Bandsaw Mills Manufacturers: 7 Different Companies To Choose From

People nowadays are more creative than ever. They love to make their own items. There are all types of DIY videos available on the internet. So people are following them to build their DREAM projects. People are even considering buying a bandsaw mill on their own. Surprising, right? Well, a bandsaw mill can help to cut heavy and long wooden blocks at home.

Selecting the best bandsaw mill can be difficult because of more manufacturers. We want to help you choose the best one. So we’re here with a total guideline on bandsaw mills. Also, we’ll help you choose the best bandsaw mill manufacturer. So read to the last.


What is a Bandsaw Mill?

This part is for many of us who don’t know what a Bandsaw mill is. It comes with a saw head and a couple of band wheels. The bandsaws come with a movable band blade (steel made), and they can move around the wheels. The saw head is guided through the log by a frame with a track. There is a guider or operator for operating the saw head. The wooden log is pushed through the saw head for a clean and precise cut.

One of the benefits of a sawmill is cutting long wooden logs or any materials through it. They come in different sizes and models. The production rate ranges from 1600 to 6000 feet board production. Even if you want to make irregular cuts or give a different shape, you can also make it using a bandsaw mill.

bandsaw mills manufacturers

Companies are now introducing electric bandsaw mills along with mechanical ones. They come with a wide range of usability and benefits. That’s why they are used by carpenters, farmers, lumbers, and even metal workers in some cases.

Different Bandsaw Mill Manufacturers in the market

When a product exists in the market, there will be competitors—no doubt about it. There are different bandsaw mill manufacturers in the market like other products. They are coming with more innovative ideas for better usability. The new products are coming with more functions than before.

Based on shape, size, model, costing, and compatibility, a bandsaw mill can differ from the other one.

Here’s our take on different bandsaw mill manufacturers in the market-

Norwood Bandsaw Mill

Norwood is a popular bandsaw company in the world. For their outstanding service, people are choosing them every day. The main manufacturers of Norwood Bandsaw mills are China and Canada. Where every company is focusing on sawmills, Norwood provides something more than that.

Norwood focuses on excellent quality and performance. Besides sawmills, they also make other products. As a result, customers are satisfied. So we highly recommend them if you want to buy a bandsaw mill.

Baker Band Saws

Baker is another bandsaw mill manufacturers in the market. The Baker bandsaws are high-powered and can help to get high production. Baker bandsaws provide a variety of ergonomic and technical improvements. As a result, you can have a decent sawmilling experience.

The company’s bandsaws come with a 50 HP electric motor to power up everything. This motor helps to generate power to cut and size the heavy wooden objects. You can slice and cut a 56-inch diameter object with this bandsaw mill. The Sawmill is heavy and durable. And you’ll be fully satisfied with it.

Timber King

Timber King is the USA’s one of the most famous bandsaw manufacturing companies. For their quality, the USA manufactured product is a tough competition in the market. As they come in 3 types of models, you can choose any one from them.

The 3 models are-

  1. 1600 mill
  2. 1220 mill
  3. B-20 mill

The three models are specialized for different purposes. If you are someone with small projects, 1220 mill will be the best one for you. And in the 1600 model, there is a hydraulic-powered blade to give the feed. There is a log loader as well. And last but not least, the B-20 model is absolutely a beast. They are used in big commercial projects.

Timber King is one of the reliable brands in the market. If you order from timber King, you’ll get a three-year warranty as well. You can return the product within thirty days if you face any problem. So you can use the product and then decide whether you want to further use it or not.

Hudson Sawmill

I bet there aren’t any people who haven’t heard the name of Hudson. They are manufacturing bandsaw mills since 1946. They are mainly famous for the forestry equipment. And movable or portable mill is one of the most famous ones. Here, we are with a Hudson sawmill review.

The Hudson sawmill has been manufactured in America from the beginning. As they offer quality products, so they have gained people’s trust. Unlike other brands, Hudson has been serving good products at a reasonable budget. They are priced around $2500.

Some people want to do the assembly by themselves. So Hudson even gives them a discount on that. They lower the assembly costings for them. Hudson offers a more flexible payment method. So if you don’t have the cash to buy at once, you can buy them through installments.

American Bandsaw Mill

American Bandsaw Mill was founded in 1997. They have been known as one of the most quality full brands that supply high-quality equipment. The company has created a line of tools that blend accuracy with affordability. Their machine is both user-friendly and effective in producing a product.

The American Bandsaw Mill staffs are helpful and always there to assist you.  And due to their friendly behavior and quality products, they have gained their place in the market. Whether you order an expensive or cheap product, you’ll receive the best behavior from them. So that’s why Americal bandsaw Mill is one of the most reputed and trusted bandsaw mill manufacturers in the market.

Mister Sawmill

Mister Sawmill is another Sawmill manufacturing company. Their origin and home are in Arkansas. This company is quite different from the others. And they are one of the known names for their low price.

Unlike others, the bandsaws of Mister sawmill are different. There aren’t any hydraulics in their sawmills. Instead, they use electric powers to charge and run the batteries. Even the motor’s power is generated by the electric source. The sawmills perform well in cutting wooden logs. And due to this technique, the Mister sawmills are priced much lower than any other company.

Turner Mills

Turner Mills is another sawmill manufacturer on our list. If you are searching for a bandsaw mill manufacturer, you can definitely take a look at them. They produce different portable bandsaw mills for consumers. Turner Band Sawmills sells compact bandsaw mills.

Their bandsaw mills come in a range of sizes and models. From simple models to compact and heavy hydraulic bandsaw, you can choose whatever you want.

Is Owning a Bandsaw Mill Profitable?

A bandsaw mill is long and heavy. So before owning one, first of all, you need to have a large free ground in your area. Secondly, yes, owning a bandsaw mill is profitable.

If you have a bandsaw mill, you can start a business. However, if you want to build a business, then you need to plan and execute accordingly. So before starting or buying a bandsaw mill, learn how to use it, learn about its different functionality. Learning about the ropes can be very beneficial.

While you’ll be learning a new thing, you’ll meet new people or companies. Different people you meet will provide you with new information on various facets of starting a company.

You can also get a clear idea about costing, electricity bills, maintenance costs, insurance, and other important things. Even you’ll get an idea about the different tools. So with this, you can calculate if you’ll ever get any profit or not.

Competitor research is another important thing to do before starting a new venture. Research and find out if there are any similar ventures in your area. More companies mean more competition. So that’ why we suggest you do complete competitor research.

Keep in mind that if you start a business, you need to work outside for long hours. And it can be very tiring. So if you can do this, owning a sawmill can be very profitable.


  • How Much Does It Cost to Build a Bandsaw Mill?

Ans: Bandsaw mills come at different prices based on quality and functionality. On average, a bandsaw mill costs about $1500. But it can differ based on company, model, and functionality.

  • Who Makes The Best Bandsaw Mill?

Ans: There are different bandsaw mill manufacturers in the market. The best bandsaw makers are-

  1. Norwood bandsaw mill
  2. baker band saws
  3. Timber King
  4. Hudson sawmill
  5. American bandsaw mill
  6. Mister Sawmill
  7. Turner Mills
  • What Sawmill is right for you?

Ans: Depending on your usage, you should select the Sawmill for you. There are many types of sawmills out there, like electric bandsaw mills, hydraulic-powered ones, and even portable ones. So you should select the one that meets your requirements best.


Choosing the right bandsaw mill can be difficult as there are different bandsaw mill manufacturers in the market. Still, we tried to give you a complete idea about the best bandsaw mill manufacturers. We hope we’re able to do this properly. So select the one from the above brands. And let us know your experience.

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