available for different table saws. Some fence system is planned to be more common and fit almost all sizes of saws. But some are limited by the length of the fence. Which is why, we strongly suggest to double-check the shape and size of your fence. Some may only work on 27-inch tables, while some may have up to a 2-inch front fence. So the size actually depends on the table saw that you are currently using or planning to purchase with your fence.

Verify The Size of the Rip

Rip size depends on the desired width of cuts. It's going to be different for everyone. If you need extra large size cuts, make sure to look for one that comes with an extended rail system. Other systems may cut the size to 25 inches or more, which would still tear a 4 'by 8' sheet in half. Decide what your main purposes are before buying. This is the only way you can confirm which rip fence you should buy.

Installation Process Also Matters

All of these table saw fence systems are designed to fit different types of table saw settings. Almost all of them will require new hole drilling. Though there are many different models available in the market and some of them have less complicated installation process. Also, some saws tend to line up well out of the box while others need more adjustments. If you are a professional, this is probably not an issue, but it is something to be aware of for the homeworkers.


How do I raise the fence on my table saw?

Table saws are very important tools to cut woods and you need a fence to get straight nice cuts. To raise the fence, you will need the following things:

  • ½ inch plywood for composing hardware portions
  • It will take around two days to finish the project
  • It may take more time for drying the glue
  • You can also use a drill press, driver, brad gun, and clamps for making it more manageable

Hope that helps!

Which table saw has the best fence?

Let me introduce you the best table saws that has the best fence:

  • Vega U26 Table Saw Fence- Great overall
  • Shop Fox W1410 Fence- Authentic Value
  • Delta BC50T2 Fence- Premium Choice
  • Delta 847962005250 Fence- Best
  • Shop Fox W2005 Table Saw Fence

If you decide to buy a table saw that doesn’t come with a fence, you can just pick any one from our list of Best Replacement Table Saw Fences.

How do I update my table saw?

If your table saw does not have any fence or it is equipped with a fence that do not works well then you should purchase a new replacement table saw fence. There are also fence extensions that you may buy to update your table saw.

What is the best table saw for the money?

You will find SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch table saw within a reasonable price.

Why are table saws so dangerous?

Since table saws come with powerful blades and you need to put pressure against the wood on the table, it may create a dangerous situation. You may damage timbers, the table or for the worst case hurt yourself with the blade.

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Final Verdict 

There are a lot of good options available for the table saw rip fence upgrade. We have listed the best replacement table saws with great caution. We recommend using the products of popular brands that have a good customer reputation. Also, the products should be made out of durable materials like steel. Before purchasing any of them make sure that it fits your existing table saw setup. For the power tools upgrade, you should not look for the cheap ones, in most cases, they are made of cheap materials and easily flex while using. That means they cannot offer good cuts and not even safe to use.

To ensure safe and accurate cuts, you should pick the best replacement table saw fence that fulfills all your needs. Even if you want to purchase the cheap ones, be sure that it doesn’t compromise the safety features and compatible with your table saw settings. Otherwise, all the money will go in vain.

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