Best 10 Inch Table Saw Blade in 2020: Reviews with Buyers Guide

Want to buy the best 10 inch table saw blade? Then, we have the best collections to bring more precision to your woodwork.

Table saw blades are very helpful in wood cuttings. But there are different brands available, providing various types of saw blades. Among them, some are genuinely cut-worthy, and some are not.

So, to clear out all these confusions and choose the right blade for you, we have researched several good branded edges for the table saw. And finally, we have brought out this article about the top 10 table-saw blades compatible with a 10-inch table saw.

Here, you will find all the features with the pros and cons of these blades and the ultimate buying guide useful for every user.

Best Pick

best 10 inch table saw blade

All the table saw blades mentioned here are good and quality full enough. But if you need the best one among these ten, then, Freud (LM74R010) with 30T is the best 10 inches table saw blade for smooth and ideal ripping. And the Freud (LU97R010) with 80 T would be the perfect blade for any crosscutting woodwork.

Budget Pick

best 10 inch combination table saw blade

However, if you need something that can cover your budget and also provide good quality, then the Dewalt (DW7150PT) combination blade will be the ideal blade for you. You can have both the ripping cut and crosscut with this one tool. And it will also make you satisfied with your budgets.

Well, we will show you ten best brands perfect for 10 inch table saw blade. Let’s explore them.

1. Freud( LM74R010) 10’’ Industrial Blade: All-Purpose Ripping Blade

  • 5/8’’ of arbor or axis.
  • 118° kerf edge.
  • High-performing ripping blade.
  • 30 teeth with triple-chipping technology.

This 10" x 30T Blade meaning the diameter of the blade is 10 inches, and it has 30 teeth. It has  TCG( Triple Chip Grind)  system blades for cutting any plywood, laminate, soft or hardwood.

It is the best all purpose 10 inch table saw blade. The high- density premium coating of the blade with TiCo (Titanium-Cobalt) carbide gives a smooth cutting and finishing. And this protects the edge from any decay.

The blade is durable enough for high-technology laser cut, and the best part is it does not vibrate for its anti-vibration trails.  Again the Perma- Sheilds coating keeps the blade corrosion-free. Also, its blade design technology does not let any heat build-up and decay the teeth of the blade.

12° angled hook in the teeth of this blade is ideal enough to cut from a minimum of one-eighth inch to one-inch sider range. This blade for glue line surface cut with much accuracy that you don’t need to use any sand after cutting.


  • Perfect for crosscut, ripping cut & combination cut.
  • Fast & dust-free cutting.
  • Top-quality blade.
  • Provides services for a long time.
  • Kickback teeth design to prevent accidents.


  • Not applicable to irony metal or masonry work.

Why Should You Buy This?

This 10 inches with 30 teeth blade is also the best table saw blade for ripping oak. You can use it not only for the ripping cut but also for the crosscut. Its multi-user ability lets it use for cutting plywood, MDF cutting, laminate, etc.

2. Dewalt (DW3106P5D60I) 10’’ Blade: Smooth Cutting Table Saw Blade

  • 60T blade with smooth finishing.
  • The perfect blade for melamine cutting.
  • Enough thin kerf for professional woodwork.
  • Durable enough & cut with more accuracy.

The blade of the Dewalt brand is a 10-inch blade with 60 teeth. It gives the cutting a chubby finishing. You can do combination cutting, crosscutting, or even bamboo flooring with this blade.

Whether you have a fixed table saw or a portable one, you can easily use this blade and do your woodwork without any hindrance. The blade design helps to cut with much accuracy and smooth finish.

The teeth of the blade are Carbide coated, and so last a more extended period. Again the blade plate design is balanced with the computer so, does less vibration while cutting.


  • Two blades in one pack.
  • Ideal for any professional use.
  • Well-sharped & faithful.
  • Highly recommended tool.


  • Sometimes need to use the sander.

Why Should You Buy This?

Dewalt blade is the best 10 inch table saw blade for finish work. For doing crosscuts with a  smooth finishing, this blade is going to be the perfect one. You won’t have to face the unwanted vibrations and tearing cutting. The blade design is such that you will find the edge flawless and tear-free finish.

