Best Chainsaw Chain List- Top Picks From Our Experts

Are you thinking to change your chainsaw chain? Most of us would like to buy a new chainsaw chain when the chain of the chainsaw becomes dull or old. Buying a chainsaw chain takes you to learn all the deeper knowledge and facts about the chain. Your cutting experience depends on the durability and flexibility of the chain of the chainsaw. Today, we will highlight the best chainsaw chain list reviewed by our professional experts.  Do you want the latest and cheaper chainsaw list?  This article will definitely help you to clear all the myths and facts about it.

What Is a Best Chainsaw Chain?

A saw chain is the vital component of the chainsaw. It does the cutting job through its consists of steel link bounded together with rivets. The saw chain typically looks like the roller chain of bicycle style. But, its design is similar to a leaf chain for its key differences. Its cutting teeth have sharp resided on the outside of the chain loop. Best Chainsaw chain has been gone through the development since it was invented. From hand-held chainsaws to mechanical timber harvesters or chainsaw mortisers, people have experienced all the progress in chainsaw’s chain.

Top 7 Chainsaw Chains Reviewed By Our Experts:

Are you confused to buy a new chainsaw chain for yourself? You will get many options over the internet but you hardly know which one is the really appropriate one for you.

Let's not wasting more time, move on to the top list of Best Chainsaw chain reviewed by our experts. Our experts have spent more than 4 weeks for examining the features, pros, and cons of more than 15 chainsaw chains. And we are bringing only the top 7 which has more durability, flexibility, and user-friendly component comparing to rest which stayed behind in the race.

1. Oregon S56 Advance Cut 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain Fits Craftsman

Highlighted Features

  • It fits Remington, Echo, Poulan, Homelite, and Remington Craftsman.
  • The chain is the precision cutting chain.
  • It is a heat treating chain.
  • Ensures the safety, quality, and performance.
  • This chain is always special for reducing maximum kickbacks.

The Oregon S56 is popular for its bumper driving link. It has a semi chisel chainsaw chain with the integrated chamfer chisel blades. Most of the professional woodcutters are in love with this for its special feature that reduces the kickbacks when they saw.

 This has the most unique in design compared to other saw's chain. It can fit with most of the chainsaw like Craftsman, Home lite, Echo, Remington, and Poulan. Unluckily, it doesn't suit WORX chainsaw.

You can easily cut the wood into stable and perfect sizes with the highest accuracy. This chain makes your chainsaw work faster. Sometimes, while using other brands' chain, you have to use different chain for cutting firewood. But, using this chain won't make any suffering of changing chain as it is a versatile chain with the ability to do multiple tasks.


  • Fits into saw sizes up to 42 cc.
  • The design is unique.
  • Cuts smoothly.
  • Faster performance.
  • Ensures safety.
  • Heat-treated.
  • Minimum kickback experience.


  • The chain’s size is shorter.
  • Doesn't fit WORX chainsaw.

2. Oregon S62 Advance Cut 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain Fits Craftsman

Highlighted Features

  • The chain cut precisely.
  • Hard-chromed cutter chain cuts smoothly.
  • Ensures safety to the users.
  • Tough works are done seamlessly for the advanced technology.
  • The quality is fine-graded.

The best fastest cutting bulk chainsaw chain is the Oregon S62 to many users. Do you want a high-precision cutting chain? This is the ideal 18-inch chainsaw chain for cutting smoothly without any kickback experience. The unique design won’t make you disappoint and will meet up to your expectation.

Oregon S62 is specially designed for high cutting speed with the 18-inch drive links. It fits a couple of brands such as Poulan, Homelite, Poulan Pro, and Craftsman. One of the most unique characteristics of it is the reducing kickbacks up to 25% for the Vibe-ban chassis design.


  • Semi-chisel chain.
  • Faster performance in the cutting job.
  • Easily cut the toughest stuff.
  • Kickbacks are not bothering way.
  • The cutters are sharp enough.
  • It can endure treat.


