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You’ll find many other tools to cut materials available but when it is a matter of cutting curves, nothing can beat the band saw. Undoubtedly, buying a bandsaw is not easy, as there are also many unqualified band saws available in the market. Moreover, we all know that the seller always tells the upside and leave the downside when it comes to selling. This is the reason today I have made these reviews with only the best band saw that will surely satisfy you. Each of them is great at their working project. All of them are also loaded with features yet budget-friendly. Just choose the one that suits your needs and buy them without further confusion. 

Why Should You Consider a Band Saw?

Making freehand cuts is not so easy and also time-consuming. Besides, most of the time, it does not give detailed and delivers rough finishing. Whereas, a bandsaw will provide you an effective, quicker and smooth cutting. This versatile tool even offers to cut wood in different shapes, either it is circular or straight to make legs or arms of a table. The most notable thing is, it is not only ideal for cutting wood but also cutting metal, glass, brass and other materials that are easy to cut with a bandsaw. 

There are many good reasons to consider adding one bandsaw to your tools. In some situations, band saws have tremendous advantages. But all these things are only possible when you will buy the best and the right one for you. So, without further ado, let’s read out the list I have made for you. 

1. WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight, 10″

If you want to upgrade your tools for your woodworking, there is nothing better than the WEN 3962. It comes with two-speed settings that are versatile, easy-to-use, and reasonably priced. This impressive tool arranges two speeds to run the machine: 1,520 or 2,620 rotations per minute. So, you will get great control over each cut.  Any 72-inch blade between 1/8- and ½-inch width can match the tool for a variety of both detailed and powerful cuts. An attached 3-in-1 exhaust port is also delivered to fix in your tool, whatever size hose you have. 

The WEN 3962 saw receives power from a 3.5-amp motor. This tool not only makes great cuts, but it can also tilt up to 45 degrees, making it highly adjustable. A bright LED also provided with the tool to illuminate the workplace. Cutting 6inches thick wood in a single pass means great support in a craft project. The throat capacity this WEN tool has come in 9-3/4 inches, but the cutting height is adjustable up to 6 inches which are quite decent for a 10-inch band saw. It also a 25-inch tall table for convenience control over workpieces.

Moreover, you will find an adjustable tall fence for creating a straight cut and a miter gauge for angled cut with a measuring guide. A beveling table and a stand are also included in this benchtop table saw. So, you don’t have to buy them additionally. 

Initial setup may take some time if you’re a beginner but once it is set up correctly, you’ll find it as one of the straightest-cutting band saws. 


  • A work light is attached for better visibility.
  • Two-speed settings of 1520 or 2620 FPM.
  • t has 72-inch blades that you can fit anywhere from 1/8 to 1/2 inches.
  • This tool comes with a 3-in-1 dust funnel to match a variety of dust extractor hoses.
  • A 3.5-amp motor delivers high power to the device. 


  • To change speeds, you have to readjust the belt as the speed does not control by the motor.
  • Setting it up for the first time is difficult.

Why will you like this product?

WEN 3962 is simply the best band saw under 500, so people call it high performing yet best budget-friendly saw. Whether you are working on a DIY project or any pro-level woodworking assignment, it is able to cut through about anything you would need.

2. Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch

What stands out about The RIKON 10-305 saw is how well it performs for its price. You will receive great outcomes for this fraction of the cost from this saw.  The body of this tool is constructed with solid steel and the table is crafted from a cast iron. To make it more durable, the wheels are made with cast-aluminum. So, with this tool that has few plastics made parts only, arrange a high-quality structure.  The motor of this tool is 1/3HP that provides ample power for cutting wood decently. Though it has the possibility to be stuck between the thicker bunch of wood for most wood, it will be more than enough power to cut through. This motor is capable to move the blade at a respectable 2780 feet-per-minute (FPM). 

This outstanding tool has a throat capacity of 9-5/8 inches and a cutting height of 4-5/8 inches. It uses a 70-1/2-inch blade with widths ranging from ⅛ -inch to ½- inch to cut wood in different shapes.  The micro-adjustable guidepost of this device put up and lower the guide post height with the shift of a handle. The table of this saw won’t bevel to the left but will bevel to the right up to 45°. The safety paddle on/off switch will keep your working process safe and secured. 

This Rikon tool is also easy to move and fit anywhere either in your home or workshop. It comes with a compact size of 70.5″ x .1875″ 025 10TPI. So, it is also excellent for carrying, or storing when not in use. It includes a 2-inch tall aluminum rip fence, large blade tension knob, dust port for shop vacuum hookup. A steel stand and a miter gauge are also available separately.

No more difficult setting up with extra stress if you buy this Rikon tool for your wood project as this band saw are pretty easy to set and adjust. So, it is also the best table saw for a beginner.


  • This tool includes a tilting ability of 0° to the left and 45° to the right table.
  • Collects power from a powerful 1/3 HP, 3.5-amp induction motor.
  • It comes with cutting capacities of 4-5/8” height and 9-5/8” width. 
  • Constructed with solid steel frame and aluminum cast wheels.
  • This band saw is compact in size and highly portable. 