3. Freud (LU80R010) 10’’ Crosscutting Blade: Blade for Splinterless Cutting

  • 5/8’’ of arbor or axis.
  • 126° thin kerf.
  • General crosscut & ripping cut blade.
  • 40T provides flawless & smooth finishing.
  • High-ATB, Perma Sheild & Furion-trio gives a perfect cut.

Freud introduces a 10 inch blade with 40 tooth which is ideal for crosscutting and combination cutting. You can cut plywood, laminate, hardwood, and even melamine with this blade.

The sticky-free Perma shield coat of this blade helps it to remain corrosion-proof and reduces any dragging of the edge. Again, the blade design is such that it does not let building up heat or pitch in the blade.

The different part of this blade is the fusion trio technology. Its 30° angled high ATB design helps it to slice plywood or melamine with perfect finishing. The double-sided and axial type of shear face grinding system can zip through the wood without any more massive resistance.

The Ti-Co ( Titanium-Cobalt) blending on the blade provides you with more reliable and flawless cutting. The blade design also enhances the strength of the laser cut and cutting with the heavy load.


  • Very improved edge holding capacity.
  • Highly recommended for forest woodworker.
  • Money-worthy item.
  • Clean cutting with minimal tear.


  • Not for masonry & ferous stuff cutting.

Why Should You Buy This?

If you look for the best general purpose 10 inch table saw blade, then this 40 tooth blade with an 18° angle of the hook by Freud is going to be the best one for you. You can do your woodwork with perfect finishing.

4. Freud (LU80R010) 10’’ Crosscutting Blade: Blade for Splinterless Cutting

  • 5/8’’ of an axis.
  • The thin kerf of 126° angle.
  • 80T provides an ideal crosscut.
  • Perma-Sheild, High ATB & non-sticky coating gives splinter-free cutting.

This blade of Freud comes with 80 teeth and works well for crosscutting. In the design of the edge, you can find a high ATB( Alternate Top Bevel)  grinding system and 2° angled hook in the teeth.

And the premium level of coating with TiCo  Carbide provides the highest performance in cutting.   Again, the Perma- coats of the blade technology helps in woodcutting with smooth edge finish. And it also helps to keep the blade stickiness-free.

The blade design does not let the blade to set-up any pitch and keeps it corrosion-proof always. You can use it for any laser cut, and you won’t find increasing unnecessary vibration at all.

The more beneficial feature of the blade is you will have an excellent, precise cutting outcome with a more durable blade life. It is the best 10 inch table saw blade for finish work.


  • Excellent crosscutting ability.
  • Cutting without any tearing.
  • Price-worthy.
  • Smooth, clean & straight edges on every cut.
  • A vibration-free occasional cutting blade.


  • Not useable on masonry & ferous stuff cutting.

Why Should You Buy This?

If you are having the question of what is the best 10 inch 80 tooth table saw blade, then you must buy this blade from Freud. You can cut any plywood, hardwood, laminate, and even manufactured melamine wood with flawless finishing edge.

5. Freud Diablo ( D1040X) 10’’ Blade: Effortless Table Saw Blade

  • Reduced blade warping.
  • 40T provides a smooth cutting edge.
  • 5/8’’ of a knockout diamond axis.
  • Maximum 7000 RPM of blade.
  • Tri-metallic properties help to resist any shock.

This 10 inch table saw blade comes with 40 teeth. The module has a coat of Perma-Sheild guard. So, no more tension for the stickiness to the table saw or the wood.

The 40 inches tooth blade is the best general purpose 10 inch table saw blade. It does not vibrate in laser cutting and gives a perfectly smooth edge finishing.  Its tooth features a top-level on the back. It gives you the protection from any warp.

Its RPM (Rotation Per Minute) is a maximum of 7000. That means it can rotate around 7000 times in a minute. So, it has an average fast cutting process.

The tri-metallic teeth combination, such as copper metal copper, makes more durable and sturdy enough and so it does not makeup heat inside it. And also make it shock-proof.


  • Excellent blade for general use.
  • Very smooth crosscut & ripping cut.
  • Perfect for both miters saw & Table saw.
  • No splinter while cutting.