  • It doesn’t fit all the saws brands it demands on the packaging.
  • Sharpness doesn't last long.

3.  Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch H30-72 (95VP)

Highlighted Features

  • The pitch is .325 inch.
  • Its gauge is .050 inch.
  • It is ideal for professional use.
  • The performance is higher in any circumstances.
  • The chain doesn't vibrate in a manner less way.

This Husqvarna is listed in our third position but it is one of the best chains in its class. Husqvarna is familiar for their special features and powerful performance. It has achieved the high customer satisfaction if you go through reviews over the internet it has got till now. Husqvarna doesn't only play role in Best Chainsaw chain ; they have other accessories for lawn and garden.

The chain is designed with .325” pitch and 0.050” gauge which is perfect for cutting. It doesn’t create any uneasiness to cut woods. The chains stay sharp even after hours of cutting heavy woods. There is hardly any stretch incident you will experience with this chain. It ensures the minimum kickback in the operation of the saw chain using.


  • The performance is impressive on softwood.
  • Its durability is reliable.
  • Cuts smoothly.
  • No vibration or kickback.
  • The engine runs proficiently.


  • The chain only fits into the Husqvarna 445 model.
  • The price is not reasonable.

4. Husqvarna 531300441 20-Inch H80-72 (72V) Saw Chain, 3/8-Inch by .050-Inch

Highlighted Features

  • Has high-end performance quality for professional use.
  • No kickback while cutting.
  • Creates less vibration.
  • Ideal for lawn and garden work.
  • Can cut larger trees smoothly.

It is obvious that you always want a saw chain with minimum sound and kickback. Any professional will love a saw chain with the maximum features with anti-kickback and sound option. Keeping the professional in mind, the Husqvarna 531300441 chain has been made. It is most popular among professional for its powerful performance.

This is compatible with some Husqvarna model but not with the other one. So, you can run it with variety of Husqvarna 20 inch chainsaw model. Cutting large woods without any hassle is always possible for higher end performance of this model of the chain. It always ensures the highest level of cutting work.


  • Large diameter woods are easily cut.
  • Minimal kickback and vibration experience.
  • You can easily share it.
  • It can work in any demanding situation.
  • Cuts evenly hardwood trees.


  • It tends to be slower in terms of ensuring safety.
  • It may stretch sometimes.

5. STIHL 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain 20" Bar .325 pitch .063 gauge

Highlighted Features

  • Only fits the STIHL model chainsaw.
  • For professional use.
  • Its RS chain can cut faster than other brands.
  • Ideal for the high powered chainsaw.
  • Cuts thoroughly larger and thick wood.

We are listing STIHL 26RS in our 5th position as the best chainsaw chain for Stihl. It easily fits 20" chainsaw and offers all the high demanding works. If you have a garden or a lawn and you have to work regularly with the chainsaw then this chain is the ideal one for you.

It is not difficult to use and set into the chainsaw. You can easily use it without any expertise experience. This chain gives the best clean cutting and makes sure you are okay with it because you won’t have to clean all those debris.


  • Low kickback with green-labeled chain.
  • It can cut frozen and hardwood efficiently.
  • Offers fast wood chopping experience.
  • Ideal for not causing any vibration.
  • The teeth are durable.


  • N/A

6. BLACK+DECKER RC800 8-Inch Saw Chain for CCS818 and NPP2018

Highlighted Features

  • It is compatible with Black Decker cordless chainsaw.
  • The perfect alternative to dull chains.
  • Helps in all the yard projects.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Weight is very light and storage is trouble-free.

Professionals are always in love with it in the first use for its size and weight. It is very light in weight (3 pounds) and the size is only 8 inches. This chain is only compatible with two chainsaw models NPP2018 and CS818. Users find it easy to use for its compact trait and get highest comfortable level.

It can handle most of the yard works like cutting, pruning, and chopping finely. Do you want a cleaning yard at a very lowest work? The Black Decker offers you the minimum work to make your work done. It doesn’t compromise with the safety while giving the best performance. This can be your Best Chainsaw Chain replacement for getting the smoother finishing cut very easily.