  • Cutting hardwood is slightly difficult. 
  • No speed options.
  • The dust port is not so big.

Why will you like this product?

If you want a bandsaw to take your woodworking to the next level with high performance but you don’t have enough space to fit on top of your workbench, this is a perfect choice.

3. SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw

SKIL 3386-01 is an excellent appliance that you can add to your wood project for cutting distinctive shapes and ripping log into thinner pieces. This is the best table saw for beginners and comes with articulating LED work light for proper visibility that radiates the cutting line. A 6-TPI blade charged with a 2.5-Amp motor makes this machine fluent to cut through a variety of wood materials. The motor has options of 1-speed settings for any type of materials, either lumber or material. 

This band saw comes with a ribbed aluminum table with tilting adjustment that ranges from 0° to 45°. It creates a rapid angle and height alterations with the frame and blade guide adjustment for custom depth settings. Moreover, an EZ View Blade Tracking will allow to you align the blade easily. It includes a tall rip fence for straight and detailed cuts with a miter gauge for preparing crosscuts. 

In size, the tabletop is an 11-13/16-inch square and has a cutting depth of 3-1/8-inch with a throat depth of 9-inches. A dust port of 1-1/2-inch is attached to the table to reduce dust and debris in the workplace.


  • A 6-TPI blade combined with a 2.5-Amp motor can cut through wood effectively.
  • The dust port it includes keeps the work area dust and debris free. 
  • It comes with a tilting adjustment that ranges from 0° to 45°
  • An LED work light is adjusted with the tool so that you can watch if the cutting line is straight or not.
  • The saw has a cutting depth of 3-1/8-inch with a throat depth of 9-inches.


  • This saw has no option for changing the speed.
  • Functional for the small shop. 

Why will you like this product?

This high performing band saw is intelligently manufactured with overloaded features including an attached lamp for clear visibility, powerful motor, rip fence, miter gauge and many more. 

4. WEN 3970 Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand, 4″ x 6″

Can you remember the last time you cut through 4-1/2-inch metal pipes with one go? You can work with your full satisfaction with this best entry-level table saw either your project needs to cut wood, brass, aluminum, copper, steel or any other material.  This super featured device has the ability to cut pipes up to 4-1/2 inch in diameter or rectangular materials up to 4 x 6 inches in size. With 3 cutting speeds of 80, 120 and 200 feet per minute you can cut them based on your work.  It will receive a solid stand with a collapsible handle and two 4-inch never-flat wheels. So, transporting it from one place to another is hassle-free with this saw.

You can make angled cuts anywhere from 0 to 60 degrees by the beveling vise the tool has. It can cut up to 3-1/2 inch in diameter for circle material and 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 Inch for square material with a 45-degree cut. If you are not comfortable with a horizontal move, just lift the bandsaw head and place it in a vertical style. Then attach the included table and get your job done.

Every tool with blades is not fully secured to use, so, WEN bandsaw arranges an auto-shutoff mechanism that automatically stops the bandsaw once a cut has been finished. While onboard blade tension and tilt knobs are provided for convenient control, ball-bearing blade guides deliver a durable and long-life span operation. A preinstalled 64-1/2-inch x 1/2-inch blade and a feed rate adjustment handle is arranged for more control over the tool. 


  • This tool comes with 3-speed settings 80, 120 and 200 feet per minute.
  • The 4.6-amp powerful motor is attached with the tool for an efficient cut.  
  • It arranges an auto-shutoff mechanism that automatically stops the bandsaw once a cut has been finished. 
  • This saw can cut pipes up to 4-1/2 inch in diameter or rectangular materials up to 4 x 6 inches in size.
  • You can make angled cuts anywhere from 0 to 60 degrees by the beveling vise.


  • The settings of this bandsaw are slightly complicated.

Why will you like this Product?

An area where this saw really shines is, it includes a really powerful motor of 4.6 amp and can be operated at 3 speeds of 80, 120 and 200 feet per minute. So, getting a perfect cut on a variety of sizes and materials is easy with WEN 3970. Adjust the speed as your job requires, based on the materials you need to cut.

5. Gryphon 37″ AquaSaw Diamond Band Saw.

The best part of this band saw is, it comes with Aquasaw material which is a corrosion-resistant version of the famous C-40 bandsaw which worth every penny.  The motor of this Gryphon bandsaw is delivered with 115v or 130. So, it has enough power to cut any materials you need for your project. It’s not just power that you get with this fantastic tool, there are plenty of features that make it ideal for woodworking. 

It uses a great formula for saltwater corrosion by adding the use of stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum. A preinstalled shield and sealed bearings are attached to the tool to prolong motor life. To make your cut more efficient and effective it arranges a stainless-steel blade so that it does no unfavorable reaction between the coral and the blade. 

Setting it up is a piece of cake and very easy to use. You can even customize it in standard or extended height versions. However, if you are a person who needs to cut glass for your home project or professional job, this tool will work great for you. Cutting glass is only a matter of minutes for this device. This 12 x 12 x 19.6 inches tool with weighing of 17.4 pounds it is great for very tight designs. It is one of the fastest tools that can cut wood straight properly. 