  • Not appropriate for masonry task & ferrous cutting.

Why Should You Buy This?

It is a general-purpose table saw blade. Its Ti-Co coating helps it to remain free from any edge dragging and decaying. And you can have your wood cutting with more accuracy and perfectness with this 40-tooth 10 inches table saw blade.

6. CMT 10’’ Industrial Blade: All Saw Compatible Blade

  • 126° of thick kerf.
  • PTFE coating makes it sticky-free.
  • 24T blade cuts softwood or hardwood.
  • Tri-metallic blade design gives a perfect glue line cut.

CMT brand introduces a 10 inches blade of 24 teeth. It is a perfect ripping blade coherent with every type of saws. So, woodworking people who need to do ripple cutting or crosscutting and want something to be compatible with any saw, this is the best one for you to buy.

The tooth of this blade is FTG( Flat Top Grind) type with a 20° angled hook.  The blade is coated with PTFE(Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene), and so it’s a non-sticky featuring tool. It also saves the module from having any corrosion or heat creation.

Whether it’s a table saw, miter saw, armed axle saw, or even particular saw, this blade fits them perfectly. The teeth are of micro-grain Carbine coated, which provides more durability with smooth and perfect cutting. The anti-kickback top shoulder in the tooth help prevents any kickback while cutting.


  • Fast & smooth ending woodwork.
  • Little vibration & noise.
  • Suitable for every type of saw.
  • Prevents kickback incidents.


  • Not highly stable in laminate cutting.

Why Should You Buy This?

It is the best 10 inch table saw blade for ripping cuts. If you are searching for something special for ripping cut then, it is the ideal one for you. You can carry this blade with you as it provides a unique CMT plastic case with it. So, its added feature makes it more preferable to all.

7. Freud (SD510) 10’’ Blade: Dado Blade for Smooth Joint Cut

  • Blade of 1’’ axis.
  • Perfect Dado set for any dado cut.
  • Can be used in any kind of saw.
  • Finely adjustable tool.
  • All-purpose cutting blade with 32T.

This blade is the best all around 10 inch table saw blade. The tool is not only perfect for ripping cut but also for crosscut, combination cut, and more. This Dado set contains two blades and two sets of shims for having the ideal thickness in your Dado cutting.

The blade contains 32 teeth, and six chippers come with it. The chippers help to make a flat bottom in the notch and give you a perfect cutting without any tearing or rough edge. Its hook of the tooth is 12° angled, and the anti-kickback shoulder tops on the teeth help to prevent any kickback incidents.

The silver ICE( Industrial Cooling Element) coating on the blade helps to keep the kit quite cold and user-friendly. It does not let the module create heat or shock.

High-density TiCo Carbide blades help it perfect square edge cutting with no roughness. Its RPM is 7000 on average, which is ideal enough.


  • Best Dado blade within budget.
  • Provides super clean & smooth cuts.
  • Very reliable & incredibly sharp.
  • Provides highest cutting performance.


  • Not applicable to ferrous & masonry work.
  • Need to maintain acute care while setting up.

Why Should You Buy This?

This Dado blade is the best one for any type of saw and any type of cutting. Especially when someone needs to cut for different shaped joints, it is going to help you out the most. You can use this his blade as the best 10 inch table saw blade for hardwood.

8. Freud (LU97R010) 10’’ Table Saw Blade: Best Melamine Cutting Blade

  • A blade of 5/8’’ arbor.
  • 80T with 126° kerf.
  • TCG & Perma-Sheild coating.
  • A different blade with a negative angle in the hook.
  • Suitable for all MDF wood.

The blade comes with 80 teeth. It is the best 10 inch table saw blade for laminate flooring and plywood cutting. The tooth design includes a -3° angled hook and TCG( Triple Chip Grind) design that give the edge more durability and a long period of service.

This 10 inches blade has the feature for laser cutting with less vibration effect. The tooth design helps to have a smooth, perfect cutting finishing.

The Premium Ti-Co Carbide coating on the blade of Freud helps to provide the most significant performing feature. The  Perma-Sheild surface also protects the module from any dragging issues or any corrosion and even prevents from creating heat while running.