  • Does everything from cutting to pruning.
  • You can carry anywhere.
  • Flexible performance.
  • Compact design.


  • The battery lifespan is really short.
  • Can’t perform heavy work.

7. Poulan 581562301 18-Inch 3/8-Inch Pitch Chain Saw Chain

Highlighted Features

  • The chain is compatible with an 18-inch saw.
  • Pitch chain allows superior performance.
  • Rough bumper drive link.
  • The cutters are Chamfer Chisel.
  • Cutters chain has twin corners.

​This Poulan model is the best 18-inch fastest cutting chainsaw chain. Do you prefer safety with the working tools? Well, it's a right decision. People who are badly concerned about their safety precaution about the tools that they are going to buy can buy this chain. It is the best chainsaw chain replacement for them.

The chain is 18 inch and performs all the works in smooth action. Customers of it are happy with its performance level and tend to buy it again and again. Its pitch chain is 3/8 inch and creates the superior performance with the two corners of the cutter chains. This has the Chamfer chisel cutters with the bumper drive link for low kickback performance.


  • It fits into several chainsaw models.
  • Doesn’t create any kickback.
  • Weight is lighter.
  • Easy to sharpen.
  • Blades are enough sharp.


  • Need to sharp often every time you use it.
  • Price isn’t reasonable comparing to other brands.

How A Chainsaw Chain Works?

​You can operate chainsaw pushing around a guide bar and removing the material from the kerfs. The depth you want to cut should be limited to avoid it binding in the wood. The teeth of the saw’s chain use multiple of teeth to prevent extra force on any particular teeth to endure excess force.  Every chainsaw doesn’t cut in the same way. They cut differently in the terms of shapes, sizes, and durability.

Why Would You Buy A New ChainSaw Chain?

​You can’t run your chainsaw forever, right? It may become dull or may break somehow. Whatever, you always need a sharpen chain for the assuring the safety and comfort level. We all know a sharp chain has no alternatives. You can experience a dull chain in any circumstances like even you leave your chain unused or you use it anyway.

You own a chainsaw already and you aren’t sure whether to buy a new chainsaw chain or not. However, you can decide following the facts if you need to buy a new one or not.

Breakage In Chains:

​Chains in saw are designed evenly to cut in the smoother way. Does your saw has breakage in chains? Well, if the answer is “Yes” then you must have to look for the replacement of your chainsaw. If there is any skip of chain bar or any breakage you may need to prefer for chainsaw chain replacement.

Dull Chain:

Though you didn't use your chainsaw for last 6 months, it can become dull while cutting. Make sure the chain is cutting evenly and isn't making you feel any obstacle while you're cutting at work or home. A dull chain can make you face accidents as it tends to need extra force. Sometimes dull chain gets slipped to make you wounded brutally.

Comfort Level:

You have to review your saw carefully for the capacity of working. Studying the bar which is existed in the bar isn't a bad move at all. You can make sure if the bar is fully compatible or not. Just to be noted, if your saw's bar is worn over time that can lead you to frustration while doing work.

How to Select The Best Chainsaw Chains?

​Are you searching for the best saw chains? It's not an easy task to determine the perfect chainsaw for you. Every chainsaw is designed with the different purpose in mind. While the saw chain can cut the softwood but may fail to cut the thicker hardwood. It’s not a surprising fact actually. You have to make sure some facts while you are going to buy the chainsaw chain.