  • It comes with a compact size of 12 x 12 x 19.6 inches.
  • Cutting glass is very easy with this tool. 
  • A preinstalled shield prolongs motor life.
  • Corrosion-resistant and powerful. 
  • Easy to set up and use. 
  • The height can be extended by customization. 


  • No options to alter the speed.
  • Slightly expensive. 

Why will you like this product?

Know that, since 1961 Gryphon is known as a great innovator in the glass industry. It is covered with corrosive liquid to make it corrosion resistant. It is one of the fastest and best starter table saw available which is also very easy to use.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bandsaw

Buying a bandsaw means a big investment that you don’t want to waste. When it’s about power tools, it is not cheap. So, you must want to make sure that you get the best possible bandsaw. 

To buy things with confidence, the first thing to do is, knowing everything about the tool. Then you have to think exactly what you’re looking for in a band saw. Match the features and power that your work requires to complete the project and buy the one based on your preferences. I mention here the features and equipment you need to consider and ideal for you, whether you are a novice or professional. Therefore, check them out unless you want to end up buying the wrong product.


In the case of a power tool, size matters a lot. You will determine either the tool is easy to transport or not. if you want to store them when not in use, you can pack them easily. Besides, if you have a small space in your work area for your new tool, knowing the size of it is very important. So, consider it before buying unless you want to put yourself in trouble fitting them tightly in your room.   

Throat Capacity and Height Capacity

The two important things to consider are the throat capacity and height capacity. They will offer you more control over machine drying work. 

The throat capacity means the measurement from the left of the blade to the inside of the frame. This length is a little less than the length of the wheels. It is more important to look at, as it is unchangeable. Generally, a 17-inch band saw have a throat capacity of 16 ½ inches. 

The height capacity is a ratio from the top of the table to the bottom of the top edge. If you planned to resaw a lot, then this capacity is much more meaningful for you. Fortunately, you can change them as you need by installing a riser block kit on your band saw and voila. 


Obviously, blades are the most significant part when we are talking about any cutting tools. It is elegant equipment adjusted with the tool and a big loop welded together with teeth on a single side. To know the ability of the blade, you have to measure it by the number of teeth per inch (TPI). It will prove the quality and finish of the cut that you will get from the saw. The higher the TPI is, the better the quality you will find, though the saw will cut slowly. Whereas, bandsaw with few TPI cuts faster but the cutting edges remain rough and not detailed.

Don’t forget to check the length and width of the blade before choosing a bandsaw. Usually, the length is laid according to the specific saw. They depend on the size of the saw you select to buy. However, blade width will differ relying on what you will perform with it. As regular use or resawing, you can decide the widest blade you can and while cutting curves you can also manage the cutting with them. So, utilize a thinner blade for tight curves and a wider for resawing.


Blades and motors are the significant components that determine what type of material you can with it. As this is a tool that runs from electricity, it will be rated in terms of horsepower.

For less requiring or light work, a motor with less than 1.0 HP is still fine and capable to cut decent materials. Therefore, if you need bandsaw only for a small or DIY project, you can buy them and save some money. 

However, if you are a professional cutter who needs to cut heavy material regularly, go for powerful bandsaw with 5 HP to 2.0 HP band saw.

Band Saw Frame

You will find 3 different styles of frames that are most common, they are die-cast, welded steel, and cast iron. Cast iron is both a strong and heavy one which makes the tool very sturdy. A saw that is unstable cannot make good quality or a detailed chart. 


There is a saying of old that if you buy on price, you will usually buy twice. It means the good saw always doesn’t depend on money, as a cheap saw can give you a really tough time. So, if you are a regular and serious user of the bandsaw, choose the one that is constructed with high-quality materials.  

Bevel Capacity

To make an accurate beveled cut and to make the clear adjustment a table with tilting at least up to 45° to the right and less than 10° to the left is ideal. 

Work Light

The LED light in the workplace is a simple but very useful feature that your bandsaws should have. It illuminates the workspace to show you exactly what you are doing. Having light in the right place when doing complex cuts are like a cup of tea. 

Dust Collection

Big dust ports with about 4-inch port are ideal to hook up your job area or dust-free. So, buying a bandsaw with a little bigger dust collector is better. 

Band Saw Safety

Some bandsaw has a safety on/off system that automatically stops after completing each cut. So, they are safer and trouble-free, and you should consider this feature before buying. However, generally, the best bandsaw is always safe as it doesn’t cause kickback during operation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a specific saw blade for certain cuts?

A: For cutting curves, use the widest blade and in case of resawing also use the widest and thinnest blade that your tool allows.

Q: Can I sharpen the blade of my band saw?

A: Yes, you can with a Grinder if you choose a better bandsaw with stainless steel and durable blades.

Q: Can I use a size extension cord for a tabletop band saw?

A: It varies on the amperage that the bandsaw includes. So, make sure the saw you buy have an extension cord that can meet the power needs of it.

Final Thoughts

Keeping in mind, so many things including features and budget both, you now know about the best band saw. All of the listed band saw is skillful with great accessories or attachments. Choose the proper one that you need for your next project. 

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