  • The perfect blade for MDF cutting.
  • Chip-less cut every time.
  • Looks new with every cleanup.
  • Needs no sanding in crosscut.
  • The negative angle in teeth provides a precise cut.


  • Not for ferrous or masonry work.

Why Should You Buy This?

 If you are looking for what is the best 10 inch table saw blade for plywood? Then, this blade is the best one for plywood, melamine wood and laminate cutting at a time. You can do ripple cut and crosscut also with this blade. The blade does not leave any splinter or tearing after cutting.  It is so effective in woodcutting that you won’t need any additional score blade with it.

9. Dewalt (DW7150PT ) 10’’ Saw Blade: Best Blade for Combination Cut

  • Excellent blade for combination cut.
  • 5/8’’ of arbor provides a precise cut.
  • Additional dampening chord brings accuracy.
  • 50T gives ultra-smooth finishing after the cut.

This blade of Dewalt brings something to cut with more precision. It is the best 10 inch combination table saw blade with 50 teeth. You can do both ripping cut and crosscut also the MDF cut with this single tool. So, this one is the all in one purposing tool.

Its micro grin Carbide and two times more massive tooth provide very accurate cutting. You won’t have any splinter while cutting.

The blade offers a smooth laser cut with less vibration as there is an anti-vibrating trail on the blade body. The ATB coating makes it more sturdy and long-lasting.


  • Great for both combination & composite cut.
  • The USA manufactured easily manageable blade.
  • No need for refinishing & sanding.
  • Economical table saw blade with a flawless finish.


  • Thinner kerf part.

Why Should You Buy This?

This 50 tooth containing a blade is an excellent tool for combination cutting. The tough coated finishing makes it gum-free, thermal-proof, and even corrosion-proof. Again, the perfect trimming formula makes it a different one.

10. Freud (LM74M010) 10’’ Rip Blade: Best Ripping Cut Blade

  • 30T blade  for glue-line ripping cut.
  • Perma-Sheild & high cobalt coat makes it durable & sturdy.
  • Thicker kerf for heavy woodworking.
  • Perfect flawless & smooth finishing.
  • 5/8’’ arbor with silver ICE coat.

The Italian brand Freud brings a precisely ripping cut table saw blade. It is a blade for cutting glue sides with 30 teeth. The premium level of the Ti-Co Carbide coating of the edge makes it more precise in rip cutting.

The blade features include a maximum of 8000 RPM, which is much faster. The 12° angled hook helps it in smooth and fast cutting without any harshness and splintering around.

The anti- vibrating trailing design keeps its movement free in laser cut. This blade of Freud contains silver ICE( Industrial Cooling Element) that keeps it cooler during cutting. It does not let the blade warp or create pitch. Moreover, the blade is drag and corrosion-proof.

The anti-kickback top of the teeth helps the blade having any kick backing while cutting.


  • Easily ripping.
  • No burning.
  • Clean cut with zero clearance.
  • Excellent cutting in hard maple.


  • Little vibration sometimes.

Why Should You Buy This?

What is the best 10 inch table saw blade for ripping cuts? To answer this question, we have this 30 tooth blade with a precise rip cut. The module provides such a smooth finishing that you won’t need any sanding or refinishing after cutting.

Table Saw Blade Buying Guideline for You

Buying a table saw blade is quite a mind lingering task. But it’s not that much hard if you can keep a few essential considerations in mind while buying.

So, let’s show you some crucial facts that you must have in your knowledge before you go for buying a blade.

  • Blade Size

The blade size comes in first to check as you will be going to use the blade on any type of table saw. Whether you have a table saw, armed axial saw, a special featuring saw, and so on, there is a measurement to fit the blade in it.

So, check for the size you need from the table saw you are going to use. The blade size can be 8’’, 10’’, or  12’’. So, select the size that you need then go for other features. Otherwise, you will end up buying one that does not even fit inside your saw.

  • Number of Teeth

Here comes the main feature to look for -the amount of the tooth in a blade. There are various blades available out there with a different number of teeth. So, which blade you must buy depends on the type of cut you are going to do.

For this, you must have a clear idea of cutting type. There are mainly three types of the cutting blade according to cutting type.