  1. Examine the size of the chain as every particular cut needs a different bar length. Depending on your task go for the sizes ranging from 10 inches to 24 inches.
  2. No one wants a time-consuming cutter for the woods. It's not that old day when our grandfather used to spend 2/3 days cutting a wood to make a new cabinet for the kitchen. It takes only 20 minutes to cut wood logs while you have the fastest performing saw chain.
  3. Is the saw chain you are going to buy is heat treated? If the answer is “No” then make sure it is heat treated. A non-heat treated chain becomes dull faster comparing to a heat treated saw chain. Why would you spend those extra bucks repeatedly for buying new saw chain? So, it is a wise move to buy the heat treated chainsaw chain which will run for years and give you some relief for not wasting money.
  4. Preferring the minimum vibration and kickback is always at the first choice of the profession woodcutter. Less vibration gives the cutting performance a smooth experience. Most of the professional woodcutter would like to choose the chainsaw chain which occurs the lowest vibration while doing the cutting job. 
  5. Kickback in the chainsaw chain operating tends to emerge accident. It is not welcome by professional cutters. Even you are occasional woodcutters try to avoid the kickback in the chainsaw chain. You never want to risk your safety, right? To avoid inconvenience in work, you can go for the vibration-less and kickback free chainsaw chain.

Chainsaw Chain Types:

​Being a woodcutter, you know all the important of a chainsaw chain. Chainsaw chain has its own peaks and perks for the woodcutters. This tool is useful for cutting and harvesting an all the way. Having several elements to different mechanisms seek for the particular methods of using.

There are multiple types of chainsaw available in the market. You have to choose the ideal one according to your job type. Let’s talk about them.

Round Shape:

The most common and familiar chainsaw tooth is round shape. It is easily available in the market also. There is no need for an expert hand to use this as it is easy to use. But, its tooth doesn't need to be sharpened often to cut the wood efficiently.

Square Shape:

While round shape tooth offers the cleanest and smooth cut but the square shape tends to perform faster. Most of the professional woodcutters love it for not wasting too much wood during the cut. You have to be an expert to use this. It runs at a higher speed so often user faces troubles to handle it if he has no experience. So, without being an expert you have risks to operate it. You have to sharpen it frequently because it touches the soil or sand. The edges lost its sharpness in those circumstances.

Standard Chain:

You can also call it only “Chain” for its having the teeth of chains. The teeth are arranged in a tooth left, right tooth, drive link-pattern for producing the very lightweight sawdust. The sawdust produced by it is so liter that they get propelled by air. Its cutting lumbers are also very smooth. Professional is recommended to use a standard chain and if they have powerful engines and large chainsaws.

Chain Full Skip:

The teeth pattern arrangement of the chain full skip is tooth left drive link drive link, right tooth, and drive link. The teeth are removable individually. Its string is employed in small saws. The saw which is extended in the full-size bard offers to cut large pieces of wood. Do you want to cut beams, poles, wooden planks, and other heavy wood easily? This is the ideal chain for you then. The full skip has the ability of not getting bowed down easily. You can easily cut larger logs and experience less drag with running the engine at higher RPM. The full-skip chain offers the faster cutting with the less inconvenience.

Semi Chisel Chain:

Do you need a chain for dirty and dusty jobs? Though semi chisel chain doesn't work faster like string chisel it has the ability to handle all the dirty and sandy works much better. This is the ideal chain for cutting the softwood and hardwood evenly. Its teeth are sharper and can board easily without causing any bump.

Semi Skip Chain:

The semi-skip chain is in the middle of the standard and full skip chain. It has lesser teeth than the standard chain but consists more teeth than the full-skip chain. The semi-skip chain offers faster and stronger performance than the standard chain but doesn't work roughly like full skip chain.

Chisel Chain:

Chisel chain is the strongest cutter and offers the best smooth cut. Are you a professional cutter? -You can use this saw undoubtedly. The saw clear the chips quickly during the cutting work. This saw chain also decreases the recoil while cutting depth of the ramp.

Kickback Chain:

The kickback chain or the safety chain requires smaller engines smaller than the 3.8-inch cubic engines. Large mountains users can also buy them. Sometimes a wood bumps the saw during cutting job the guide bar reverts instantly to the user and may cause serious damage. Safety chains minimize the chances of causing injury. It is necessary to use the safety chain while you are doing your cutting job.

Solid Benefits Of Buying A Chainsaw Chain:

It's not obvious that you have to frequently change your chainsaw chain because it is old. Actually, you have to change it when you don't get done your required work. There are some solids for what people are buying a chainsaw chain. Let's know about them.

