10-inch vs 12-inch sliding miter saw – which one is better?

Confused about which size of sliding miter saw is a better fit for your workspace? It is a common scenario for people to worry about the right size of a sliding miter saw.

First, we’d like to say that both the sizes have their demands depending on the purpose. So instead of deciding on the better one, here, we’ll be pointing out the likable and unlikeable sides of the two sliding miter saws so you can decide on the one that suits your taste and needs.

10 inch vs 12-inch sliding miter saw differences

We’ll start with discussing the likable sides first and then end with the unlikeable sides for each one of the sliding miter saws. So let’s get started!

10-inch sliding miter saw

10-Inch Single-bevel Compound Miter Saw

Qualities that make a 10-inch sliding miter saw likable


If you’re someone who always buys power tools, you might already know that most of the time the price of a power tool rises with increasing size. The amount you’ll pay for a 10-inch sliding miter saw will be a lot less compared to a 12-inch saw.

Please note that there can still be some 10-inch sliding miter saws that can cost a fortune. At the same time, some 12-inch saws can come at quite a lower price as well.


Due to the convenient area of the blades of a 10-inch sliding miter saw, it can gain more speed and give you error-free cuts in a shorter time. Not to mention this criterion fits only the jobs that require a 10-inch sliding miter saw.


We can’t skip portability if we’re talking about the good sides of a 10-inch sliding miter saw. It is of an ideal size that takes very little space in your workstation.

Also, it is quite easy to move this saw from your personal space to the workstation. You can also carry it with you for a remote job. This criterion makes this saw quite an attractive tool.


Finding the right blades for your saw becomes easier when you’re going for 10-inch ones. It is widely available and comes in a broad variety. If you like to collect a lot of blades for your work, the 10-inch blades will cost less and make your selection fun.

Also, as mentioned earlier, a 10-inch blade is less likely to cost more than a 12-inch one. Therefore, replacing the blades seem more affordable. The same goes for the sharpening of the blades. It will cost less to sharpen a 10-inch blade and if you work regularly you can’t skip the process of sharpening.


It is still a piece of conflicting information as to which saw causes more wobbling. There are many who think that larger blades are more likely to deflect resulting in more wobbling.

Wobbling can be a serious problem as unsteady moves can cause your cuts to be imprecise. But many say this is only true if you get yourself a cheap saw.

Some things we don’t like about the 10-inch sliding miter saw

Cutting range

You can’t even compete against the cutting range of a 12-inch sliding miter saw with a 10-inch one. We’re not saying a 10-inch saw is not good at its job. It is. But capacity is much lower than that of a 12-inch one.

If your project requires the cutting of smaller objects that are roughly 6 inches or lower in size, a 10-inch will do wonders for your job. But for larger objects than that, you should change your saw.

12-inch sliding miter saw

12 Inch Sliding Glide Miter Saw

Qualities that make a 12-inch sliding miter saw likable


The most amazing thing about a 12-inch sliding miter saw is the power it can provide. The powerful 15 amp motor of the saw gives it a great speed that can handle rugged jobs with ease and produces incredible results.


Did you know that you can use a 10-inch blade on a 12-inch saw? This feature makes using the 12-inch sliding miter saw a much worthier option than many. The 10-inch blade ensures precise cuts while the 12-inch saw gives you a substantial revolution pet minute making your job smooth and fast.


The capacity of a 12-inch sliding miter saw is great. It can easily cut through large workpieces with precision. The great power and large size of the saw help it withstand rugged jobs with no difficulties.

It can cut a 12-inch object with just a couple of cuts. But do keep in mind that if you’re working with a very large workpiece it may require multiple cuts to complete the task properly.


A 12-inch sliding miter saw stands for durability. You can’t ignore durability when you’re going for a power tool. A tool that stays with you for a long time leaves the greatest impact. The 12-inch sliding tool is fitted for tough jobs. Therefore, it is built with quality materials to ensure longevity and resilience.

Some things we don’t like about a 12-inch sliding miter saw


The main problem with a 12-inch sliding miter saw is that the blade size is not always available that easily. You might have to look quite a lot to find a 12-inch blade. As a matter of fact, you might not find your preferred option all the time and end up buying the one that is available. This means you may have to compromise with your choice at times which is a drawback.


As we mentioned while discussing the 10-inch saw that a 12-inch saw costs higher than the 10-inch one. If you are low on budget and your task does not require rugged capacities, you might want to skip on a 12-inch sliding miter saw.

Some final thoughts

A sliding miter saw can be a great addition to your regular life as it guarantees precise cuts and great power. When it comes to purchasing a sliding miter saw, people often tend to get confused between a 10-inch sliding miter saw and a 12-inch sliding miter saw.

Rather than putting up a comparison between the two types, we tried to explain in this article the good and bad sides of both the saws so you can get a clearer view of the tools. Both the saws are great according to their usage. You just need to pick the right one that suits your workplace and serves your task well.

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