  • The ripping cut blade
  • The crosscut blade
  • Combination cut blade

Another one, also known as composite cut, but remains in the combination cutting list. Now, let’s come to the variations in tooth number. There you will find a blade with 24 teeth, 30 teeth, 40 teeth, 50 teeth, 60 teeth, and 80 teeth. So, which one you need depends on cut types.

For ripping cut, a blade with a minimum of 24 teeth to 40 teeth is enough and perfect. And the blade size should be a little larger for smooth finishing. Its the best table saw blade for ripping oak and general wood cutting.

For crosscut, a blade having around 50 to 60 or even 80 teeth will give more accurate finishing and fast cutting criteria.  These types of tools are well enough for cutting hardwood like plywood, laminate, MDF like humanmade wood, melamine wood, etc. These blades can cut across the forest with flawless finishing edges.

The last one remains the combination cut blade. This blade is excellent for both ripping cut and crosscut. So, its blade numbers can be up to 50 or 60.  And for a combination of both ripping type and crosscutting means both the larger and smaller teeth.

  • Materials & Coating

Look for the tool making material and coating on the blade. It’s for the durability and protection of the blade. There can be Perma-shield coating, silver ITC coating, Carbide coating, and so on.

You must check the blade has a good quality of coatings on it for more durability.

  •  RPM

RPM( rotation Per Minute) in a table saw blade defines the rotation speed in a minute. The more the RPM, the better the cutting process will be. Generally, a 10 inches table saw blade of around 7000 RPM is quite fast and well-performing.

  • Finishing Type

Well, finishing type is also an essential thing to look for before buying. You must check how smooth and tear-free the finishing edges your chosen blade can provide. Otherwise, after cutting, you will end up giving a retouch and sanding to it.

  • Usability

You must be sure of your cutting type before buying. For instance, if you need only ripping cut then, choose a blade with larger sized teeth and few numbers of teeth.

But if you need crosscutting or both, then don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong one.

Another consideration comes in the length of the diameter of the blade. If you need 10 inch table saw blade, then look for the varieties in 10 inches only. Or, if you need another, then be sure of it at first.

Some Common Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have some FAQs for more comfort in using.

Q. What Is the Best 10 Inch Table Saw Blade?

A. It depends on which type of cut you need. If you need the blade for ripping cut purpose, then the Freud( LM74R010) 10’’ Industrial blade is the best.

If you need a crosscutting blade, then Freud (LU97R010) 10’’ Table Saw Blade is the highly recommended one. Or if you need a module for the combination cut then, none is comparing Dewalt (DW7150PT ) 10’’ table saw blade. It is the best 10 inch combination table saw blade.

Q. Why Do You Choose a 10 Inch Table Saw Blade?

A. There are quite differences in table saw blade size. But 10 inches blade is the more preferable than others. It’s less power consuming whereas the 12 inches blade needs more power voltage than it.

Another, the benefits of choosing a 10 inch table saw blade is the kickback hardness. Well, where other blades push back with much harder force, but a 10 inches blade pushes with less power. So, you will be much safer from having severe incidents.

Q. Can I put a 10 blade on a 9 Table Saw?

A. No, you can’t use a 10 inches blade on a 9-inch table saw. It won’t fit inside the arbor, meaning the axial basis depending on where the module is going to rotate.

You can try putting 9 inches, or 8 inches blade on a 10 inches table saw. But putting a 10 inches blade on a nine will land you to a problematic situation as the hole of the table will be smaller.

Q. What Size Blade Does a Table Saw Use?

A. Mostly, 10 inches blade is the perfect size for using on any table saw. But you can use a larger one, but it may end up having accuracy issues. 

Though there are 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches blade are available mainly, people prefer to use the 10 inches size for cutting preferences.

Q. Can a 10 Inch Table Saw Cut a 4x4?

A. It's quite a tough task to cut a 4x4 size of the woodblock by a 10 inch table saw but not impossible indeed. You will need to apply some facts and tricks to cut, and you can cut it appropriately.

Final Words

This article consists of the best 10 inch table saw blade.  Here, you will find some best blades collection for 10-inches table saw with a buying guide also.

So, read it to know the best one and have your woodwork with more convenient ways and better performances.

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