  1. There was a time when people used to use an ax for doing woodworks. Let's forget that as we are at different era now. Cutting wood with ax needs body strength which is not preferable. Applying a lot of body force for longer times to cut a wood log often tend to cause an accident. It is better if you have weapon alias saw to cut the woods.
  2. A saw makes you do the work in a just couple of minutes. It's not time-consuming and you can happily use it while the headset is turned on with some "Jason Derulo" song.
  3. Operating a chainsaw is an easy task. Using this tool can make you relax from using all other analog stuff like an ax and other things.
  4. If you are going to buy an electric chainsaw, then you are free from the hassle of buying fuels. It will save you some money. Well, a little savings means a lot after a period.
  5. A saw machine produces windy area and cleans away all the debris itself. You don’t have to clean that debris manually.
  6. Gardeners can enjoy using the saw for their gardening. They can use it for cutting different sizes of trees and branches. Trimming and pruning bushes are also easier with the saw.

Safety Precautions You Must Take:

Sawing is not as pleasant as it seems. It is definitely dangerous work. Most of the users have faced injuries in their chest, hand, legs, and heads when the saw's chain hitches and kicks back to the operator.

Nowadays, manufacturers are making safeguards, including an automatic chain brake for reducing the risks of kickbacks accidents of saws. You can follow some precautions if you don't have any that kind of saw machine.

Choose Outfit Wisely:

Wearing a smart outfit is so necessary before you operate the saw machine. Your clothes should be snug-fitting and must wear sturdy boots. If you try to shield your legs with cut resistant chaps with steel-toed boots then your legs are going to be all safe from any hazard.

Hands are always in touch with the saw. So, never make any compromise wearing gloves. You have to wear gloves to protect your fingers or hands getting cut or injured anyway.

Using an eyes protective glass with headphones covering ears is a good choice. But, experts suggest wearing helmets to cover the whole face protecting eyes, ears, and head also.

Use Grip Powder:

Grip gas powder secures the saw evenly when you pull starting and keep the saw on the ground. Most of the saw has a spot for maintaining the safety for controlling the saw with one foot during the starting cord pulling.

Never Do:

If the object is on the ladder or above the shoulder height then you must not saw. Also, make sure you are not sawing along with using the tip of the chain and bar. In that time, there is the high chance of occurring kickback.

Caring Is The Key:

Regularly using the saw with the higher maintenance is an important fact in chain-saw safety. You have to sharpen the chain regularly to get faster performance. Oiling to saw reduces the risks of kickbacks. Make sure the chain does not loosen up as it can slip off the bar and can go toward the user when it spins. When you will use the saw with the care, it will give you the output very sensitively.

Electronic V/S Gas Chainsaw Chain- Which One Is Better?

In terms of working and operating there is some difference between the electric and gas chainsaw chain. They are certain and we can discuss then obviously.


We understand if you prefer something that looks dashing and attracting. Professionals' woodcutters are not also different from others. We can relate if they want their chainsaw to look cool. Most of the electric engine chainsaws look more attractive than the gas powered one.


Cutting power is the crucial component of a saw. Every chainsaw is not the same one for the conditions of cutting speed. Cutting power in the electric saw is faster than the gas-fueled saw.

Battery Life:

Electric saw’s battery life is lesser than the gas one but it doesn’t require any fueling of gas and oil. Gas runs longer period for running the saw.


Electric saw chain cut the edges of the tree without creating much noise. Louder sounds often created by gas-powered engines.

Chain Saw Chain Maintenance:

Electric chainsaw chain is easy to carry for its lightweight. You can easily carry them anywhere. It doesn’t create any smell of gas.

Gas powered chainsaws are heavy and carrying them is not pleasant. They create the gas smell and make the louder sound.


Now that you have the best chainsaw chain list in your hand and you know every detail about them, you can easily the best one for you. Still, are you confused? Go for the one which one meets with your every recommendation and meets with your requirements.

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